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Buck's remembering when Tabitha was little...or maybe the story will take a turn for the worse.

Buck's POV

It was about a month after the adventure with the fire and all that.

Dorothy, Tabitha, the possums, and I were playing tag with Peaches. I realized I hadn't played this game in years. Not since Tabitha was a little girl. "Tag, you're it!" shouted Eddie, tagging Peaches on the shoulder, then darting away.

"Tag, you're it!" a small voice echoed in my mind. I shook that thought off and concentrated on getting away from the hyper mammoth. "You can't catch me!" "Oh yes I can!"

I grabbed Tabitha and shoved both of us behind a tree, waiting to see if Peaches would see us. "Hey, whatcha guys doing?" asked Sid, suddenly beside us. "Shh!" shushed Tabitha. "We're playing tag/hide and go seek!" she whispered.

"You can't hide forever, Buckminster!" chirped a happy voice. I had to stop thinking about her, about then. Think now, I told myself. You're not running from an educated blond she-weasel, but a peach. No, not a peach, you airhead, a mammoth named Peaches. But she could dress up like a peach for Halloween... Hm. Halloween. I wondered if Tabitha still like to trick or treat and dress up. That thought led to the thought of remembering when she'd dressed up as a black cat when she was four. "TAG YOU'RE IT!" Caught off guard, the six year old pushed me to the ground. I hopped up and chased after her on all fours. Just like back then, I thought. Yes, it was just like the good ole days.


It was around four in the afternoon. Alone, I was just lying on a rock. Tabitha was out and about with Sid, doing something strange like picking rocks out of ice and tossing them off a small cliff into water or something.

I started to think about earlier, how much fun we'd had..."Daddy, today was the best day ever." Having nothing else to do but stare at dirt and watch ants crawl, I closed my eye.

Images; memories- sights and sounds filled my mind...

A feminine voice whispered in my ear," Buckminster, do you know what day it is?" I sleepily opened my eyes when I felt her elbows propped up on my chest. Two bright green eyes greeted me, surrounded by light colored fur. "Tuesday?" I answered groggily. She shook her head. "Guess again." I yawned and sat up. "Wednesday." She rolled her eyes. "No, stupid, it's our anniversary." Now I was awake. I snapped my fingers, "Right! I was just about to say that!" She leaned against me. "Sure, you were." "I was, Kathy! Really..." She swung both legs out of bed. "Well, whether you meant to or not isn't the question. The question is: What are we gonna do on this special occasion?" I followed her. "Well...for starters..." I leaned over and kissed her.

A voice from behind startled both of us. "Ew! Mommy and Daddy are smooching!" I scooped Tabitha up- -

"Hey, dad, wake up! " I heard my daughter yell. I was brought back to the present by her shaking me. "Why?" I asked, yawning. I twisted around in a way only weasels could do. "Because you have to!" "Says who?" "Me, of course." I rubbed my eye tiredly as I stood. Before I could react, she pulled me along frantically. "What? What's wrong? Why are we going over here?"

Up ahead I saw a big crowd gathered. Uh oh, I thought, this can't be good. Tabitha's grip loosened, and I made my way to the front.

A large, gaping hole that seemed to have no end sat before me. On the other side, Manny was shouting Peaches's name hopefully, while Ellie was sobbing. I crept forward even more, wary of cracks in the ice. I could faintly make out the smell of tropical...well just "tropical" in general. Manny looked at me, searching for something- anything- on my face that could tell him that his daughter was alive. I looked down again, trying to make heads or tails of how deep it would be. Guessing it would be roughly four hundred paces down before she'd land on the jungle floor, and if she somehow got lucky (and if God had any part in it) she landed on a rather tall tree with very big leaves, she might just have a chance of surviving the fall.

Of course, that said nothing on how long she'd survive in the dinosaur world. A small mammoth of about six, all alone, with little training on survival because her father protested that she was too young to know about all the dangers of the world...She had around half an hour before she was squished, drowned, eaten, poisoned, or she ran into Rudy.

I looked at Manny, and made a motion with my hand, signalling that we either go now...or it would be too late.

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