JohtofestaShipping: Khoury x Lyra

A five-year-old Lyra puffed up her cheeks as she argued with Dawn. "Nu-uh! Khoury is silly! I won't marry him!"

"You have to!" Dawn stomped her foot. "Because Ash is mine! You can marry Khoury!"

The two of them, including Misty, May and Iris, were by the table in the corner of their daycare. Misty and May were sitting in the chairs eating their cookies for snack time. Iris was sitting on the corner of the table while Lyra and Dawn were standing up, obviously very animated in their argument about who will grow up to marry which boy.

"Dawn, that's not right," Misty said, reaching to grab a cookie only to realize May already snatched the last one. "I thought you wanted to marry Paul."

"Yeah, but I like Ash, too!" Dawn crossed her arms and pouted. "Can't I have both?"

"No! You can only have one boy!" Lyra stuck her index finger in Dawn's face. "And you already have Paul! So I get Ash!"

"But I thought Misty had Ash," Iris said, munching on her cookie.

"W-what?" Misty blushed. "I-I never said I wanted to marry Ash!"

"Yeah, she can have Brock!" Lyra said. At that comment, everyone frowned. Misty stuck her tongue out.

"Bleh!" Misty shook her head. "No way!"

"Then Misty doesn't have to have anyone," Lyra shrugged.

"Wait a second," Dawn turned to Iris and held up two fingers. "Doesn't Iris have two people?"

Iris was licking some of the chocolate from the cookie off of her hand. "What do you mean?"

"Doesn't she have Cilan and Trip?"

"Whaaaat?" Iris began laughing hysterically. "No! Cilan's cute, but I don't wanna marry him! And I don't even like Trip! Plus, he smells."

Lyra watched May shove another cookie in her mouth whole. "May, you're lucky. You don't have to argue about these things because you and Drew already chose each other."

May gulped the cookie and coughed as she almost choked. Misty rolled her eyes. May just shrugged. "It's not really that. He just…likes to give me flowers. That's all."

"MAY, THAT MEANS HE LIKES YOU!" The four girls shouted at May, causing the other kids to glance over and look at them. May held out her hands.

"OKAY!" she felt it necessary to yell back.

Lyra sighed. "I just don't get it. Why would you think I would ever marry Khoury?"

"Well, you guys have known each other since before going to daycare," Misty said. "That's, like, a really long time."

"It's just because our mommies are friends! That doesn't mean anything!" Lyra said.

"But you guys get along well," Iris said. "Why wouldn't you want to marry him?"

"Because!" Lyra balled her hands into a fist. "He's just silly! And he's not even that cute!"

"Who said you had to marry a boy because he's cute?" Iris said. "What about…um, what's that long word? It begins with a 'P'? Pro… Per…"

"Personality?" Misty said.

"Yeah, personailibity!" Iris mispronounced. "That word!"

"What's that mean?" May gave Iris a funny look.

"It means how they act," Misty said. "Like Drew is stuck up and Paul is a meanie face."

"HEY!" May and Dawn shouted in anger and Misty shrugged.

"What?" the redhead asked.

Lyra shook her head. "Personalibity?" She sat in thought for a moment. Khoury? Why didn't she like the thought of marrying him? They were good friends and they had known each other for a long time. Like, three whole years. And he was really nice.

Lyra liked Ash because she thought he was cute. But Ash really was kind of rash and hyper. On the other hand, maybe Khoury looked silly with his glasses and poofy hair, but he was really nice to her. He also protected her from a neighborhood dog that was chasing her. Would Ash have done that? Lyra laughed as she imagined the raven-haired boy running away in tears.

Maybe Iris was right. Lyra smiled.

"Hey, Lyra." The pigtailed girl jumped as she was suddenly being addressed. She spun around and was face-to-face with Khoury.

"Hi!" he waved to her.

"Hi, Khoury," Lyra grinned. "What's up?"

"What are you girls doing?" Khoury asked.

"We're deciding on who we're gonna marry when we grow up!" Lyra held out her arms in excitement.

"Marry? Really?" Khoury gave her a puzzling look. "Well, who are you going to marry, Lyra?"

"I think I'm gonna marry you, Khoury!" Lyra gave him a big hug. Dawn, Misty, May and Iris's mouths dropped in shock. Khoury blushed.

"W-what?" Khoury flailed his arms. "Are you for real?"

"I'm totally for real!" Lyra smiled as she glanced up at him. "Will you marry me, too?"

"U-um, well, we have to grow up first!" Khoury said, fixing his now askew glasses.

"Okay!" Lyra said, letting him go and holding out her pinky. "Promise when we grow up you'll marry me?"

Khoury stared at her for a moment. She glanced at the girls behind her, Dawn holding a thumbs up. The other three were grinning happily. He looked back at Lyra and smiled before taking her pinky finger with his own.


So, maybe little kids don't think so much about personality and looks, much less love, but whatever. Ten year old's don't really think much of any of that either, but they're already ten, so I had to make them younger…