A/N: Just a short little drabble, basically my opinion of the Beldam's thoughts towards Coraline. Feedback appreciated. Polish your buttons.

S l e e p my pretty little doll, I will be here when you wake.

I will be with you in your dreams and your memories.

Whenever you see a flash of vermilion, it will remind you of me.

I loved you; I will ALWAYS love you,

But it was not good enough for you –

You were selfish and you T h r e w that love back into my face.

I still remember the cruel smirk that graced your features as the black of my blood t r i c k l e d down my cheekbones.

Do you remember how I cradled you when you slept? How I cooked for you and cleaned for you and made everything bright, shiny and new?

It took every ounce of my deteriorating strength to perform the simplest of tasks but the thought of you returning my love spurred me on.

I would pluck the stars from the night-sky and wrap them up with a ribbon in return for your love.

I would paint w h i t e roses red in return for your trust.

I would slice off my good right hand in return for your eyes.

I would m u r d e r your parents in exchange for your soul.

I do love you in my own way – my own strange, warped, complicated way.

But you do not understand...you will never understand.

Whenever you look upon the s h i n e of a button,

Unnamed emotions will crawl to the forefront of your mind

And then you will do nothing but remember.

I will haunt you for the rest of your life,

And now you will feel as t r a p p e d as I have always felt.

A fly entangled in the web of a spider.