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Bella Swan closed the front door to her house, carrying her map and a backpack. Supplied with water and a first aid kit, she set out in search of a place she once knew well. Their meadow.

She knew that her father would be upset that she was venturing into the woods on her own, but that just meant she would have to return home before he did. Now was as good a time as any, and she was feeling especially motivated today.

Bella and her best friend Jacob had been working together to find her meadow. But she had just come to the realization that he wanted nothing to do with her. She had been calling him for weeks only to hear he was too sick to talk. Yet earlier today, she found out he was actually out with other friends and not sick at all.

Two weeks ago, everything was fine. It was only two weeks ago that their biggest problem was Jacob wanting more than Bella could offer. But Jacob had said he was content to be her friend and wait. What could have changed so much in two weeks that he would completely abandon her?

The answer was obvious to Bella. He had come to his senses and realized she was not worth waiting around for. He would never be able to get through to her; it was better he realized it now.

So now she was left on her own to track down the place that once held so much power over her. But somehow she knew she would be able to manage alone with this newfound sense of urgency.

And manage she did. Quicker than even she expected, she was standing at the opening of the meadow. Instantly she was flooded with images of the first time she saw Edward sparkle in the sun, as clear as if was yesterday.

The meadow was still beautiful, of course. The flowers had not returned, but everything else remained green and picturesque; although the reason for the real beauty of the setting was long gone Bella.

The weight of this moment, finally receiving her closure, brought Bella to her knees. Edward was gone; the Cullens were gone. It had been magical, much like this place, but now it was in the past.

Instinctively, she grabbed at the place in her chest where her gaping hole was positioned. She was surprised to find, however, that this moment did not tear at her hole or rip her open at the seams.

This was her acceptance.

Bella remained there, on her knees in the middle of an empty field, for a long time. The sun was lower in the sky. People on the other side of the woods went about their daily lives. Yet there she remained, unmoving.

She wasn't sure whether to run as far from this place as she could or to curl up onto the floor of the meadow, pretending everything was a dream.

Bella never made either of those moves in the end. Someone approached her from the opposite side of the meadow, just behind the trees. She had to strain her eyes to make out the person, rather the vampire, heading in her direction.

Just as she had been inundated with images of a shining Edward, a new memory rushed to her mind. It was so vivid that it might as well have been taking place at that moment. A thunderstorm, a baseball game.


He approached her slowly, signaling it was in fact not a dream at all. Despite the fact that she should have been afraid, Bella slowly advanced towards him too. He had been with the Denalis in Alaska, that much she knew. Maybe he brought word from the Cullens.

Somewhere deep inside her Bella knew this wasn't the case. Why would they send him of all people? But then again, maybe they would send him since he was not as close to her as the others. She tried to convince herself that this was what was happening, that he was watching her from afar for her protection.

"Bella. How nice to see you." He smiled at her, and she even willed herself to believe her lies, if only for a brief second. But then she caught sight of his eyes-his blood-fueled, red eyes.

Bella became very aware of the fact that she was in danger and immediately tried to think of a way out of the situation. The Denalis were vegetarians; she knew this much. Maybe he had slipped. Either way, she needed to get away from here as quickly as possible.

Maybe Laurent didn't realize the Cullens were gone. This was probably the only chance she had.

"How nice to see you too, Laurent. I know the Cullens, especially Carlisle, will be happy that you have come to visit us."

He laughed, a little too menacingly for Bella's liking. He didn't buy it. For a second she thought she saw Edward's face, trying to convince her to lie her way out of the situation. But she shook it off immediately, knowing she was alone.

"Oh, sweet Bella." He flashed her that smile again as he continued to step forward. "You have to know that I'm smarter than that. I know the Cullens have left the area."

Bella was a bad liar. She was very aware of this fact. Right now she had to try though. She was pushed by thoughts of her father, of Jake.

In that moment something snapped into place for Bella. Though she had been acting like the living dead lately, she instantly knew that she didn't want to die. And now that she suddenly had the life infused back into her, she wasn't going down without a fight.

"Oh, well, they'll be back. They're just on a hunting trip, but they aren't far. I'm actually on my way over there soon." She didn't know what she would do if he wanted to follow her there, but she had to get out of the meadow and put some doubt in his mind.

Laurent continued to smile that devilish smile. He was standing right in front of her, and ran his icy finger down the length of her arm. "Somehow, I just don't believe you. I don't know why the Cullens have left you, something so seemingly precious, behind. But I guess that's my gain isn't it?

"Victoria will not be happy that I'm going to kill you, but I don't think I can help myself."

"Victoria?" Bella asked as images of fiery hair flashed before her eyes.

"Yes, she sent me to look in on you."

Realization dawned on Bella. Victoria wanted revenge for James. But she would likely never get it because Laurent was going to kill her first.

She had to keep him talking. "Why would she do that?"

"Oh, ma chérie, we both know you're smarter than that." Laurent had evidently enough of talking, and before Bella saw his movement he was holding her by her arms, her feet dangling slightly. Bella knew she would have bruises in the shape of his hands, but they probably wouldn't even have time to form.

