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AgencyShipping: Black x White

I miss her.

She had to take on a huge job at the BW Agency and left me behind. Or rather, I left her behind. I decided to continue on my journey toward the Pokémon League while she stayed behind in Nimbasa City.

It's been over a month since I've heard from her.

I just obtained my eighth badge yesterday. I now have all of the badges to participate in the Pokémon League. This was my dream; I have been waiting for this day since I was four years old!

But…I actually wasn't really that excited. Sure, I was ecstatic to receive my final badge in the Isshu region. But I wasn't jumping for joy.

I wanted to tell her. To tell White.

Maybe she would have been happy. Or proud of me. I'm not sure. I just wanted to tell somebody.

No, if I wanted to tell just anybody, I would just find Cheren or Bianca and tell them about it. Or just do what I always do and shout it to the world.

But I wanted to share the news with White specifically.

I wasn't sure why. I figured maybe she would be tired of hearing it from me or something. I mean, I said it about every waking minute of every single day. Unless Musha was clearing my mind, but that was different.

Route 10 was just up the road. It was the last route to take before heading into the Victory Road and to the Pokémon League. I was so close.

But that wasn't where I was heading.

"Phew! Finally, the movie is over!" White sighed as she wiped some sweat off her forehead. "I need a drink!"

"Here, Ms. White," an actor held out a bottle of water for her.

"Thank you!" She opened it and took a long drink of the cool liquid. "Wow, has it really been a month?"

"It has," said the actor. "All of the Pokémon did great. I'm sure this movie will be a hit!"

"Yeah…" White said, her tone not matching the smile on her face.

"Ms. White? What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing!" she perked up and waved her hands dismissively. "I just…need some time alone."

"Oh, okay," the actor said while White walked backstage of the set toward her dressing room. She closed the door and slumped over the couch.

"A month, huh…?" she breathed, barely able to hear her own words. "I wonder how…he's doing…"

Knock, knock.

"Huh?" White jumped, not expecting anyone to bother her so quickly. "W-who is it?"

"Someone's here to see you, Ms. White," a female voice said from the other side.

Can't I just take a break…? White huffed as she opened the door a little too forcefully. "What?" Her eyes widened when she saw who was standing behind the woman.

She looked pretty shocked to see me. Considering she also looked really tired, what with those bags under her eyes.

"B-Black!" she exclaimed, not moving from her spot at the door. "W-what are you—?"

"Hey, Boss," I waved my hand and smiled. I was really happy to see her.

"W-wow," she finally stepped outside of her dressing room. The woman that I had followed to get here had already wandered off. "Did you already defeat the Pokémon League and circle the region back to Nimbasa City that fast? I mean, a month is a long time, but that was…really fast…"

"N-no! That's a little too fast, even for me!" I said. "No, I haven't defeated the League yet. Actually, I just got my eighth badge a few days ago."

White made a face. "Huh? The eighth Gym is in Opelucid City! Why did you come all the way back to Nimbasa?"

"Because I…I kinda missed you."

White paused. I couldn't read her expression. She didn't say anything, so I continued.

"When I got my eighth badge, I was a little excited. But I felt like I was missing something. I wanted to share my excitement with…well, you. You weren't with me and you haven't been for about a month, so…I came back her to see if you were done with your movie or whatever you were doing."

White stared at me for what felt like forever before I saw some red darken her cheeks. She finally spoke up. "R-really? You came back here…for me?"

"Y-yeah…" my face felt hot. I wasn't too sure what I was telling her, but it felt real. I was just telling her what was going through my mind, which for once wasn't the Pokémon League.

Why was that?

"O-oh…" she stuttered. "W-well, I'm done with my project…and to tell you the truth, I've missed traveling with you."

"You have?" So it wasn't just me?

"Yeah…" she nodded, a cute smile flashing across her face. "Now that you're here…can I travel with you again?"

"O-of course! That's what I came here for!" I grinned and she giggled.

It had been a really long time that I haven't had to use Musha to clear my thoughts of anything but the Pokémon League. Sure, the League was still embedded into my brain, but now there was something else there as well.

My feelings for White. And for once, that trumped all of my thoughts of the Pokémon League.