So yeah, the Sam/Castiel thing was still not out on the open.

It was like a public secret.

Everybody knows it but nobodys acknowledging it.

So tonight he rolled back and forth in the cringe worthy motel bed in an attempt to sleep.

Ofcourse the fact that Sam kept sniggering and chuckling under his blankets wasn't helping any.

He was pretty sure he was on the phone again.

Damn I-Phone.

He huffed as he turned around yet again, laying restlessly.

Sam and Castiel took to texting when it was obvious they weren't getting any alone time.

Dean doesn't get why they wouldn't just come clean?

It's no big deal, he's not like, that much of a douche-bag to have brother and bestfriend hide this from him, is he?

He's not okay!

All of a sudden he heard a rustle of wings and as jerked towards the sound he saw a cloaked, hovering shadow over Sam in what seemed to be a kiss. And with a blink it was gone.


Dean let out a silent sort of frustrated yell.

He threw the covers on the floor and turned on the lights, deciding he wasn't getting any sleep after this.

Just as he made his way to the bathroom he spotted the I-Phone again.

'Might as well miss with his phone a little...' Dean's only comfort right now was the possibility of playing a prank.

He switched on the phone ( with some difficulty ) and found it stuck on an ongoing texting frenzy between Sam and Cas.

He quickly scrolled up towards the begging and began reading.

Sam: I'm bored

Cas3: I believe this is the appropriate time for humans to sleep, you should do as well.

Sam: talk nerdyyy to mee

Cas3: Sam I do believe you are sleep deprived.

Sam: im cas deprived

Sam: im angelbooty deprived

Cas3: We texted two hours ago.

Sam: not the same as having you here

Cas3: I apologize if the time we spend together is insufficient to your needs.

Sam: r u saying im needy?

Cas3: I never said anything of the sort. I said what I meant.

Sam: cas im sad i need your kisses

Cas3: I'll come for you once you wake up. You should go to sleep and let your brother rest too.

Sam: hes been huffing and puffing all night lol

Cas3: What does lol mean?

Sam: it's a drowning man

Cas3: Are you implying that Dean is drowning?

Sam: i was kidding cas it means lots of love 3

Cas3: I still down understand.

Sam: do you understand this? 3

Cas3: I believe you said it's a heart, implying that you love me, because it is bothersome to write it in words.

Sam: I love you.

Sam: there

Cas3: I think it has a more satisfactory effect when fully expressed.

Sam: come in new orleans motel redcape room 14 and ill show you how satisfactory it can be

Cas3: It is ill-advised to intrude upon your time of rest. And Dean's.

Sam: sometimes i think you care more about dean than me

Cas3: False. I care about you equally however in a different manner.

Sam: just come here and kiss me and take me away somewhere

Sam: don't make me beg

Cas3: If this would to occur your brother would surely know about us.

Sam: deal already knows

Cas3: You are positive of this.

Sam: yeah we haven't been actually subtle

Sam: come on just kiss me here and we'll have the whole tiresome conversation about the birds and the bees and the gays put aside

Cas3: I don't understand that reference.

Sam: cmere

Sam: please

Which is where Castiel must have poofed his ass in their motel room.

Strange pair these two make.

And with that thought another message just beeped at the phone's screen.

Cas3: just so youll know where in paris right now

And another one immediately following the first.

Cas3: This was not written by me, Dean, and was not meant to cause harm or emotional pain.

He quickly brought his fingers to text back.

Sam: im brekin th phon

Cas3: cas will just fix it, oh and learn how to spell

Sam: not gona stop me

Cas3: I am thinking the phone away from him now ,Dean. He will not be getting it back anytime soon. I hope you rest well.

And Dean couldn't help but chuckle at Castiel's worry.

He still threw the phone out of the window.

They owed him that much.

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