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Blue. Blue flame. This witch fought with blue flame. But wait? Was it a witch? My russet eyes narrowed into ruddy slits, as my spear sliced through the blue fire the witch, Éclair Élisabeth had created to defend herself. The bodice of black lace her chest clung to rose like a beating heart, the whip in her long angelic fingers stretched taut as she faced me with emotionless, dead eyes. Her doll-like face was every bit as magical as I was, the thick and heavy dark hair that framed the sides of her head rich and lustrous. Even the withered pixie-like wings that sprouted from her back were beautiful. Half-dead, but beautiful. A full and tumbling skirt veiled her delicate and child-like legs, lines of light sparking at the joints of her legs and tips of her fingers. Although human in appearance, she was still a witch. She still dropped Remnants. She was still a Mahou Shoujo that had made the plunge into despair, thus transforming into the monster in front of me. The fate of all Mahou Shoujo was to become a witch. Like Éclair Élisabeth. And despite the fact that I knew I would someday end up like her, the Mahou Shoujo that had lost hope and gave into despair and ultimately becoming Éclair Élisabeth, I still wanted to kill her.

Not even Sayaka had captivated me this much. Even when Sayaka had attacked me after she became a witch, I hadn't been as enthralled with her as I was with Éclair Élisabeth. But why was that? It had to be the blue flame. Sayaka hadn't fought with blue flame. When she was a Mahou Shoujo, she'd fought with a cutlass, and worn an outfit the color of Sailor Mercury blue. Sayaka was strong and noble, if not a bit naïve and weak-minded, but once I got to know her, she wasn't all that bad. But she'd never fought with blue flame. My jaw clenched. Blue, blue, blue. As in the color, the meaning, and Sayaka. It had been months since Sayaka's death, as well as Madoka's (Whoever the hell that is. Homura won't tell Mami and I about her) ascension to godhood, and yet the wound was still fresh. And the sight of blue flame wasn't making it any easier to deal with.

I shifted my spear in both hands, and took up my stance. "You're really starting to piss me off, witch."

"I remind you of someone, Mahou Shoujo?" My eyes widened. A witch that could talk? Regardless of my surprise, I snorted.

"Just shut up, for Pete's sake," I replied. Éclair Élisabeth's puppet-like face tilted, her eyes blank.

"Won't you tell me? I'm terribly lonely," she pleaded. Sayaka flashed in front of my eyes—blue-haired, blue-eyed—a Knight. Miki Sayaka had been a Knight, a Knight for Justice. I narrowed my eyes.

"Why would I tell you, witch?" Shaken, I clutched my spear tighter. "I don't owe you any explanations."

"You're a mean girl, Mahou Shoujo," Éclair Élisabeth replied. I shifted, as her wings began beating. "I'd hoped that it wouldn't have to come to this."

"Your point?" I answered dryly, as she rose into the air, blue flame spinning in a circle behind her. Éclair Élisabeth's detached eyes filled with contempt and loathing with one beat of my heart.

"All the others that had come to my ballroom had spoken to me in a similar tone of voice," she explained bitterly. The circle brightened behind her, growing darker. "Impolite, immature, childish, and absolutely irritating."

"Ever heard the phrase, 'that's the way I talk', witch?" Éclair Élisabeth's lip curled up, pulling back across flawlessly white teeth—jagged flawlessly white teeth.

"Let us dance, Mahou Shoujo. And if you survive, I shall treat you to a cup of tea upon my dying breath," she answered. The circle of blue flame spun faster as she cracked her whip. I smirked, and spun my spear in both hands.

"I don't dance," I replied, jumping forward. My crimson bangs blew into my mocking amber eyes. Éclair Élisabeth sighed, and beat her wings, flying toward me.

"What a disappointment then," she drawled, flicking her wrist. The jagged end of her whip lit with flames as it flew toward me, extending nearly double the size of her arm-span, set on a collision course with the bridge of my nose. "I suppose, I'll have to teach you proper dance steps."

