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Slowly walking back to the pack, Humphrey had no clear answer if they would have help from Ryan's pack or not. His biggest guess was thinking that it was no since he was told that he would have to try to fight to survive as long as he can. Thoughts ran through his head of Kate and his pups. What if they don't survive and does? He would never be able to see Silver grow up to be a great alpha and lead the pack, see Katie grow up and be an omega just like him, or ever see Kate again. Never would he be able to move on like that without any of them. Thinking about this brought tears to his eyes thinking of the pain he would live with. It would be like when he lost Kate on the trek here but worse.

He slowly walked up to his mate, his sister, and brother-in-law trying to think of a way to tell them the news. "Should I just tell them they said no?" he thought quietly to himself. "Maybe I should just tell them they never answered." He finally came up with his answer and walked up to the three eagerly awaited his answer.

"Humphrey, are they going to help us?" Luna was scared to hear the answer to her question thinking he would say no.

"Well… he never gave me a clear answer." After Humphrey said this all their faces dropped.

"What did he tell you?" Kate asked clearly worried about the upcoming events.

"All he told me was to rest so we can try to survive." Now there was silence between the four. They were too deep in thought to say anything else. Finally, after gathering the courage, Jacob spoke out.

"Well, we have no choice but just try to survive as long as we can. We need to stand together and fight them off as much as we can." After that, the group dispersed walking off in their own directions.

Humphrey and Kate sat together with their pups spending as much time together.

"Mom, Dad, what are we going to do?" Silver asked cuddling next to her parents and brother.

"We're going to try to fight for as long as we can." Kate said nuzzling Katie.

"If not, just remember that your mom and I love you both very much." Humphrey said. "Now get to sleep, you'll need your energy for tomorrow."

Humphrey and Kate laid there with the pups until they drifted off. In the pups minds they were dreaming of fighting alongside their parents in the war. After they were sure the pups were asleep Humphrey and Kate began to walk around the area trying to spend the last few hours they had with each other. They started walking around in silence just enjoying being together until Humphrey finally broke it.

"Kate, I was thinking, what if we won't make it back and we never see each other again?" Kate was shocked to hear her mate say such a thing in the situation they were in.

"Humphrey, we're coming back. Don't worry about that." Kate said. She rubbed noses with her mate for a brief moment.

"Kate all I want you to remember is that I will always love you. Through the worst times, and the best times, you will always have a place in my heart and without it; my whole world would begin to fall apart. You and the pups are my whole world and without you guys than I have nothing to live for." Kate began to form tears in her eyes from what Humphrey just told her. It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to her.

"Humphrey…that was so sweet!" Kate said sniffling. "I will always love you too and never will I leave your side no matter what happens, you're everything to me. I love you Humphrey."

"I love you too Kate." The two rubbed noses and savored the moment together.

"You know Humphrey, you know what we should do to complete the moment?" Humphrey had that goofy grin on his face and he knew exactly what she meant.

The two climbed up a large boulder and sang their beautiful song for the entire world to hear. Their wonderful song seemed as if it could soothe the moon itself into a peaceful state. Even from the past events and even the ones to come, the two filled the air with their song showing their love for each other. Soon the two's song had ended and they began to stare into each other's eyes.

"Kate, even if our lives may end tomorrow, as long as our family is together I'm happy." Kate embraced Humphrey in a tight hug before they made their way back to pack.

The whole pack woke up before dawn and prepared for battle. Every wolf sick or healthy, old or young, and alpha or omega, all would fight for their lives. Everyone only had ten minutes to eat some caribou caught earlier and it was barely enough for everyone in the pack. Each and every wolf began walking north to a large clearing with mountain walls nearly completely around the entire area. They stood riveted to their position as the four leaders came before the 25 remaining wolves.

"Everyone, today we shall fight to the death, we probably will not make it but we will try to fight off this outsider pack for all those who have been killed or died by their cause." Jacob yelled to everyone preparing them on the battle.

"We have asked Ryan's pack for help but we have no clear answer so they are unlikely to come." After Luna informed everyone about this everyone began to murmur questions to one another.

"They are most likely going to be everywhere so kill any wolf that attacks you." Kate said after Jacob had finished and allowed Humphrey to say something.

Soon after Luna had spoken Humphrey walked up which caused everyone to go silent. "There will be chaos out here so if you are unsure about killing the wolf allow him or her attack first. Now, prepare yourself."

