New story! My first chapter and this story is about Kate and Humphrey's new life.

I was a sunny day in Jasper Park Canada. Five wolves stood on top of a hill with two log sleds as they were getting ready to race.

"Alright, there's two teams, we'll race to the bottom of the hill and the fist to make it to the bottom wins." Humphrey said as Kate, Salty, Mooch, and Shakey listened. "The losing team will have to… take a bite from the rotting caribou!"

"Are you serious! That thing is like, a week old!" Shakey said in protest.

"Are you a chicken or a wolf?" Kate asked as everyone became to chuckle.

"Alright forget that. Now about the teams, how about the three of us and the two love birds here" Salty said.

Kate and Humphrey looked at each other and blushed causing the other three to laugh.

Soon everyone was lined up and ready to go. With three words they began the race.

Kate and Humphrey sped down the hill about ten feet in front of the others and were almost at the bottom.

"Looks like were gunna win!" Kate said as they came closer and closer.

When the two were only about 15 feet away from the end the others landed in front of them and reached the bottom.

"Oh bet you didn't see that coming did you!" Salty said giving Mooch a high-five. "Since we had Mooch, we could use him to gain air off a slanted rock.

"Now you two need to eat some rotting caribou." Mooch said laughing at the two as they made their way to the feeding grounds.

"You know I can eat your bite for you?" Humphrey said giving Kate a nudge.

"No, I'm okay Humphrey you don't need to." Kate said in protest.

" Kate it's okay please let me do it Kate." he said giving Kate a begging look.

"Alright fine." she said

As the two reached the feeding grounds they saw the rotting caribou with flies all over it. They waited until Salty and the others got there.

"Just pretend to eat, I'll take a bite in front of you to make it look like you ate some too. After act really sick okay." Humphrey said as Kate nodded.

After Humphrey took both bites he got really sick and then threw up behind a bush. Kate was sick too but she was just acting.

"Ha ha! That was hilarious to see you two that sick!" Shakey said as he and the others rolled on the ground laughing.

"Well it's late so let's go to our dens now." Kate said as everyone went their own ways until Kate stopped Humphrey. "let's get back at them for making you sick! We can put a piece of the rotting caribou in each of their dens."

"That's a great idea! Your really staring to think like an omega." Humphrey said smiling at her.

They ran back to the caribou and grabbed it by the antlers so they didn't have to taste the rotting meat. They arrived at Shakey's den first and Kate grabbed a piece of the meat and ran it into his den.

"Man, this does taste bad, no wonder Humphrey threw up." Kate thought.

She placed the meat in front of Shakey's nose and ran out and sat next to Humphrey. They didn't have to wait long until they heard a scream and Shakey ran out panting. Seeing his reaction made Kate and Humphrey to fall to the ground laughing.

"Now you know how bad it smells but you don't know how it tastes" Humphrey said laughing.

"Whatever, but can I get back to sleep without you two bothering me?" Shakey said

"Not yet." Kate said as she picked up a piece of it and shoved it into Shakey's mouth.

Shakey started gagging from the taste as Kate and Humphrey started to laugh again.

"Well now you know how it tastes now too." Humphrey said between breathes. "Okay now you can sleep but you might hear two more screams from Mooch and Salty." Humphrey said as he and Kate grabbed the caribou and dragged it off. They did the same with the other two until they dragged the rest of the caribou off to the edge of the valley so no one could smell it before they headed back to their den.

"Man I'm tired. We did some interesting things today." Kate said as they laid down to sleep.

"Ya we did." Humphrey said "Well goodnight."

The two fell asleep with smiles on their faces. Kate started to dream of their trip to Idaho and all the fun they had. She woke up and looked at Humphrey sleeping.

"Humphrey, Humphrey wake up." Kate said as she shook Humphrey awake.

"Kate what is it?" Humphrey said waking up in a worried tone.

"Well don't you remember our trip to Idaho?" Kate said

"Of coarse, why did you ask?" Humphrey said smiling.

"Well do you want to move there and start a family?" Kate said.

"Really? You do? Well of coarse, and we can even start a pack in Idaho." Humphrey said "Let's go to sleep so we can get ready to go. We can leave in two days alright?"

"Great well, goodnight." Kate said as she laid down next to Humphrey and soon fell asleep.

Well that was a pretty good sized chapter and I will post about their wedding in a chapter later. Also I can't post tomorrow but I will post Sunday.

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