"Like the stuck-up princess you are? Like the uptight women of your age?" I mocked, rolling out of the way of the whip, slamming my heels into the polished ballroom floor. "I think I'll pass."

"So I'm a princess now, hm? I thought you'd bequeathed the name of 'witch' upon me before, hadn't you?" The whip leapt back to her left hand from which it had come, her fierce eyes now boiling with anticipation. "Shall I make up your mind for you, in your place?"

"No thanks." My spear flashed in front of me, as I took my turn, moving my Knight one pace forward on the chessboard. The metal end on the rod I was holding slammed into the left side of her torso, ripping through cloth and decayed flesh. A witch to the last, Éclair Élisabeth. "I'm a big girl. I can make decisions for myself."

I shoved all of my arm strength into a slice directed at the wounded side of her torso, wrenching my arms in the westward direction, my amber eyes narrowing into a mocking smirk. Éclair Élisabeth's eyes flashed downward, looking down at me with such hatred I almost laughed. She was just a fallen Mahou Shoujo. I knew that, and yet no compassion flowed through me. I was just doing my job, nothing personal. She'd understand that, wouldn't she? Now that I thought about it, I didn't care—I never cared. Éclair Élisabeth snarled like a banshee, her whip drawing back like a tensed tail on a dragon, before lashing forward to strike me while I was defenseless. I tightened my right hand, and pulled back on my spear, the rattling of chains—chains born from my magic echoing into my ears. My spear had a special ability. It could separate into multiple chained pieces at my will. My right hand slid backwards, and grabbed the back end of the spear, swinging the heavy ball on the end of another chain toward Éclair Élisabeth. Her whip lashed out, but the circling sections of my spear hissed and blocked her attack. The heavy ball wrapped around her, the links of the binds tightening around her arms and bleeding torso, rendering her whip useless. My scarlet red bangs rippled through my amber eyes as I bounced on my knees for a split second, shifting my momentum. Taking one step forward, I tightened my grip on my spear, and sent Éclair Élisabeth flying toward the east wall of the ballroom, the paper shapes of dancers parting as she flew through a kissing couple. The wall dented at the impact, as I pulled my spear back with a sharp jerk of my arm, freeing Éclair Élisabeth.

"What's the matter?" I jumped up onto the seething pieces of my spear, my red hair flashing across my line of sight. "You're out of breath already? But we only just started, witch."

"How…Dare you…Mahou Shoujo," she choked out, reaching for her whip. I only smirked.

"It's over, Éclair Élisabeth," I answered, jumping from my perch. I pulled back on my spear once more, the pieces coming together with a sharp ca-chink, before flashing with a spark of crimson light. Her doll-like face flickered with emotion—human emotion. "Time to send you to hell, where all of you witches belong."

"Mahou Shoujo, would you please spare me? I haven't done anything wrong, I'm only lonely," she begged, getting up on her two feet, her wings beating once more as she flew through the air to meet me. The circle reappeared behind her, flickers and flashes of sparks jumping through the air within the confines of the circle. "I've lived a long and fruitful life—haven't killed any humans, haven't wounded anyone."

"Save it for someone who cares." I jabbed my spear forward, the tip ripping through the bodice of black lace above her heart before cutting into the beating muscle as well. Rotten blood and dead flesh spewed from the wound. Éclair Élisabeth coughed up more blood, clumped and thick with Kami-sama knew what. For a witch, she was oddly human. Our eyes met, amber and onyx. "Because I don't."

"You think you've beaten me, Mahou Shoujo?"

"Of course. I stabbed you through the heart. Without it, human or not, you can't live or wield magic." She sighed, and lifted her left hand, wrapping her long fingers around my throat.