Every wolf stood in silence watching the tree line on the other end of the clearing for anything that moved. No one dared to say anything as they awaited their enemy. Soon after a good hour, the northern pack came into view with the southern pack close behind and the rebels from Jasper. The two packs came close and close together until they stopped about 25 meters from one another.

"The time has come for your pathetic excuse of a pack to come to an end." Kyle the now leader of the northern pack was at the head of all the wolves from Jasper looking straight at the pack he was about to wipe out and in less than a second the clearing had turned into a warzone.

Kate and Humphrey stood alongside their pups as they fought ferociously side-by-side. It seemed as if every rebel wanted Humphrey dead for killing one of their own. They tried surrounding the four but only to be killed by a quick slash in the throat or torn open chest. Their small group seemed unstoppable against any wolf that dared to come near until five wolves from the northern pack charged them causing them to separate and then attack each of the five wolves one at a time due to the fact each wolf was twice the size of an average wolf. The first wolf wasn't very hard to take down. The pups took out his hind legs as Humphrey and Kate pinned him and tore his chest open. The second wolf wasn't as easy, each time they tried getting at him they would get a swing from a paw. Finally, Kate and Humphrey came in from the front and back to distract him while Silver clawed him in the throat. As soon as Kate turned around she saw teeth come flying at her. She was able to duck but the wolf grabbed her by the scruff and tossed her to the side.

"No, Kate!" Humphrey jumped in front of Kate protecting her as Silver and Katie stood behind him. One by one more and more wolves came at him each giving him a good claw mark. Eventually, one wolf got a lucky blow and clawed him straight across his face dazing him from the blow.

As Humphrey lay on the ground he saw his pups smacked on their heads knocking them out instantly. He saw Kate getting clawed in the face and all he could do was stand and watch as he was pinned by another wolf. The wolf began to snicker evilly before the wolf reached down and bit down onto Humphrey's throat slowly chocking him. The wolf began to smile as he felt blood surge into his mouth. Humphrey's vision began to fade as he was deprived of oxygen. Slowly he faded away until something caused the wolf to release his grasp on him. He began grasping for air as he sat up. As he sat up, his vision still hadn't focused but he could recognize the voice.

"We didn't come to fight the war for you!" When Humphrey's vision restored he noticed Ryan standing there with the wolf dead at his feet. Before Humphrey could thank him Ryan took off.

Humphrey quickly helped Kate on her feet before turning their attention to the pups. "Kate your condition is worse than mine; go back with the pups to our territory. GO!" Before Kate could argue, he got four other alphas to bring her back. Right before Kate left, she quickly nuzzled Humphrey and whispered, "I love you." And with that Kate limped off while the four alphas carried the pups behind her.

Humphrey quickly ran over to Jacob and Luna where he helped them kill another wolf. "Humphrey, go help Ryan!" Luna yelled as she pointed towards Ryan surrounded by 8 wolves. Humphrey sprinted over to help Ryan out by quickly pinning the first and snapping his neck and took a defensive stance next to Ryan.

"You think we can take them?" Humphrey asked looking over their opponents.

"Only one way to find out." Ryan and Humphrey than charged at their opponents ready to kill.

The two began tearing apart the wolves like they were caribou carcasses. They were careful to watch each other's blind spots and help each other. As another wolf charged Humphrey, he side stepped the attack which made the attacker fly into Ryan's jaws. The next wolf easily pinned Ryan from behind and was about to clamp his jams around his throat but before it was able to happen; Humphrey clamped his jaws around the opponent's neck suffocating him. After seeing the first couple wolves be killed before their eyes struck fear into the two's opponents. After seeing they didn't even get a scratch from the wolves that had just been killed, they took off running.

"Ryan, we need to end this now before we lose anymore wolves." The two looked towards the leader of the northern pack who was in charge of all three packs they were fighting. "Shall we?" Ryan led the way through the gruesome battlefield clawing a few wolves here and there until they reached the leader who had about four dead wolves lying at his feet. Humphrey heard Ryan yell in anger and when he turned to look at him he saw him kneeling before a dead wolf that looked similar to him.

"You killed my brother! Now you will die!" Ryan lunged towards the leader claws extended wanting to see his blood coat the ground. Before Ryan could even touch him he was knocked aside against a rock breaking a rib. While the leader faced Ryan, Humphrey was able to bite his stomach causing great damage. As the leader was howling in pain, Ryan was able to grab hold of his ear and ripped it off causing blood to pour out.

