The stairs were so uncomfortable. Jelly sat there, watching the party develope. The whole gig was a disaster. Not only he made a fool of himself in front of those kids, that looked at him like he was a kind of creep or monster, his precious pixie interruped him in the middle and kicked him out of the room. Her face was red of embarrasement while she pushed him to the hall. He could not believe the horror he felt in that moment. Now, there he was , sitting on the stairs waiting fror the mother, who thankfully didn't like her daughter's attitude and was yelling at her in the kitchen.

The pretty girl rush out if the room and came back to the living room. She looked so pissed. Why was she the one pissed? He had been the one throwned off the goddamn party. The lady walk to him and said " I'm so sorry Mr. Jolly".

" Jelly!" he looked at her annoyed.

" Right! Sorry" she nodded. " im sorry for inconvenience. But you will get paid anyway".

" Fine" Jelly growled.

" Before you go, would you like to serve yourself some biscuits or something to drink. Is my way to say sorry".

Jelly turned his head to the kitchen. A bunch of middle aged women waited there, drinking wine and eating chips. He looked at her and nodded. Well, at least he could get drunk and try to forget all this. " Can I smoke" he asked. The woman nodded smiling " But please do it in the garden. " Right" he said. A couple of beers, some cigs and he could make this evening more pleasent before he went home, with his tale between his legs, defeated.


The Kitchen was quite nice, he thought looking at it throught the glass doors. Jelly staned in the back garden, smoking one fag after another. He sigh at the events of the evening. Well, worse things ahd happened to him. Mr. Wren was still in her retirement home. He thought of visiting her to keeps himself enterteined for the next weekend , he had no gigs. He hold the fag with his hook while with the other he was hoding his bottle. He finished the fag and putt it off in the dirt, stepping on some flowers.

Then suddenly he heard a voice next to him " Hey". He looked to his right and out of the dark came...the pretty pixie girl " Oh, not you!" he said looking away " What do you want from me? Do you want to embarrased me in front of your friends again. Missing a good laugh?" he growled like a angry dog. The girl blushd and smiled trying to hide behind him so her mother wouldn't know she was not with her friends " Hey, pass me a fag" she said, trying to get one of his pocket " No!" he moved " You are a kid!" he yelled.

"Shhhh" she said moving behind him again. He added " Besides, you were rude back in there! So no!".

" Come on, mate" she muttered " I'm sorry for the show I made back there! Is just me mum doesn't get that I'm all grown up and that".

" You are not!" he said to her. Christ, he thought, she does look pretty with the light all dim and...CONCENTRATE!

" Yeah, I am!" she said " And I want a fag. I smoke a lot, you know, with my mates behind the bathrooms, Give me one pleeeease!".

" No" he said with his authority figure voice, wich he didn't use very often.

" At least give me a sip!" she said trying to take his bottle of beer.

" No!" he said moving his hand.

" If you don't give me that bottle . I tell me mum you fiddle with me".

" You wha?" he said, indignated.

" That's right" she said " I'll say you touched me" she said with a big smile. The smile of a she-devil, he tought.

" Fine" he said, giving her the bottle. " There goes my dignity" he muttered to himself.

" Wha?" she said while drinking. " Nothing, rude" he said back.

After she had finished with the first one, she send him for another. He, with a " I'm being blackmailed by a child" pout, snached one from the kitchen table, so nobody would see him.

The bottle was empty mere seconds later.

Wow, the bird just swallow it, he thought. I wonder how she can stand that amount of... "Oh god!" she moaned before he could finish that thought. " I think I'm gonna be sick!".

" Shit!" he said as the girl try to bend to throw up on the flowers.

He didn't knew waht to do. He heard the girl's mother calling her inside the house. He quickly took the decision to take her inside, to the bathroom, where no one could have seen them.


The bathroom was a man's worst nightmare. All covered in flowers and pink. The dad had to be a real fool to let the women decorate the whole thing.

There he help the girl to throw up in the toilet. He padded her back as she realezed chuncks of sick.

