A/N: So this is kind of a whopper of a chapter in comparison to the others. And I'm thinking it might be the last one, as well. All the conflict has essentially been resolved, so there's not much else I can do here unless I create a new set of problems for the characters.

Warning: There's a lemon in this chapter that has nothing to do with Carly's special lemonade.

The title for this chapter is taken from the song "Crash Into Me" by Dave Matthews Band. Why? Because it's perfect.

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She lounged in a beanbag next to Carly in the studio, watching re-runs of Girly Cow on the pullout screen.

Freddie had treated her to a late breakfast at Toulouse Petit over in Queen Anne sometime around 10:30 that morning. She'd had the cured pork cheeks confit hash (Heaven!), and he, of course, had ordered the plain old buttermilk pancakes. Lame.

Afterwards, they had walked through the Seattle Center on their way back to Bushwell, stopping by the International Fountain long enough for Sam to push some kids into it. They were laughing too loudly!

They had slowly made their way back to the plaza close to two o'clock.

Freddie had said that he needed to prepare some things for their date that night, and so now Sam was just hanging out with Carly until she heard back from him.

"Ya don't have to holla!" Girly Cow was saying on the screen. Carly laughed.

Sam sighed and checked her phone. Nothing. She sighed again.

Carly looked over at her. "You OK?" she asked, laughter still in her voice.

"Yeah," Sam replied unconvincingly. Carly raised an eyebrow.

"Sam," she said in that admonishing, motherly tone of hers.

Sam shifted in her beanbag. "Fine…" she muttered. "It's just, what's taking the nub so long? I'm so bored!"

"Gee, thanks, Sam. I enjoy your company too," Carly replied sarcastically, though still smiling.

"Ugh, that's not what I mean, Carls," she said. "It's just that, I thought Freddie and I would be doing stuff today, you know. I didn't think I'd just be sitting here waiting."

"Sam, I'm sure whatever he's doing that's making you wait, it'll be worth it," Carly said reassuringly.

"Yeah, I guess," she replied grumpily. "But it's already past three o'clock! I swear, if I don't hear from Fredface soon, I'm gonna—" She was cut off by her phone beeping. It was a text from Freddie. Speak of the devil. He probably felt my threat-vibes... She felt a smile make its way across her face as she opened the message.

"The Groovy Smoothie. 20 minutes."

"Gotta go," she clipped to Carly, leaping up from the beanbag and rushing for the door.

Carly just shook her head. "Have fun!" she called as her best friend flew out of the room.

Sam had never gotten to a place so fast in her life. It wasn't yet 3:30 when she arrived at the Groovy Smoothie. She looked around the room for any sign of Freddie, but she didn't see him anywhere. Maybe I got here too early?

She made her way over to their usual table, within plain view of the door, and sat down to wait. Almost immediately, T-Bo was on her. "Yo, Sam," he said.

She groaned. "No, T-Bo, I don't want a pickle or a bagel or a bell pepper or whatever it is you have on a stick today," she said at once, watching the door. "I'm just waiting for Freddie, OK?"

He put a hand over his heart, looking insulted. "I am hurt that you would immediately assume I only came over here to get you to buy some food on a stick!" he said before promptly shoving into her view said stick, which was lined with fruit. "Apple?" he offered.

She looked at him incredulously. "No!" she replied.

"Hmph!" he said. "Well, whatever then!" He reached into his pocket for something and pulled out an envelope, which he handed over to Sam. "Here," he said. "Freddie made me promise to give you this. Now go away if you ain't gonna buy anything." He turned on his heel once Sam grabbed the envelope, muttering to himself as he walked away.

Sam swiftly ripped it open and removed what was inside: a note and an ORCA card. She frowned as she unfolded the note and read it.

"Hey Princess,

I needed some time to set things up for tonight, but I didn't want you to feel bored and neglected while I did that, so I organized a little something for you. I guess you could call it a treasure hunt.

With this letter, there should be an ORCA card for you to use. I made sure there's enough money in the card for the number of bus rides it'll take for you to complete all this. Your first clue is on the back of this letter.

Hope you have fun! Can't wait to see you tonight.

I love you, Sammy.


She gaped at the letter. Oh no, he didn't. Without delay, she turned the letter over to see what was written on the back.