"I've had enough of this!" the leader swung his massive paw into Humphrey's head knocking him aside and grabbed Ryan by the neck in his jaws and used his forelegs and began tearing into his chest and stomach. "Now you can join him." Ryan was then thrown to the ground and he was being clawed in his chest, stomach, back, face and pretty much anywhere else that the claws made contact. Humphrey could hear Ryan screaming in pain from the clawing which caused Humphrey to jump onto the leader in a heartbeat. He released every bit of anger in him from when they were chased from Jasper to now. It didn't last long until Humphrey was thrown off and pinned beneath the northern wolf's enormous body

"After you're done, I'll kill the rest of your pack and your pups and your mate. I will kill all of you mercilessly." Humphrey tried desperately to get free from the leader's grip but to no avail. He waited as his death came. However, before the claws came across Humphrey's throat, the leader collapsed from atop Humphrey and held his hind leg in pain and noticed it was bent in an awkward position. Then he saw Jacob standing there trying to pin the northern leader only to receive three massive claw marks across his face causing him to stumble backwards. Luna then came from behind and bit into his back making blood to surge from the wound. Luna was thrown off with ease and landed hard on her foreleg causing a snap to fill the air causing her to yelp in pain.

"That's it! I'm going to kill your pack leader." the leader put a paw down on Humphrey's chest keeping him from moving and raised his paw over his head ready to bring it down onto his exposed throat. Just as the leader brought his paw towards his throat, he began to gurgle and shake, than blood began to pour onto Humphrey's chest confusing him. "Don't touch my mate!" Humphrey then saw Kate peak her head around the dying wolf and drop his motionless body to the ground.

"Humphrey, thank goodness I came in time." Kate helped Humphrey to his feet and hugged him.

"You couldn't have come a better time." Humphrey said as Kate released her grip and then he remembered. "Ryan!"

Humphrey and Kate quickly checked Jacob and Luna happy to only see Luna with a broken arm. Although, when they checked Ryan's condition he was worse than any of them. He was losing blood fast. He was cut badly in multiple places making it impossible to help him. When the reality hit them they knew he was about to die.

"Well guys, I'm not going to be here much longer so I just want to say that I'm glad we were able to fight together. I'm sorry about everything and I just need you to do one thing. Lead the rest of my pack for alright?" Ryan slowly then began to close his eyes.

"No Ryan come on you can make it!" Humphrey tried his best to encourage him but to no avail.

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Everyone circled around the body of the dead leader of the pack that fought bravely alongside them. The leader that once led his pack to kill them now was their friends. They had fought and bleed together in battle and now their leader lay dead before all of them. It made no sense to anyone that he would die after having such a change of heart. Everyone began to lift their heads back and howl their sadness to all letting all know that they had lost a great wolf. Seeing others beginning to howl caused everyone else to join in and the air was gradually filling with more voices. Soon everyone but the four leaders were howling since they were too upset to do anything such as howl but they dearly wanted to. But soon they leaned their heads back and howled their sadness with their allies releasing their sadness. All now knew that his death was going to always be remembered as a very sad moment.

Soon they had left the gruesome battlefield back to the territory where they were tended to their wounds and searched for lost family. Kate and Humphrey walked up to their old den where they found their pups waiting for them with Hutch. Kate and Humphrey were both filled with great joy seeing their pups in no harm and that they were all still together. Jacob and Luna came by to check on Kate, Humphrey, and the pups to see they were all fine with nothing too serious. Kate had a couple bruises and some cuts but Humphrey had cuts on his stomach and chest with three claw marks on his face but they weren't so bad and the wounds on both would heal in time.

"I'm so happy to see that were all fine." Luna said as Katie tried wrestling her to the ground.

"Ya see guys, I knew we would be fine." Kate was curled up next to Humphrey as they watched Silver join in and try to take Luna down.

"Careful you two, your aunt Luna has a broken arm but I think that your uncle Jacob is fine." Humphrey laughed as he saw his pups tackle his brother-in-law in a matter of seconds.

"Your pups are pretty strong." Jacob said between his laughing as the pups bounced on him.

The rest of the day was the pack resting after the long and bloody battle. Each wolf was brought from the clearing of the war and buried somewhere but Ryan was buried right in the territory's field. Everyone would always remember this day that two rivals were able to stand together and fight for their territory and live on in peace.

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