"When you've lived as long as I have, seen as much as I have, felt as much as I have, you'll soon learn that the things you thought were true aren't true at all. Such as this 'fact' that you speak of. Oh, I'm very much alive, Mahou Shoujo," she answered, flinging me away from her into the wall beside us. I coughed, and lifted my head, my amber eyes winded. For a dead and decayed witch, she was strong. But that was nothing compared to the cloak of blue flames she now wore.

It hung down her back like a cape, much like Sayaka's cape. Her bodice and skirt, now bloodied, lit up into flames as her entire form was revealed to me; Éclair Élisabeth discarded her humanoid appearance and became a witch—a true witch. Her wings unfurled even further, as her limbs twisted into gnarled tree branches reaching for the floor beneath us. The dented ground underneath my coughing form rose to meet her, a jagged-shaped rock gently touching the underside of her wooden feet. The wound on her torso evaporated into thin air as grass grew, the charred lace of her skirt dissolved into a flowery one, her withered wings became fuller, more alive. She was a Fearie—a bewitching spirit. Her whip slapped into her right hand, as she stretched it out into her left hand, snapping it taut across her body. A crackle of lightning and blue flame rattled the room as she beat her wings, rising into the air again to hover above me. Her long dark hair became multicolored, as multicolored as the images of meadows that flickered in the glass of the windows of the ballroom, across the surfaces—the reflections sparkled from the floor, as dangerous as they were beautiful. I fumbled around for my spear, and rose to my feet sharply, holding my spear out beside myself. Éclair Élisabeth curled her lip up savagely, her beautiful face twisted with violent bloodlust. She was a Fearie all right. A rose with blood colored thorns—much like me.

"Great," I sighed, and frowned. "Now I'm fighting fairy tales."

"I never would've guessed that you'd do this to me," she whispered. "May I perhaps learn your name, Mahou Shoujo? Before I slay you?"

"You've got more forms other than this one?" I asked. She snapped her fanged teeth together. I smirked, and hunched over, bending my legs. "This is getting good."

"Your name?" she repeated impatiently, beating her wings once more. I snorted, smiling.

"Don't get uppity with me, witch," I answered, wind spiraling around my tensed and poised form. My crimson hair blew out beside me, wrapping around me. Éclair Élisabeth groaned.

"Would you please refrain from using that impurity? I am not a witch," she replied. She beat her wings, and flew toward me, her whip tense at her hip. "I am a Fearie."

"I can't disagree with that." My spear met her whip in midair. I tilted my head, and smirked, baring my own fangs. "At least until you drop Remnants after I kill ya."

She smiled. "I fancy arrogance. It makes it so much more amusing when I see the look of utter despair twist a Mahou Shoujo or human's face when I pin them to the floor in a pool of their own blood."

"Rather sadistic, aren't you?" She smirked as she beat her wings from in front of me in midair, my red hair blowing in the soft but constant breeze.

"Don't you dare accuse me of the same crime you've recently committed," Éclair Élisabeth retorted. I smirked.

"You may be right, witch." I shoved my spear against her whip, pulling back on the end of my weapon to separate it. "But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter who the sadist is or isn't. But you know that, don't you? Witch?"

Éclair Élisabeth relented, sighing. "Fair enough."

The separate pieces of my spear snaked around me protectively, her whip tense in her hand. Éclair Élisabeth cracked her whip against the protective rods that sparkled with crimson power. My Soul Gem glowed, the light flashing across my eyes like fire. Blue flame burst to life around her in the shape of tear drop shaped wisps. Blue. They blue, like Sayaka. Like my precious friend. I jerked my arm back, my spear coming back together in one smooth movement of my arm. Éclair Élisabeth pulled back on her whip, and flashed her right hand forward. My eyes widened, the wisps flying toward me. My spear flicked out in front of me, sweeping the wisps away from my vulnerable form. Éclair Élisabeth smiled, and flung more wisps toward me, all of them bursting from the ring of blue flames at her back. Images of multiple cutlasses like Sayaka's danced across my line of sight, weaving into the torrents of flames that flew toward me, intending to kill. The only thing I could do was breathe.