"Where we first kissed."

She grinned widely and got up from her seat. Oh, it's on.

When she got to the fire escape where they had shared their first kiss, she found another envelope with another note inside it.

"That was an easy one, huh?" it said. "Well, it's only gonna get more challenging from here, Princess Puckett."

Freddie soon had her going all over town with his little treasure hunt, though the clues hadn't actually gotten much more challenging.

When Sam had first opened the letter at the Groovy Smoothie she was a bit annoyed because she had thought she would be hanging out with Freddie, not reading notes and testing Seattle's public transportation system.

But gradually, as she was guided to note after note, she couldn't help the smile that kept finding its way to her face. Every stop in the treasure hunt reminded her of a specific moment in their relationship, and she could feel her heart swell with every clue.

"Where you tried to get me to throw sticks at passing bike messengers."

"Where I spilled coffee on myself and you couldn't stop laughing."

"Where we fell asleep outside in the middle of the afternoon."

"Where we found the best bratwursts this side of Germany."

Freddie had actually been thoughtful enough to lead her to a stop at Uli's sausage shop at Pike Place, where he'd made sure a couple of Fresh German Bratwursts were already paid for and waiting for her. I swear, I'm gonna marry that boy.

The last note of the treasure hunt, however, simply had a set of instructions:

"Take the streetcar from the Westlake Center to South Lake Union."

Well, gee, I wonder where this clue will lead me..

When Sam got out of the streetcar at SLU, she found Freddie waiting for her in the small seating area at the stop, a pink-purple rose in hand. "Hey," he said, smiling as he got up and walked over to her. "You found the treasure."

She rolled her eyes but immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. "That was very clever," she said when she pulled away. "Taking me on a ground tour of our relationship."

"Thank you," he said smugly. He threaded the stem of the rose into the buttonholes of the vest she was wearing, the head of the flower resting on her lapel like a boutonniere. "So," he said. "You ready to start our date?"

Sam, for the life of her, could not stop smiling. She felt all special and girly. Though she would never publicly admit to such feelings.

"I've been ready to start our date since I woke up this morning, nerd," she responded as flatly as she could with a smile plastered on her face.

Freddie laughed at that. "OK, then," he said. "Let's get started, shall we?"

He took her by the hand and led them north towards the lake. In a short distance, Sam found herself walking into a small seaplane terminal on the water. She looked around, frowning.

"Freddie, what's all this?" she asked, curious as to what they were doing there.

"Well, since I practically had you doing a ground tour all afternoon, I figured, why not do an air tour as well?" He grinned at her. "I had my uncle help me out with this. This company doesn't usually do private tours, but we were able to convince them. I thought you might enjoy it."

Oh, this boy.

She kissed him excitedly and said, "Ah! I love you!" bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Freddie chuckled. "Love you too, Sammy."

After meeting with the pilot and getting everything sorted, they were ushered into a small seaplane. The tiny cabin had single seats on either side of the fuselage, each seat with its own window. Freddie and Sam took two beside each other, separated only by the small walkway. They were each given a headset that they were told had a GPS-triggered narration system, which would tell them all about the sights they would be viewing.

"So if you'll just buckle up, we will be taking off momentarily," the pilot told them from the cockpit.

This is so cool! She smiled over at Freddie as she made herself comfortable. By the time the plane took off from Lake Union, she was sure her cheeks would fall off from smiling so much.

She had never done a tour of Seattle before—any tour—and she couldn't help the occasional 'Eee!' that escaped her lips. God, Freddie's turning me into such a girl.

But she couldn't really find it in herself to mind because at that moment, the view she was seeing was far too stunning. The plane was doing a turn around the airspace above the lake, and Sam was met with a gorgeous view of downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay, with Mt. Rainier looming in the distance. It was nearing six o'clock, so it was still light out, and the sun's reflection against the clouds that hung around the outskirts of the city left Sam breathless. Wow.

The tour lasted about half an hour, starting north and then making its way clockwise around the city. Sam saw more of Seattle in that half hour than she had in her whole life—Lake Washington with its various lakeside estates on the Bellevue skyline; SoDo with all its industrial buildings, Safeco Field and the CenturyLink football stadium; Elliott Bay and the Puget Sound with all the ferries and cruise ships going to-and-fro; the downtown Seattle skyline with the Space Needle and the funky EMP building; and then back to Lake Union, where the headset narration pointed out the Sleepless in Seattle lake house and Gas Works Park from 10 Things I Hate About You.

