"Ki-i-im! Baby Maybe is in my room again!"
Ron Stoppable, formally known as Arch Stanton these days, looked up from his typewriter.
"Do you want me to take care of it?"
"No." His wife groaned as she got up from the couch where she'd been dozing. "I'll deal with them. Besides Hana called for me anyway."
Kim went upstairs and found the two daughters of the household locked in a struggle.
Hana was trying to shove Mabel out while the six-year old fought to remain in her older sister's room.
"All right girls, what's all this about?"
"Maybe was in my room and..."
"Her name is Mabel. You're both too old for baby talk, Hana, and you know it." Kim interrupted.
"Mabeh!" Mabel said.
"Mabel. L-l." Hana corrected her sister out of sheer habit.
Mabel blew a raspberry and quickly hid behind her mother in case her older sister got angry enough to try and hit her.
"Really, Hana, I don't see what the problem is? Mabel just wants to play with your toys and you don't use most of them anyway."
"Ah-ah! No buts! Is it really so hard to let Mabel play with your old toys? Or for you play a little with her?"
Hana looked grumpy, knowing that Kim was right, even though it was frustrating.
"Now, what was it you wanted to say, dear?"
"But the door was locked!"
"The door was what-now?" Kim's eye widened in surprise.
Behind her Mabel realized she was probably about to get in trouble and tried to edge away.
"Oh no, you don't young lady!" Kim grabbed her daughter and made sure she staid.
"The door was locked and when I opened it to get my book Mabel was already inside." Hana explained.
"You didn't lock her in earlier, did you? By accident, I mean?"
"No! She was...I don't know. Playing with her dolls or something in her room."
Kim turned to Mabel and hunkered down to face her daughter.
"Were you in Hana's room, sweetie?"
Mabel nodded.
"And the door was locked?"
Mabel looked very guilty but nodded again.
"Tell mommy how you got in. I won't be angry. I promise."
"I climbed like you did."
Kim blinked. So did Hana.
"Like I did?"
"Yes, on the choo-choo train. In Shina."
"It's China." Hana immediately corrected.
This time it was Kim's turn to look guilty.
Both Hana and Mabel loved hearing Kim tell stories about her adventures in China when she was younger and a few days ago she had told them about how she had fought off assassins on a train en route to Macao, years and years ago.
During that fight she had climbed along the side of the rail road car by clinging to the window sills by the tips of her fingers.
"Mabel, honey..." Kim began. "Show mommy where you got in."
Mabel took her mother by the hand and led Kim back inside Hana's room, all the way to the window.
The window was open.
"You didn't?" Kim exclaimed.
Mabel just nodded.
Kim opened the window wider and peeked out.
Hana had hurried back to Mabel's room and looked out the window there.
Between the two windows there was a narrow ledge.
"Let me see your hands, honey."
Mabel did as she was told and sure enough, the hands were stained by red paint. The same type of red the house was painted in.
Kim straightened up and pondered what to do now.
What Mabel had done had been dangerous. And impressive.
Kim was torn between concern for the safety of the kids and being proud of the daring deed.
"Are you gonna tell daddy?" Mabel asked, looking worried.
Hana joined them.
"Yeah, are you?"
Kim cleared her throat, stalling for time while thinking about what to do.
If she told Ron he was likely to get all worked up. He could be such a mother hen when it came to the safety of his loved ones.
He was also likely to demand that Kim stopped telling the girls of her adventures for fear of giving them more dangerous ideas.
Neither Kim nor her daughters looked forward to that prospect.

She loved telling the stories and the girls loved hearing of the daring exploits and adventures in foreign lands.
"Okay. Here's what we're going to do, girls. We are going down to daddy and tell him what happened."
Both the girls gasped, throwing each other glances of concern.
An angry daddy was not fun.
"We...we are?" Hana said.
"Yes we are. You mustn't lie to your parents, girls."
Kim suddenly smiled. It was a mischievous smile.
"But we don't need to tell daddy everything, do we? Only the important, true stuff."
She winked, which looked odd since her other eye was missing and she wore an eye patch.
Hana and Mabel grinned in unison. They understood perfectly well.

All three females of the Stanton household went downstairs again.
"There! All done." Kim said. "Mabel was in Hana's room, playing with her toys again. We had a little talk and that should be the end of that."
Ron turned away from the typewriter.
"Well, girls? Have you learned your lesson now?" He asked in his mock-stern voice.
Both his daughters nodded and smiled like little angels.
"Yes we have, daddy."
"No more shouting and fighting over toys, right?"
"No, daddy."
Ron smiled and pulled his girls in a hug.
"That's my little sweethearts!"
After the hug he got up from his chair.
"You girls run along and wash your hands. I might was well make dinner."
Hana and Mabel nodded and raced each other to the bathroom.
Ron laughed.
"Those girls, they can be a handful. But they're good kids."
He put his arm around Kim's waist as they walked to the kitchen.
"Sure, they squabble but at least they don't get into any dangerous foolishness."
Kim nodded but didn't elaborate on the topic.
"Let's hope it stays that way."