My feet touched the ground softly, the wisps raining down upon the floor of the ballroom around me. My footsteps were hurried and desperate as I jumped around, dodging the descending blue stars with sharp and quick movements. My spear sang with blows and strikes, the screeching of a violin crying out along the sides of the rod I held in my hand. The violin was a nostalgic sound; one I'd longed to hear since that day. That day when I'd channeled all of my power into my Soul Gem and brought Witch-Sayaka down with me. I watched my arms slide across the rod with the metal tip on the edge, moving it through the air with a feather light touch. Translucent as the magic that rippled from my spear, Sayaka drew her cutlass with new confidence. Her blue eyes met my amber ones, and for a split second, I thought I was dead. I was so sure I was dead, because the edge of her cape brushed my forearm as she took up her stance.

"Let's go, Kyouko," she urged, blue light shimmering down the length of her blade. I blinked, coming back to myself with a shake of my red-haired head. I had to be imagining things. I missed Sayaka, but not enough to have hallucinations. My grip on my spear tightened, as I split it apart again with a tug of my wrist. I spun around, bringing my seething spear with me, the blue blasts popping against the pieces of my spear. I couldn't go on the offensive yet. As much as it irritated me, Éclair Élisabeth was strong. But Sayaka wasn't deterred. "Don't give up, Kyouko! I'm right beside you!"

"Yeah, yeah, I get the point you dummy," I muttered as I shoved a wisp to the ground as my spear came back together in one piece. I half spun the spear in my two hands as Éclair Élisabeth charged with her whip and wisps, coming at me head-on. She didn't want this fight to last much longer. To be honest, neither did I. But we were at a stalemate—even a witch like Éclair Élisabeth could see that. One of us was going to have to do something rash.

Sayaka nodded her head as I locked my eyes with hers, amber and sapphire, flicking her cutlass in the direction of the paper dancers that had begun to dance toward Éclair Élisabeth and I—and Sayaka. I turned back to Éclair Élisabeth and flung my own attacks her way, swinging my lance through the air as quickly as I had that first time when I'd fought Sayaka; as harshly, as viciously. I could feel my lip draw back across my teeth, and my sudden urge to pop a piece of pocky into my mouth was mouth-watering. Then I got an idea—a brilliant idea. Watching Sayaka or the image of Sayaka from out of the corner of my eye as I held Éclair Élisabeth off my front side, I noticed that fluidity of her movements with her cutlass, the sharp and quick movements, not the heaving and exhausting attacks with my spear. I turned back to Éclair Élisabeth, and smiled. Nah. 'Smirked' was the better word for the look I gave her. In that one glance to the Knight of Justice who was fighting as hard as I was, I knew how to defeat the witch in front of me. And it would work.

"Let's make this more interesting, witch," I drawled smoothly as her whip and my spear collided in mid-air. Éclair Élisabeth's wings beat as she jumped from side to side, deflecting and dodging my blows. Her eyes narrowed. I took that as my cue to continue. "Let's end this quick. I'll come at you with my strongest attack, and you do the same. And whoever remains standing wins."

"You're eager to join my collection of dolls as well, like the last Mahou Shoujo who danced with me?" I smirked.

"Heh, eager doesn't even describe it. I'm all fired up," I answered. She smiled evilly, her lip curling back over her jagged teeth. The scent of death and rot washed over my face, blowing into my nose, but I didn't flinch back. She licked her lips, and came in closer.

"I've got a better idea. Instead of having you join my collection of dolls, I'll devour you once your last breath leaves your body," she replied smoothly, darkly. The image of Sayaka glanced back at me from over her shoulder, her blue hair blocking her eyes from mine. I couldn't see her expression—that was probably a good thing. Regardless of the flicker of fear that spiked through me, I nodded.

