Author's Notes: Written for behind these ocean eyes' 48 Hours or Less Challenge. Light pre-Narcissa/Lucius fluffiness. Enjoy.


Lucius was intensely bored.

This was no surprise. Parties in general bored him, and teas – especially summer teas taken in Black Manor with Narcissa Black – drove him absolutely mad. The Blacks had invited him for tea, and he had no way to politely turn them down. He had been led to believe that all three Black sisters would be there, and he would at least have the mildly entertaining company of Andromeda and Bellatrix, but they were both absent, leaving Lucius to contend with the unequivocally boring Narcissa.


"Isn't it a lovely day?" Narcissa asked, sipping delicately on her tea and looking out over the gardens of Black Manor.

"I suppose," said Lucius. "Quite… warm." What else could you say about the weather in England in summer? Sunny? Not for long at a time. Pleasant? Hardly. But warm? Yes, it was warm.

"Too warm, I daresay," Narcissa said primly, flicking open a white lace fan to create a slight breeze.

Lucius tried to hide a smirk. Prim, proper Narcissa. "Quite so, Miss Black." Then, to amuse himself, he added, "Why, it's so warm that you're actually sweating."

Narcissa looked scandalized and fanned herself with even greater enthusiasm. "Mother says ladies don't sweat. We… glisten. Or maybe glow."

"Well, you're glowing so much you must be visible from outer space," he told her.

Narcissa let out a small gasp of shock, and Lucius stifled a laugh. "Look here, Narcissa. Everyone sweats. Ladies and gentlemen and commoners and Muggles. It really doesn't make a difference. You, Narcissa, are sweating, just the same as the Muggles in the village."

"That's really quite vulgar, Lucius Malfoy!" Narcissa told him, her cheeks pink.

He shrugged. "I wouldn't say it's particularly bad. There are lots of other things I could say that would be much worse…"

"Don't!" Narcissa said, now giggling just a little, though she was trying not to. "Honestly, what would our parents say?"

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

"You're dreadful, Lucius!"

"Ah," he said with a winning smile, "but that's why I'm so very charming, isn't it?"