She Lied

Authors note: Hi guys! How are you doing? So I've already finished "You Don't Remember?" and this idea popped into my head, deriving from another story that had a plot close to this one. I do not mean to "cheat" out of that story; I just grabbed the main thought.

Summary: It has been two years since she died, and he still blamed himself. But his team is at last recovering, they found the bastards who hurt her, and things are finally at the right track, at least until one very special night at the beach…

Steve and Kono

It had been two years. Two years. Funny… it didn't seem that long. I mean, for the first six months, every second was excruciating, but things seemed to be getting better. He still blamed himself, he still thought about her every single day, but the world didn't look empty anymore. They had finally found justice for the people who hurt her. For the people who killed Kono.

They had been scrutinizing an abandoned three story building near Waikiki. They had cleared all the stories except the roof. She had been ahead of him. If only it was the other way around. He should have protected her. He promised her they would always protect her. And so when she opened the door to the roof and the three bullets hit her vest, Steve froze. The shooter was getting away on a helicopter, so he couldn't have caught them in time, but he still blamed himself, for everything. For letting them get away, for the bullets that hit her, for the look of horror on Kono's face as she realized that one bullet ripped through her vest and lodged in her gut.

Steve was quick on calling for emergency services while kneeling down next to her. He hold her hand and asked her to please not die. Not after all they had been through together. As her eyes fluttered close he begged her to squeeze his hand, to give him a sign that she was still there. And as he felt the light squeeze on his hand, all he wanted to do was to tell her how he felt. But for some reason, the words never left his mouth. And that had haunted him for the past two years.

He could remember vividly as he paced around in the waiting room, Danny and Chin sitting at the available chairs across from him. He must have walked the length of the entire hospital pacing back and forward before the doctor came in the room. He asked for the family of Kono Kalakaua; the three of them got up at the same time. The doctor headed towards them, and they could already see in his eyes that the news he was about to give them were not good. The doctor stood in front of them and shook his head, offering his apologies and saying that she didn't make it off the table.

Time stopped. No one moved. No one breathed. For a few seconds they stood paralyzed at the news. They didn't know how they were supposed to react to this. The person that cared for everyone before her, someone's cousin, daughter and friend. The one who stood up to the ones she loved and that went through the hardest times with them. The woman they had been so fond of from the very first day they met her. The woman that didn't even know that she had a person in her world that loved her more than anything.

Kono Kalakaua was dead.

Steve and Kono

Steve sat at his desk finishing the day's paperwork. He heard someone knock on his door, which he found strange since Danny and Chin had already gone home for the day.

"Come in." Steve said.

He was very surprised to see the Governor walking into his office and taking a sit in the guest chair. He immediately got up.

"Hello Steve." The Governor greeted.

"Governor." Steve replied with a nod and sat back down. "What can I do you for?"

"Well, I don't have much time so I'll just get right into it. Have you already taken a look at the potential replacement's file?" She asked.

"I'm sorry, replacement?"

"Steve, it's been two years. It's time to put someone in her position." The Governor said.

Steve sighed. He knew this day would come sooner or later, but he was hoping he would have a little more time before he had to watch someone else taking her job.

"No one will ever be as good as her. I can't replace her." Steve stated sadly.

"I know." The Governor agreed. "But we still have to fill her position. Luckily, I have the perfect person for the job. She will come in tomorrow for a week to see how she does, and if all goes well, she will be staying within the Five-0 task force.

"What?" Steve asked, surprised. "That's it? I have nothing to say about this?"

"I'm sorry Steve, but the decision has been made." The Governor stated as she started to get up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I still have some business to take care of. She will be coming in at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Goodbye Steve." And the Governor was off.

Steve remained sited in his chair. He couldn't believe this. He didn't even get a word in the matter. Who were they kidding? They could never replace Kono. No one could ever be like her. Without thinking he grabbed his car keys and started to get off his office. There was only one place he could go to think this over.

Steve and Kono

He parked his car near the sidewalk and got out. He walked for about five minutes before his feet finally touched the white sand of Waikiki beach. He always came here, either to take a swim, surf, think or just relax. For the past two years he had been coming here more frequently then he thought possible, but only due to one thing. He felt close to Kono there. He remembered having met her there a few times to surf together in the morning. How he had loved that. And so, every time he wanted to feel close to her, he came here. It wasn't exactly what he had thought would get him through all this, but it helped him.

He started walking down the beach. It was dark by now so he couldn't see the horizon, but he could still be marveled by the intensity of the waves and the way they crushed with the rocks when they came to shore. He stared intently into the waves before shaking his head and sinking in the sand. He bend his knees almost up to his chest and rested his elbows there. He put his head between his hands and closed his eyes. The image of Kono immediately appeared in front of him. He smiled softly. How could he not have told her?

He sat like that for a few minutes before he heard a strange sound. He lifted his head to look out into the water and was actually stunned to see someone surfing near the shore. In the middle of the night. The only person he knew crazy enough to do that sort of thing was… Kono.

He watched the surfer more intently for a minute and he could tell that she knew her business. They were almost the moves of a pro. He then realized of her figure. He could see she was slightly shorter than him, thin, tanned, and had brown hair. He couldn't see her face in the dark, but the girl vaguely remembered him of Kono. He quickly shook his thoughts off. She is dead. He kept telling himself. It wasn't strange to imagine her in every street that he crossed in the months after her death, but he hadn't seen her… or thought hehad seen her in quite a few months.

And that precise moment she turned around and found herself was facing him. She started coming out of the water and Steve quickly found himself frowning. He shook his head. No, this couldn't be right. He got to his feet just as she was headed towards him.

His eyes widened as she got closer and closer. At first he just thought he was imagining it again. But there was hardly any doubt anymore. As she only stood a few feet away from him, he had no doubt in his mind. It was her. It was Kono. Alive and in the flesh.

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