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"This is not happening," Arthur muttered. As he stood outside Blake's door, he rubbed his face. Why had he wanted to work in education? For the good of the students, he reminded himself, grimly. After a few seconds, the detective ran out, his keys jangling in his hand, his face tense. Almost ignoring Arthur, they began to head for the elevator.

"Why is he doing this?" Arthur muttered, as they entered Blake's car. The other man looked at him. "Who?"


Blake gave a wry grin. "Not too sure. Possibly insanity. I'll let Cobb decide that - he is a psychologist, right?"

Arthur couldn't suppress a grin. "Indeed he is. Mostly into dreams. He likes to try and analyse mine."

Blake burst out laughing, despite the tension. "Whoa! He'll have to analyse mine. They mostly feature Scarlett Johansson." He pushed the car into gear, and began to drive. Arthur, smiling, shook his head.

"I wonder what Fisher dreams of," Blake mused.

"Complete and total destruction of everyone around him, probably." Arthur shrugged. "The guy is-" He swallowed. "Where are we-?"

Blake looked at him, then in the rearview mirror. "His apartment. Its obvious he wants us to go to him."

"What if she's not there?" Arthur demanded.

Blake shook his head, his features set. "She will be. Trust me."

"Arthur did not do those things." Ariadne shook her head, and looked at Fischer. His face, she noticed, was paler and more gaunt than in previous meetings. She also noticed his china blue eyes were slightly dazed - as though he had been struck. Or, she thought with a creeping sense of unease, insane.

"What makes you so sure?"

"Because...I know him." She realised as soon as the words had left her mouth they sounded pathetic. "Arthur is not that type of man."

She cringed. Fischer was shaking his head, his expression settling into cold, hard lines. She began to get to her feet. "You have no evidence. He would not sleep with a student. Its not-"

"Arthur would!" Fischer yelled. "He'd do anything he could to-"

"To what?" Ariadne demanded, her eyes flashing. "What would he do?"

"To destroy the school," Fischer said, numbly. "To destroy me. He got that job...the job I should have had..."

Ariadne looked at him, her mouth slightly agape. "So you're telling me that you wanted the job of Vice Principal? But you never- you mean you set all this in motion so you could-"

Robert, his eyes brimming, nodded. "Yes," he said, hoarsely. He began to sit down, his face turning bone white. "I did."

"Why?" Ariadne pressed. "It seems such a- why not look for another job?"

Fischer shook his head. "I know what you all think of me." His voice was barely a whisper. "I know that Cobb would never write me a reference. Not a decent one." He drew in a shuddering breath. "It seemed so much easier to-"

Suddenly, there was a banging on the door. "Fischer!" Blake shouted. "Open the door!"

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