When they finally landed back in the lake and exited the aircraft, Sam felt absolutely giddy.

"That was so cool!" she yelled a bit too loudly, her hearing having been dulled from the noise of the plane.

Freddie laughed. "I know!" he shouted back just as loudly. "I've never seen that much of Seattle before!"

"Me neither!" Sam exclaimed. She jumped at him and gave him a tight hug. "I loved it!" She pulled away and they smiled at each other.

"So," Freddie said, lowering his voice a little. "You hungry?"

She gave him a look that said 'Really?'

"Right…" he said. "Well, anyway, food is the next part of our date."

Sam smiled even wider. Screw my cheeks; they'll live.

They headed over to this relatively new Italian place called Cuoco that was nearby in South Lake Union. Sam wasn't so sure about the place as they walked down the street toward it. This looks kinda sketchy. But once she caught a whiff of the northern Italian cooking that was wafting out of the building, she couldn't care less. Mama needs her some of that!

The restaurant was in an old retrofitted warehouse, the brick walls unassuming from the outside, so it was easy to overlook. But immediately after walking in the door, Sam and Freddie were faced with an open view of the kitchen, where chefs were preparing fresh pasta in plain sight of the patrons. Sam's stomach growled.

"Oh my…" she said. "Freddie, get me to a table right now."

"As you wish," he replied with a smirk as he turned to check the reservation he'd made.

Wait, was that a Princess Bride reference? From Freddie? Huh…

Once they were brought to their table, Sam couldn't quite register anything about the place—all she could think about was the delicious pasta she saw being made by the front door. The food they ordered took entirely too long to reach their table, in her opinion.

But boy, did the quality of the food make up for the wait.

Sam got the Agnolotti dal plin, egg pasta filled with rabbit, veal and pork, sautéed in marjoram butter, and Freddie got the penne with broccoli rabe and pancetta, cooked in a garlic chili sauce. They didn't spend much time talking once the meal had arrived.

Oh my god, I want to shower in this pasta.

Once they finished their entrees, they shared a panna cotta with a topping of various seasonal berries.

"So," Freddie said as he swallowed and dug his spoon back into the dessert. "Is this an OK date?"

"Are you kidding?" Sam said around a mouthful of panna cotta. "This date is amazing!"

He grinned. Putting his spoon down, he fished in his pocket for a moment and pulled out a thin, rectangular brown box that couldn't have been larger than a credit card. He pushed it across the table at Sam. "Happy anniversary, princess" he said.

Sam looked at him in surprise. She wasn't used to all this special treatment. And now he got me a present too? Christ, the food would've been enough!

She picked it up and opened it. Inside the box was a thin silver necklace with a small 'Princess' nameplate pendant held in the middle of the slender chain. She inhaled a quiet gasp, pulling it out of the box.

"Freddie," she said looking up at him. "You didn't have to buy me a present!"

He shrugged. "I wanted to."

"But how were you even able to afford all of this?" she asked. "This whole date... the bus card, the seaplane, this dinner, this necklace... It must've been really expensive."

Freddie looked down at the table and shrugged again. "I've been saving up for it."

Sam frowned at him. "For how long?"

He turned his eyes back up to her. He seemed nervous now. "You know, I've just been saving some allowance here and there over the past year," he said.

She looked stunned. "The past year?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah," he said unsurely.

"You believed we'd last this long as a couple back when we started dating?" she questioned, disbelieving.

He looked her in the eyes. "Well, yeah," he said somewhat sheepishly. "I guess I did."

Sam smiled at him for a moment before putting on the necklace, looking down to admire it. "It's beautiful, Freddie," she said.

"Like you," he said quietly. She wasn't sure if he had meant for her to hear that. She blushed.

"Well, my present for you seems pretty lame now," she said.

Freddie grinned at her. "What did you get me?" he asked excitedly. He hadn't really expected anything.

She grabbed her purse and pulled out a smallish, oblong box. She handed it over to Freddie and sat nervously waiting for his reaction.