"If I lose, do whatever you want with my body." I jumped back, and spun my spear in both hands over my head a few circlets.

My red hair threatened to fall loose, the black ribbon struggling to hold onto the thick locks as Éclair Élisabeth looked my body up and down. She was sizing me up. I flicked my wrist and caught my spear, holding it out beside myself, the black ribbon falling from my hair. The crimson Soul Gem that fell with it landed in my outstretched left hand, my fist clenched as I held onto it tightly. My strongest attack could kill me. It had to be a last resort. I couldn't forget this new idea I'd come up with, using my spear as a sword, a cutlass like Sayaka's. Sharp, light, and quick movements. Not slow, dragging, and heavy ones. I wasted so much energy fighting that way. But once I'd caught Éclair Élisabeth off guard, then I could go in with my traditional style of fighting. I clutched the ribbon and Soul Gem in my left hand tightly, my red hair flowing through the air at my right hand side. My hallucination stood at my back, her cape shielding my left side from harm. She'd watch my back from wherever she was, of that I was sure. I trusted her, the image my mind had created in an effort to pacify me. With a resolute expression on my face, I skillfully tied my long hair back up, hiding my Soul Gem in the full crimson locks. I wouldn't let Sayaka down.

"But don't think that this will be easy, Éclair Élisabeth," I continued, tightening my grip on my spear. "Not for a second."

"I'm hoping it won't be over quickly, Mahou Shoujo," she answered softly. "But may I ask one thing?"

"What is it?" I blinked, my lip curling upward into a smirk. She smiled back, though sinisterly.

"I'd like to know your name, Mahou Shoujo," she replied. I snorted, then jumped forward, rushing toward her with my spear lifted and ready.

She sank onto her knees and cracked her whip, beating her wings once. Wisps of blue flame shot forward in my direction, the image of Sayaka pressing into my back, sinking back into my flesh. She was a part of me—she was my Knight, the embodiment of my courage. I missed her with every fiber of my being, but I knew that the time to let her go was swiftly approaching. And all of the blue that flickered all around me would make it easier to move on. This was a story of love and courage prevailing over the evil witch of the west. I wouldn't let Sayaka down. The wisps screeched through the air toward me, burning the current that carried them. I sliced my spear across the wind, spinning on one foot as I swiftly switched hands to block attacks snapping at my left side before throwing my spear back into my right hand. Éclair Élisabeth widened her eyes in surprise as I deflected wisp after wisp that way, the Fearie flying right behind the onslaught and baring her fangs in an angry expression. My smirk lit up my entire face as my spear came apart once more.

"You know," I started, spinning around with a firm grip on the handle of my spear. "I think I might actually like dancing."

"Glad to hear it!" Éclair Élisabeth praised, as she whipped my spear, trying to keep it from coming any closer to her than it was. But it was too late. She was a dead witch.

My lance came back together just as the whip snapped at the metal tip, the sharp end of the whip slapping against the tip of the point of my spear. I jerked it upwards and twisted my weapon, tangling the end of her whip around the metal tip of my spear, and jerked her toward me. Éclair Élisabeth flew forward, flying toward my now separated back end of my lance. I swung the metal ball toward the side of her head with a sharp jerk of my right arm, the heavy projectile making a direct hit by slamming into her left temple. But I wasn't quite finished yet. I spun around, bringing her flaming whip, and the end of my spear toward her face, the pieces of my spear hissing as they circled closer and closer to her. She was finished—a dead witch. Éclair Élisabeth squinted her eyes shut, jerking her arm backwards before reaching behind her. I smirked. That's right. You still have a card to play, don't you?

"You filthy Mahou Shoujo," she spat, grabbing onto the circle of blue flames that sparked at her back. I narrowed my eyes, and swatted her toward my right with one seamless motion.

"Just shut up already with the 'Mahou Shoujo' B.S.," I replied, bringing my spear back to a rest in both of my hands. "I'm just doing my job."