Bella did not resign herself to death just yet, though. She was going to fight until the very end. But what did she have to fight a vampire with? Words obviously weren't working.

Although she knew it was futile, Bella flailed in his iron-tight grip. She writhed as much as possible, to no avail.

Bella brought back her leg back and kicked his knee as hard as she was able in an attempt to throw him off balance. This only caused her to cry out in pain as she felt each of her toes break. Laurent only laughed at the absurd human trying to fight off a vampire.

Bella still wasn't ready to roll over just yet though. She racked her brain, thinking back to the basic self-defence lessons given to her by her father. She knew from her experience with James that pepper-spray didn't work, not that hers was within reach. This led her to another idea.

Vampires' bodies might be solid as a rock, but she had a feeling their eyes weren't. She reached up, pretending to scratch at his face and Laurent continued to laugh. But then she shoved her finger into his eye, gouging it as hard as she could.

This was enough to stun him momentarily, and Bella fell to the ground as he reached to his face. She took the opportunity and tried to run, despite the pain in her foot. She actually made it about twenty feet before she tripped over a root, landing face first onto a rock.

Bella reached up to the gash that resulted on her forehead. She tried not to think about the blood running down her face, turning her into food on a silver platter. She couldn't afford to pass out now.

Laurent was not detained very long, and he was quickly in front of her again. Still lying on the ground, she gave it one last attempt even though she was certain it wouldn't do any good.

"The Cullens will avenge me. They love me, and they won't forget this. You will regret this." Laurent laughed at her attempt and went in for the kill. Bella closed her eyes and braced for impact.

But it never came.

She kept her eyes shut tight for a full minute before opening them to see Laurent now standing several feel away from her, watching another vampire approach.

Someone had come to save her?

No. The idea was preposterous. Who would come for her?

This other vampire was good-looking, even by vampire standards. His sandy-blond hair fell shaggily into his face. Though it was not enough to completely hide his crimson eyes which were boring into Laurent.

It was obvious to Bella that the two vampires in front of her must be fighting over who would get to drain her. It didn't matter; she didn't stand a chance either way. A piece of her hoped it would be the stranger though, allowing her as much distance as possible from the people who were once her family.

Though she figured she was a goner either way, she decided to use this distraction to try to get away. She was slow, and still bleeding slightly, but she had to try.

Thus she began moving slowly in a backwards crab-walk.

It was clear to Bella that Laurent was afraid of this vampire. She could see some crescent shape marks on his body, sparkling in the sun. She recognized them since they mirrored her own on her forearm.

Laurent was clearly trying to calculate his next move, when the other vampire spoke. "I suggest you stand down. The girl is under my protection."

Several minutes later, Bella was still frozen in her position on the ground. She was too stunned by this mysterious vampire's words to continue her attempt at escape.

Why would this vampire who she never met want to protect her? Of course, he wanted her blood for himself.

Laurent was clearly trying to plan his own escape strategy, resorting to talking much like Bella had. "What is she to you?"

The other vampire did not make a move, but responded nonchalantly. "I am watching her on behalf of the Cullens who couldn't be here right now. I don't think they would be too happy to hear about you trying to drain her."

Bella, who was feeling weak from the combination of exertion, broken bones, and blood loss, wondered about this statement. As much as she wanted to, she couldn't find it in herself to believe that the Cullens were really looking out for her. She wished that the story this vampire was telling was true, but she had already accepted that they had left her behind and forgotten all about her.

As Bella suspected, this vampire had no idea what the Cullens would say. He was lying about being sent by them. In reality, this vampire owed a debt to Carlisle Cullen and saw this as his opportunity to repay.

Although Bella had her doubts, Laurent seemed to believe what he was being told. He knew that if this vampire was here on behalf of the Cullens, they would be after him in no time. His only choice was to get rid of the obstacle and take the girl as planned.

So he lunged at the other vampire, who easily sidestepped him. The two of them disappeared into a blur of motions too quick for Bella's vision to make sense of. One vampire would pin the other, but the tables would quickly turn. The fight continued for several minutes in this fashion.

It was not a fair fight. The other vampire was clearly more experienced than Laurent. Even so, Laurent had a few tricks of his own and was able to get his teeth into the other's arm.

The other vampire winced slightly and it was clear in his eyes that this was the last move Laurent would ever make. He was on Laurent in a second, removing his head from his shoulders which caused a loud ripping sound.

Before Bella even knew what was happening, the vampire flicked his lighter and dropped it onto Laurent's remains, which were laying in the very same spot she once laid with Edward.

She was stunned briefly, but then her instincts kicked in and she got up, working through the pain in her foot. Her body was telling her to run, but her mind was curious.

Again, she was not able to reach a decision before her eyes were drawn to the tree line. The vampire had already made out the furry creatures emerging from the woods.

There were five of them, and they were big, ranging in colour from brown to grey.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." It was barely a frustrated whisper that escaped Bella's lips, but the vampire heard it loud and clear. As if this day had not been intense enough, they were going to be attacked by some sort of animal.

Bella looked at the creatures, finally deciding they were wolves, but not like any she had seen before. And they were growling as they ran in the direction of her and the mysterious vampire.

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