He opened the box slowly and took out a perfect scale model of a 1981 NASA Space Shuttle. His jaw dropped.

"What!" he exclaimed, looking thrilled. "Oh my god, Sam!" She giggled at his nubbiness. "How did you know I was looking to get one of these?" he asked, turning it around in his hands.

Sam bit her lip. "Well, I noticed last week that the one you had in your room had gotten broken, so…"

"Wait, when did you notice that mine got broken?" he asked, putting the model down and looking at her.

She held his gaze. "Um, Saturday," she said softly.

They went quiet. They hadn't talked about Saturday since the day they confronted Duke. It was as if that whole ordeal had happened to someone else; they wanted to move on from it.

"Oh," Freddie said after a minute.

Sam nodded, giving him a poignant smile. "I saw it by the bed when I got up to go to the bathroom," she explained. "I know that one was your favorite, and since I was part of the reason it got broken, I figured I'd get you another one."

He matched her smile. "Thanks," he said simply. "I love it, Sam." He leaned over the table and gave her a kiss.

She studied him for a moment.

"What do you say we get out of here?" she said. "I think I'm done eating for the moment."

"Just for the moment?" he teased.

"Watch it, Benson," Sam threatened. Then she muttered under her breath, "Or you won't get your other present."

"What was that?" Freddie asked. He had been signaling at someone he thought might be a waiter, and he hadn't quite heard her.

"Nothing, Freddork," she said.

It was just past eight o'clock when they finally got back to Freddie's place. They had stopped by Marie & Frères on the way because Sam had insisted she needed chocolate. "So much for 'done eating for the moment'," Freddie had commented, earning a punch to the arm.

They removed their jackets and made their way to the couch. "Movie?" Freddie asked as Sam took a seat, opening her box of chocolates.

"How about Princess Bride?" Sam suggested, biting into a piece of dark chocolate.

"As you wish, Princess," he replied with a grin, moving towards the DVD collection.

There it is again! I knew it! She giggled.

She felt happy. Happier than she'd had all week—all year, even. Today had been more than she'd hoped for. All she had expected was a nice dinner and some hang-out time, but instead she got to ride a seaplane over Seattle and eat the best pasta she'd ever had in her life. Today had been wonderful.

And then she remembered what she'd planned to do. And suddenly she felt extremely nervous.

Freddie put the movie in the player and sat down beside her. She leaned her head against his shoulder, trying to focus her attention on the screen, ignoring the pounding of her heart against her chest. It proved to be a very difficult task.

Somewhere around the tenth "Inconceivable!" Sam couldn't stand it anymore. Her chest was starting to hurt with the incessant pounding.

She lifted her head and looked at Freddie. Just say it.

He looked over at her and frowned. "Sam?" he said, curious.

"Freddie," she said quietly, picking at his shirt. "Can we… hang out in your room?"

He searched her eyes and blinked a few times. "Sure," he said just as quietly.

He turned off the TV and got up, heading for his room with Sam following close behind. Once inside, Sam closed the door behind them, and when she turned around, Freddie was standing a few feet away facing her. "What did you wanna do?" he asked casually. Oh, don't be stupid, Freddie.

She gulped and moved towards him. The rapid pounding of her heart hadn't let up and her palms were a little sweaty. She stopped immediately in front of him and tilted her head back so she could look in his eyes.

She had to make sure.

After what had happened last week, her emotions had been all over the place, and she had mulled over every insecurity she'd ever had regarding Freddie. She knew what he meant to her, and to some extent she knew what she meant to him. But still, she had to make sure.

"I love you," she said with as much sincerity as she could put into the words. She held his eyes.

"I love you too," he replied just as sincerely, seeming to understand the importance of the situation. "More than anything." He pushed a stray hair from her face.

She felt a weight lift from her shoulders, and she smiled. She pulled his face down to hers and kissed him.

It started off chaste but quickly became heated as Freddie opened her mouth with lips and tongue, and she accepted him. He ran his hands up her back and pulled her closer, and she had to tiptoe a little as she wrapped her arms around his neck. God, I love this.

Gradually, she inched him backwards to his bed until his legs bumped up against it. She broke the kiss and sat him down. She tried to take in every detail as he looked up at her, his hair mussed, spots of red in his cheeks, lips swollen, eyes smoldering. Her heart skipped.