"Killing an innocent Fearie is your job?" she cried from the ground, holding onto the circle of flame with trembling fingers. My smirk brought anger to her eyes. "You monster…"

"Don't go pointing fingers, or I'll kick your ass where you lie. I'm being merciful you know, giving you some breathing room," I retorted. She snarled.

"I promise when I get up, I'll wipe that smirk from your face, Mahou Shoujo," she hissed. I spun my lance up over my head, and leveled it at my shoulder.

"Makes no difference to me when you try to do it. I'll still beat you, understand?" I drawled, stalking forward. Éclair Élisabeth tensed her arm, preparing to throw.

"'Try'? Are you mocking me, Mahou Shoujo?" I rolled my eyes, and snapped my teeth together.

"For the last damn time, enough with the 'Mahou Shoujo' comments."

"What is your name then?" My name? She's still on that track?

I took a few more steps forward, holding my spear out in front of me. "Sakura Kyouko."

"Sakura Kyouko," she whispered, playing with the name. Éclair Élisabeth smiled. "You have a beautiful name, Sakura Kyouko."

"Thanks, witch," I answered, smirking. Éclair Élisabeth tensed her fingers, and pulled the circle forward.

"Shall we have one last dance, Sakura Kyouko?" I held my spear out in front of me, and sighed.

"Your move, witch," I drawled, cocking my head as I smirked. What I wouldn't give for a stick of pocky right now…

"Before I start, Sakura Kyouko, I'd like to say something," Éclair Élisabeth put in. I bit the side of my mouth in reproach. She smiled. "You're perhaps the greatest foe I've ever fought; Mahou Shoujo or not."

"Compliments," I muttered. What was she getting at? "What are you planning?"

"Nary a thing," she answered quickly. I narrowed my eyes, and leaned forward, taking another step. This was over—she was within my weapon's range.

A blue circle of flame flashed behind me, my eyes and head turning toward the sound it created as it screeched across the air. I watched several more begin to form at a murmured incantation from Éclair Élisabeth: "With your circle of heinous flames, awaken and slay God." My heart pounded, as the wheels of blue flames flew toward me, sparking with magic and power. My lance deflected the attacks as I swung my weapon in front of myself, from side to side, my feet gliding across the ground as I dodged the attacks. My spear was an extension of my own body; deflecting the blows I couldn't otherwise fend off with my own hands. Éclair Élisabeth continued flinging circles as she rose into the air, one pin wheel remaining behind her. I knew without even looking up at it—it was the conjurer.

"Heaven's wheel," she chanted, just as a ring of fire slammed into my defense, sending me flying. As I flew through the air, the sounds of sparks became louder. "With your circle of heinous flames, awaken and slay God."

"Shit!" I exclaimed, bending my head back and rolling over as I drew closer to the far blue ring—the blue ring with an image of darkness brooding within the confines of the sparking outside. "What the hell is that?"

"Heaven's wheel," she murmured, her voice pleading. My eyes widened as my breath caught. For the first time, I felt genuine fear. I was scared, and terrified. My spear became my shield, flat in both hands across my body. Blue flame crackled behind me, hissing for blood. "With your circle of heinous flames, awaken and slay God."

"Awaken and slay God," I whispered tonelessly before I could stop myself. Mind-control. Before I could rail her, my back hit something—something soft and collapsible.

I fell into it, the jelly-like material at my back enveloping me in a hissing embrace. The gel-like liquid bubbled upon the impact of my clashing into it, seething against my skin as it flowed across my legs, my arms. The feeling of sinking further and further backwards wasn't a comforting feeling. Magic coursed through me; my own, hers, this Heaven's wheel's. I was being mutilated from the inside, by the very magic my survival depended on. Éclair Élisabeth smiled, much to my anger. She'd been planning this from the beginning, and I'd fallen right into it. By letting her get that blue wheel behind me, I'd opened the door for this to pan out. I wanted to shoot myself with one of Mami's muskets. My spear snarled in my hand as my legs flailed, my arms and hands reaching for the outside through the pain.

