Welcome to our new story! It takes place in an alternate Halo timeline where Noble Six survives, and rebuilds the Noble Team. It will have a whole new team, new weapons, new bad guys, and best of all, there is no Flood whatsoever! Please tell us what you think!


INTRUDER ALTERT! INTRUDER ALERT!" The call echoed around the Pillar of Autumn. "BANSHEE APPROACHING MAIN DOCKING BAY! ALL HANDS REPORT TO BATTLE STATIONS!" Colonel Holen looked over the shoulder of a technician. "Well? What have we got?" "Not much sir," replied the technician, "the Banshees giving all the correct codes. Should we let it in?" "Sure," said the Colonel, "if it's a covenant pilot, we'll be ready for it."

Marines and Spartans circled the Banshee as it touched down. They all watched tensely as the cockpit hissed open. A tattered figure in familiar red and gold armor stepped out. "My &*%!" said Holen, "Lieutenant Six!" The lieutenant pulled off his shattered helmet and grinned as everyone ran over to him. "Did anybody miss me?" he asked.

It may not be much, but theres a lot to come (six books in fact!). If any of you have ideas for new Halo tech, good guys, bad guys, or anything else, please tell us. We're always on the lookout for new ideas, and we're open for help! Please say what you think of it!