I did that.

She grinned.

She backed away slightly, and Freddie frowned. He didn't want her to move away. But then she began taking off her clothes, and his breath hitched. She removed her vest with the pink-purple rose and dropped it onto the floor. Then, she pulled off her top and let it join the vest. Underneath, she was wearing a sheer, black lace bra that barely covered her breasts. She watched Freddie carefully. He was breathing somewhat heavily through his mouth, his eyes roaming over the curves she'd just revealed, and he was gripping the edge of the bed as if to keep himself in place.

Sam smirked and continued undressing. She took her time unbuttoning her jeans, and by the time she had slipped them down her legs and to the floor, Freddie was looking a bit frantic. He really wanted to get his hands on her.

She straightened herself up and let him take in the rest of her. Her panties were a matching pair to the black lace bra, with a tiny pink bow in the middle of the waistband on the front, like on a present. Freddie seemed to have stopped breathing. He stared.

Sam bit her lip, feeling self-conscious. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

She bent to pick up her clothes, but Freddie suddenly stood up and moved towards her. Her heart stuck in her throat. He was looking at her like he wanted to eat her.

He reached a hand out and ran it up her arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. He glided it over her collarbone, then down the center of her chest and around her waist, eventually bringing it down to rest on her hip. Sam felt like she'd just walked through a force field.

He cupped the side of her face with his other hand and brought her eyes to his. "You did this for me?" he asked softly, his voice deeper than usual.

She shivered. "Yeah," she said. "It was supposed to be for our first time; I wanted to make it special."

He gazed at her for a moment before bringing her mouth to his. There was a sense of urgency in the kiss, of want and hunger. Sam felt a small sound escape the back of her throat, and Freddie swallowed it eagerly. He pulled her flush against him, and she could feel his arousal pressing against her stomach through his clothes. Oh god.

She tugged at the hem of his shirt, and he removed it quickly, leaving her mouth for only a second. Her hands roamed his torso, memorizing every swell and divot, before ending up in his hair, pulling at it gently. He groaned into her mouth, yanking her against him again.

OK, he really needs to lose those pants.

Her fingers flew to the waistband of his jeans and made quick work of his belt and fly. She pushed the pants over his hips and let them fall to the floor, leaving him in his navy blue boxer briefs. He stepped out of the jeans clumsily, breaking the kiss.

Sam giggled at him. "Careful," she said. "You don't wanna hurt yourself."

Freddie looked a little embarrassed, but grinned at her. "Sorry," he said. "I was a bit distracted." He looked her over, ending with his gaze on her face, and ran a hand through her hair. "God, you're beautiful." And she felt it too, with the way he was looking at her.

He kissed her tenderly, guiding her onto the bed. She scooted back until her head rested on the pillows, Freddie hovering above her. He laid a kiss on her brow, her cheek, then her nose before returning to her lips. She pushed her tongue into his mouth. They stayed that way for a while, just kissing.

Freddie pulled away to kiss along her jaw and down the side of her neck, sending sparks along her skin. Sam breathed out a sigh. He kissed down to her chest until he reached her bra, and he looked up at her, questioning.

She reached behind her and unclasped the hook, feeling anxious at the loosening of the material against her flesh. Freddie hooked his fingers underneath the straps and pulled the piece of clothing down her arms and away from her body.

She had an incredible urge to cover herself, but she fought it, instead gripping the sheets. She waited for Freddie to do something.

After a moment, he ran a hand over her left breast, covering it and kneading it gently, then flicking his thumb over her hardened nipple. She gasped, marveling at the sensation. They had never been this sensitive when she touched them herself.

Spurred on by her reaction, Freddie took the nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over it and suckling.

"Oh!" Sam's hands found his hair, and she arched up into him, urging him to take more of her into his mouth. He obliged, sucking at her harder and bringing his other hand up to fondle her other breast. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling.

After a while, Freddie kissed his way over to her right breast, giving it the same treatment. Then he continued kissing down her abdomen until he reached her panties. He gave her the same questioning look he had with her bra, and she nodded her acquiescence. He pulled them down her legs and tossed them to the floor before looking down at her from his kneeling position at the foot of the bed. He looked awestruck.