"Damn," I hissed, shutting my eyes. "Damn it."

"Heaven's wheel," Éclair Élisabeth said, opening her eyes. "With your circle of heinous flames, devour the Crimson Princess. Awaken, and slay God."

I lifted my head, opening my left eye. "You son of a-"

"Awaken, and slay God," Éclair Élisabeth murmured, her lip curling up. I couldn't help the surge of anger that swelled up inside me. I struggled, wrenching my right side forward only to be crippled by the pain that erupted in my shoulder blade. I was trapped—a lamb to the slaughter. Éclair Élisabeth flew toward me, smiling, pulling back on her whip.

I jerked my right hand back, pulling on my weapon harshly. My last defense was for my spear to separate and wrap around me. She wouldn't touch me then. "No way in hell!"

My lance pulled apart, the shimmering chains glittering in the faint light from the blue fire behind me. Éclair Élisabeth surged forward with one more beat of her wings, pulling her whip backwards, preparing to strike. I pulled back on my spear once more, the jagged metal tip flickering with crimson power. My red bangs blew into my eyes as I tensed up, her whip drawing closer and closer to my lifted defense. It would be easy for her to finish me off here. Simple, even. I was trapped, trapped by her enchantment. But that wouldn't stop me. I wouldn't give up, as long as I could see a way out. And I saw a way out. It might not be very likely that I would survive this attack as well as deflection, but I had to try. Sayaka taught me not to give up, and I'd never forget that. My lance's hissing metal point surged forward as she cracked her whip in my direction, embers of scarlet flame blowing off the tip of my weapon to combat her azure ones.

Éclair Élisabeth's whip and my spear collided in midair, crimson and sapphire fire clashing. I brought my right arm up over my eyes, narrowing my irises against the bright expanse of radiant white light that surged outward from the collision of magic in the air, the wind blowing my red hair back into the rippled mirror that had me trapped. The wind blew relentlessly for over thirty seconds, hammering the sides of my face viciously, as if she were controlling the wind into whipping me into submission with her magic alone. The light finally faded ever so slightly, and I opened my eyes, only to wish I could shut them again. She was still alive, and flying toward me with only her wings protecting her. Éclair Élisabeth unfurled her luminescent wings, and streaked toward me like a shot, holding out her right hand.

"Take my hand, Sakura Kyouko," she murmured quietly, smiling.

I blinked, and began trembling. There was no scent of evil on her. No dark magic, no blackness. Just purity, and kindness. Had I been wrong about her identity? Was she really telling the truth by saying that she wasn't a witch? She bent her legs and slammed into the now frozen surface of the circle she'd bound me in, tensing her feet at both sides of my head. Hastily, she lifted her left thumb to her mouth, and chomped. I watched with trembling irises as she skillfully lowered her bleeding finger into the circle of blue flames, and ran her finger around the ring, coloring the fire with the same color of my hair for a brief moment before the trail of blood evaporated. Another spell? One that would finish me off? No, that couldn't be. She had nothing to protect her now. No armor, no weapon. She truly was a Fearie. I blinked, as she looked back at me, halfway through the circle.

She snapped her teeth together, and narrowed her eyes. "My master gave me orders stating that I was to come to this place to fetch 'Sakura Kyouko' and to bring her back to him. Once you reach my master, you must obey all of his orders, understand?"

"Just what the hell are you talking about? And who are you?" I demanded through narrowed eyes. Éclair Élisabeth sighed, and shook her head.

"My master shall explain everything," she answered, closing her eyes again. Her finger closed the evaporated ring of blood, and the blue flames flashed bright in her now tightly woven hands. "Heaven's wheel…Upon my circle of blood, devour the armored Crimson Princess."