He thought for a moment on being sick himself.

After the ordeal, he help the girl watch her face and mouth and he sat with her on the tub, until he felt she was alright and time to go.

She , then start sobbing. " Oh, what now?" he whined.

" My mum doesn't understand me!" she sobbed " I want to act like a big girl, but she doesn't let me!"

" You mum is a nice lady" he said rubbing her shoulder " You are the one that acts like a twat" he pointed.

She start crying " I know!" she said. " I'm sorry, I really am" she said tying to hug him.

He pushed her away. The smell of sick was not gone yet. Maybe it got a little on her dress, he thought.

" You have to stop being rude to adults" he said. Wow, he thought then, he had to be the grown up for once.

" I know" she said, drying her tears " Sorry I said those awful things".

" The one about you telling I touch you if I didn..." she nodded " It was rude I know" she said.

He groaned " It's fine. I won't tell your mum".

She smiled at him. He smiled back.

Even knowing she was so young, she looked very pretty. She was going to be a knock-out when she grow up, this kid. The she said something tottaly wrong. " You're quite fit, seemed to , under all that make up" she said.

He smiled, even he thought that was not right " thanks?" he said frowing.

Then he felt somethin in his leg. It was her hand!

" What are you doing?" he said taking her hand away. Suddenly the pixie leaned foward and give him a sloopy kiss. He pushed her away again. She now had make up all over her chin and mouth. " You can't do that! You're twelve!" he said jumping away from her. " Thirteen!" she yelled.

" Shhhh!" he said " I cannot let you do that, you are a kid".

" I'm not" she sid, putting her fist on to the sides of her waist. " Yes you are!" he said desperatly.

She stood up and got closer. He presses his body against the wall and tried to find the door handle, when suddlely the girl turn the lights off. " Why did you do THAT!" he yelled shocked. He heard the girl giggling drunk. he stumbled with something trying to find his way out. " Bloody hell" he screamed.

He felt something crawling his pants. The he heard in the middle of the dark " Can I touch your willie?"

" What? NO!" he yelled. He felt the small hands getting closer and closer to the target. He moved his hands around trying to pushed the girl, when he suddenly hear the door opening.

The door opened and A big dark figure turn of the lights.

It was the pixie's FATHER. A tall, fat guy with a obvious wig on his head.

The man frowned when he saw Jelly against the wall, with her daughter, down right DRUNK, covered in clown make up, with her hand on his ... and Jelly hadn't been very right on target when trying to push the girl away in the dark, as he realized he was pushing her right breast. "God!" he said taking her hand off her.

" WHAT' S GOING IN HERE!" The big, scary man yelled at him.

" Is not what it looks like!" Jelly just got to say, before suddenly, pushing the man away and running like he never did before out of that house.

He didn't remeber how he got out of there, but he had. He runned and runned with his big clown shoes, as fast as possible, while hearing the roaring screams of the man, until he felt the BANG!

He screamed as the pain got settle in her cheek, but damn he wasn't going to stop. Better bleed to death that being mowled by that gorilla . That's how he got to the hospital .


" So you didn't touch her." The doctor said.

" No!" Jelly yelled, frowing " I didn't! he thought I did, but I didn't, I swear!".

" Fine" the doctor nodded and wrote in his pad. " I'l just go and bring you some pain medication".

" Right" Jelly said, standing there, getting dressed.

He saw the doctor go out.

He sigh and thought on what he was going to do when he arrived back home.

Maybe the man could have cool down. Maybe the girl told him the true. Or maybe he was going to be outside waiting for him, with his gun...several other people with pitchforks and burning sticks.

He then heard some one talking outside his room. He peeked and saw the doctor with two police men.

" Oh, Shit!" he muttered scared.

The doctor pointed in his direction.

He had to run again, he thought while sneeking out of the ward.

Where could he go? he thought while getting out of the hospital as quick as he could.

God. He probably was going to have to take Mr. Wren on vacation again.

The End