Feeling self-conscious again, Sam bent her knees, keeping them together, and began to pull her legs up, but Freddie stopped her, grasping her legs. "Don't," he said. "Don't hide yourself from me."

Sam gulped but relaxed. Freddie scooted closer and ran his hands up the outside of her legs and then back down her thighs, coming to rest on her knees. He gently nudged them apart, revealing her to him.

She was a little bit terrified, but she didn't say anything. She trusted Freddie; he would take care of her. He glided his hand down the inside of her right thigh until he reached her center, running his thumb along her folds. She jerked involuntarily when he rubbed over her clit, and she let out a startled moan. He smirked at her, then moved his hand away. Wait, why'd he move his hand?

Sam frowned at him, but then saw him bend over and drape her legs over his shoulders, kissing up along the inside of the left one. Oh. She was very nervous now.

"Freddie," she said weakly. "You… you don't have to do that." She felt extremely awkward about what he was intending to do.

He looked up at her. "I know," he said. God, I love when his voice is that low. "But I want to taste you." Oh lord.

Her breathing had become shallow and she felt like her skin would burn off from blushing. She just nodded at him and then looked up at the ceiling. It's gonna be fine. It's not gonna be weird; it's gonna be fine.

She felt him lick her, and all thought immediately disappeared. She moaned, eyes rolling back into her head. He moved his tongue over her again, more adventurous and confident this time, and she was reduced to a writhing mess of sensation. His tongue was warm, roaming over the most intimate part of her, and it sent electric shocks throughout her whole body whenever it touched her, forcing sounds out of her mouth that she had no control over.

She vaguely realized that she was gripping his hair with her hands, and so she looked down. Oh my god.

It didn't seem real, but it had to be because she could feel every electric touch. She watched as Freddie's mouth moved over her, his tongue licking and rolling and dipping into her opening. It was like he was trying to erase any hurt he may have caused the week before. And, oh fuck, it's working.

"Freddie…" she breathed. She could feel pressure building low in her abdomen, heat spreading around to her back and down her limbs, converging where Freddie's mouth touched her. He hummed in response, and the pressure burst.

"God, Freddie!" She screamed and moaned, the currents of her orgasm running all through her. She arched and bucked against Freddie's face, unable to control her body, but he kept lapping at her until she rode it out, taking whatever she gave.

She was a whimpering heap by the time he removed his mouth from between her legs. He wiped his face with a hand and grinned at her, taking pride in his work.

"You taste good," he said.

Sam let out a weak laugh, and Freddie kissed his way back up her body, stopping to give her breasts attention before reconnecting his mouth with hers. She could faintly taste herself on his tongue and was surprised to find that he wasn't wrong. She deepened the kiss, beginning to feel aroused again.

She pulled away and nipped at his ear. "I want you inside me right now," she whispered lustily, grinding her hips into his. Freddie growled and bucked back into her, sending a shock through both of their bodies. Sam hastily started pushing his boxer briefs down his hips, first with her hands and then with her feet until they were completely off.

She looked down between their bodies. His penis was resting against her lower abdomen, its heat searing into her skin. She wasn't sure what she expected exactly, but it was larger than she thought it would be, and she was suddenly glad that she didn't have her hymen to worry about anymore.

She reached down and wrapped a hand around it, spreading the pre-cum around the head and down the length of it. Freddie groaned into her shoulder. "Fuck, Sam…" he muttered. She felt exhilarated at being able to elicit such a response from him, and so she moved her hand faster. "Fuck!" he said louder. Oh, this is fun.

Sam smiled widely and continued her ministrations, quickening the pace. After a minute Freddie grabbed her wrist and stopped her movement, breathing heavily. He shakily reached over to the bedside table and pulled out a condom from the drawer, ripping open the foil and rolling the condom on before returning to his position above Sam.

She had stopped smiling. This is it. She looked nervously up at him.

Freddie brushed his fingers against her cheek. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

Sam thought about everything they went through last weekend—the 'incident,' their insecurities, how she thought everything in her life was a disappointment, how he chastised himself for having hurt her, how neither of them wanted to fail the other, how they both desperately wanted to hold onto this relationship—and she looked into the eyes of the boy above her, her lover. Yeah. I'm sure.