My red uniform clamped down upon me even tighter than ever before, my eyes shutting in pain as it wrapped around me in a death grip. "What the-?"

"I gave your uniform some of my strength to protect you from the pain this transportation spell brings. I can't promise that it won't hurt you, but it should hamper the pain if anything at all," Éclair Élisabeth replied, smiling as blue flames faded from her clasped hands. I snorted.

"Thanks, witch." Despite the incorrect statement, she nodded, and smiled. A soft, and gentle smile. One uncharacteristic for a witch. Completely uncharacteristic. She closed her eyes again, and took a deep breath.

"Awaken, and slay God," she murmured.

My eyes widened suddenly as I was pulled backwards, my entire face becoming submerged in the mirror—nothing more than a reflection from within the depths of it. Éclair Élisabeth's smiling face faded from my sight as I drifted backwards, my eyes limp and heavy from all of my struggling. I didn't have the energy to keep them open. It took so much energy to fight against the pulling of the mirror, let alone to keep my eyes open. My spear began to fall from my right hand as my head bent backwards, my amber eyes starting to close. It was so warm here, inside the mirror. The air was like water—constantly moving, soothing, comforting. I could lie on my back and just float. Which was what I intended to do. Then the air grew cold, and the current began sweeping me toward the distance, away from the pale blue warmth that I'd immersed myself in seconds before. My amber eyes flew open—pieces of flame blazed past my head, alerting me to how alarmingly fast I was moving. At this speed, any normal human would be dead within moments of reaching it. My velocity was…Inhuman.

My spear vanished into crimson red light, as I tumbled backwards in the airspace. Gravity wasn't present, as I drifted forward through the blue tunnel of circling cobalt flame. I struggled to regain my balance as I drifted toward the image at the end—a dark, dark place. I widened my eyes in fear, before pain enveloped me again. It burned through every fiber of my being, slamming against the sides of my head with the ringing of metal against metal. It reverberated through my heart like an electric shock, seizing my magic from my body as I shot toward the image with lightning speed. The gift from Éclair Élisabeth did little to protect me from this airspace's effects—my outfit beginning to rip apart, fade away into nothing but crimson sparkles. The image of the dark, dark place was coming closer and closer, as I was rolled over onto my stomach, the vicious magic within this airspace, this transportation spell ripped at my Soul Gem, my screams of anguish and pain doing little to relieve at least some of the pain. No one could hear me, no one would save me. I was on my own—left alone like a lamb to the slaughter.

My head bent backwards again, my eyes drifting closed. Unconsciousness was upon the horizon, as I flew through the air, covered only by crimson ribbons—the remains of my Mahou Shoujo battle armor. My heart pounded in my chest as the image, the gel-like bubble of darkness came closer to me. My stray free hand reached out and touched it, my blank eyes barely open. Within seconds of my hand passing through, my torso followed, the tips of my toes the last ones to burst through, front flipping forward as I passed through the bubble without a moment's hesitation. I could only feel the sudden wind on my face as I blindly somersaulted through the air, the magic that had attached itself to me as I'd left its domain manipulating my limbs in an effort to keep me moving—to keep me consciously active. But it wouldn't do any good. My eyes were barely open. I couldn't see anything, except darkness.

Freed from the bubble and the spell, I soared through the air as if I'd been flung backwards by a blow in battle, brilliant red light layering itself down upon me, covering my half naked body. As it blew away, my back slammed into the far wall, my head cracking against the solid wooden surface. With a soft whimper, I coughed, all of the air in my body flying out of my mouth as I was suspended against that wall by momentum alone. But once that momentum failed and faded away, I fell from the wall with a soft sigh of relief. My entire front side collapsed onto the soft, pillow material beneath me, my eyes shutting the instant I'd hit it. I knew I was vulnerable where I was, but I was too exhausted to care. Seconds after I'd landed upon the cradle that had caught me, everything went black.