She pressed her lips to his in a tender kiss. "Make love to me, Freddie," she said when she pulled away.

Freddie let out a breath, scooting down a bit and positioning himself at her entrance. "I love you, Sammy," he said.

She smiled. "I love you too, Freddie," she said. "Now, make love to me already, nub."

Freddie chuckled at that, and then slowly slid himself up and into her. Sam took in a breath as he filled her, her body stretching to contain him. It was an unusual feeling, though not an unpleasant one. It was new, and she wasn't used to it yet. Still, she liked the sensation of him gliding against her in such an intimate way. When he was finally fully inside of her, she let out the breath she had taken.

Freddie was leaning his forehead against her shoulder, and his breathing had quickened. He let out a low groan.

"Freddie?" Sam said tentatively.

She could hear him gulp. "Just give me a second," he said.

"OK," she responded softly. She rubbed her hands over his back and basked in the feel of him on top of her, around her and inside of her. He was all she could see, hear, feel, smell, and taste, and she absolutely loved it. She smiled into his neck and kissed it wetly. He shivered.

He took a shaky breath. "OK," he said and started moving at a slow, steady pace, in and out. Oh my…

A soft whimper escaped her lips at the feel of the friction he was creating inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and felt him go deeper. "Oh Freddie…" she moaned.

He let out a strangled groan and involuntarily jerked his hips roughly against her, causing her to scream out. He immediately stopped his movements and looked at her worriedly. "I'm so sorry," he said, panicked. "I didn't mean to, I just, when you moan like that, I can't control—"

"—Freddie Benson, if you don't do that again right now, I'm going to hurt you," she growled lustfully.

He looked startled for all of a moment before desire overcame him and he thrust his hips hard into her a second time. She screamed out once again in pleasure, clutching at him, and so he did it again, and again, and again. Soon, he had set a quick, hard pace for himself and watched Sam as she rolled her hips up to meet him, grasping onto his backside and holding onto every thrust he forced into her. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Suddenly, Sam pushed him back so that he was sitting with her straddling him. She gasped sharply at the feel of this new position. He had somehow gone even deeper inside of her, to the point where it was almost painful (almost), and her clit was pressed up deliciously against his pubic bone. "Oh god…" she muttered, taking a moment to get used to everything she was feeling.

Then Freddie took her breast into his mouth. "Oh god!" she repeated loudly and began grinding her hips. "Oh…" With every backward motion, she felt an entirely new, luscious sensation pass through the whole lower half of her body as his penis pressed against a certain spot inside of her. With the combination of that and the pressure against her clit, she quickly felt another orgasm building in her belly. She moved her hips faster, holding Freddie's head against her breast and breathing so fast she thought she might pass out. She felt him swell inside of her and vaguely heard him groaning her name against her chest. Her hearing dulled as her body exploded in the deepest, most thorough orgasm she had yet experienced. She could feel it from the pit of her stomach to the top of her head. She was pretty sure she was screaming, but it didn't quite register in the midst of that pure, pleasurable sensation.

She felt herself fall forward onto Freddie as he collapsed onto his back, both of them gasping for breath. There was a ringing in Sam's ears, and her throat felt raw. Oh my fucking god.

She hugged Freddie's chest as they slowly caught their breath, and he ran his hands up and down her back. An aftershock hit her, and she involuntarily clenched around him, causing him to scream out and thrust into her, in turn making her scream out as well. Fuck!

It didn't happen again, and so they laid there for a while until Sam felt Freddie begin to soften inside her. She sat up, and he made sure the condom was secure before she slid off of him and he headed to the bathroom to dispose of it. When he returned, Sam had gotten comfortable under the covers and he scooted in to join her, putting his arm around her and resting her head on his chest. He kissed the top of her head.

"Happy anniversary, Sammy," he said after a while.

Sam hummed contentedly. "Happy anniversary, Freddie-bear," she replied. Freddie chuckled at the pet name.

"So," he said, stifling a yawn. "How was your second first time?"

She giggled sleepily into his chest. Oh, this boy.

"It was perfect."

A/N: So what did you think? Sad to see these guys go? Well, I wrote a oneshot of 'the incident' from this as a separate fic, since I couldn't put it in this story because the characters are not supposed to remember it. You can find it on my profile, aptly titled "The Incident."

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