Love and Hate

Chapter 1

Inuyasha and Kagome were sitting in her room. Inuyasha had finally agreed to let her go home for 10 days but he went with her. Right now it was 12:00 am in the morning and Kagome had yet to go to bed.

"Hey Kagome how about you get some sleep you look tired" Inuyasha said concern when Kagome yawned. Kagome looked up from her studies to Inuyasha with a smile. When she first got back that morning with Inuyasha. Her friend came to visit her.

When she asked about the test that was coming up they said it was is was in 9 days. Kagome was so desperate that she asked her friend for their notes. But her friends were one step ahead of her they had copies of there notes and gave them to her.

Right now Kagome was working on the final problems on math which seem to be easy not that she had the notes. The test was on History, Math and Language Arts. She did the history parts of her studies with ease due the subject being about the feudal era. The language arts were also easy. But her most hated subject was the hardest she been working on them since after supper.

"Its ok Inuyasha I'm almost done with Math then I could get some sleep plus I have a lot of plans that need to be done before we go back so stop worrying about it" Kagome said tiredly before returning to her homework and studies.

Inuyasha sighed but stayed silent she then became lost in thoughts about a certain future born Miko that he unlocked the seal between him and his demon.

"Why not just admit it already" a deep voice said in his mind causing Inuyasha to jump.

'Who are you and admit what' Inuyasha asked.

"I'm you dumbass and admit that you love this girl, that you want to her mate her" the voice said.

'Wait are you telling me that you're my demon' Inuyasha asked.

'Yes finally you're getting it but back to you face it you like this not because she is a jewel shard detector' His demon said.

'Well I do love her but how do I tell her she might reject me for all the shit I have put her through with Kikyo' Inuyasha said sadly and his demon chuckled.

"That is where you are wrong I can sense the love she holds for you just ask her already or I'll make you do it' His demon said before locking himself in the way back of Inuyasha's mind.

'Hmm if you're correct then I'll ask but I want to make this the best but we still have Naraku to defeat and he could kill her anytime I'm not around its not like I don't want t ask I'm afraid that she'll get killed' Inuyasha thought but he was startled out of his thought by Kagome.

"Inuyasha you ok you looked worry about something what's wrong" Kagome said. Inuyasha blushed a little just how close she was to him.

"Um Kagome can I ask you something important" Inuyasha said nervously. Kagome was concerned but nodded.

"Until we defeat Naraku will you let me court you" Inuyasha asked. Kagome face from concern to confusion.

"Inuyasha what doesn't court mean" Kagome asked and Inuyasha smiled think she might accept his question.

"Courting means in demon and Hanyou terms that when they have chosen a female they love they ask them to court until they are ready for them to mate we Inu's mate for life and I want you to be my mate for the rest of my life" Inuyasha said and Kagome was shocked.

"Do you mean that Inuyasha you want me to be your mate" Kagome asked in shock and surprised thinking she heard wrong. Inuyasha pulled her into his arms and smelled her sweet honey dew and rose scent.

"Yes Kagome I mean it I finally chosen between you and Kikyo I want to be with you" Inuyasha said softly. Kagome had tears of happiness and hugged Inuyasha back.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Kagome shouted lowly to make sure he heard and not to wake her family. Inuyasha tighten his grip on her in happiness as well. He now had a future to look forward to and a female to have in that future.

Kagome yawned again and Inuyasha chuckled knowing she was tired so he let her go. Kagome got up and went towards her closet. She pulled out a red tank top and black begged Pj pants and looked to Inuyasha.

"I'll go get changed its' going to be hot in here so maybe you get remove some of those bagged clothes you have on" Kagome said with a blush knowing it was going to get hot in her room so she shut the door to her room and went to the bathroom.

Inuyasha was smirking when he smelt her arousal scent at her word about taking off some of his clothes so he undid the ties of his haori and under shirt. He took them off showing off his well toned chest and laid on the bed waiting for his female to return.

When she came back Inuyasha looked at her with smirk when her face turned red just by looking at him half naked. Inuyasha also smelt that her arousal was a lot stronger when she came closer to him. But she sat next to him on the bed

"It's ok Kagome you can get on top of me I don't mind" Inuyasha teased. Kagome blushed and nodded. She then crawled up to him and put her legs on both sides of his hips straddling him. Inuyasha sat up onto his elbows.

Kagome gasped when Inuyasha's face got closer to where she could feel his breathe on her lips. She licked her lips while continuing to look into his sunset eyes. Inuyasha looked down slightly when he saw her tongue wet her lips.

Inuyasha moved his head slightly and pressed his lips against her. Kagome gasped in surprised and Inuyasha shoved his long tongue into her awaiting mouth. Kagome pressed against his lips harder with a moan and copied his moves.

Inuyasha almost blacked out when he tasted her and that moan almost undid his control. Inuyasha grabbed her hips and rolled them to where he was on top of her without breaking the kiss. Inuyasha kept his eyes opened but half lidded to notice her blush going across her face but not out of embarrassment.

Inuyasha could feel his demon blood heat up with excitement. Inuyasha broke the kiss to let her breathe. Inuyasha smirked and nipped that her neck on her pulse point and Kagome moan from the pleasure.

After an hour of kissing and touching each other Inuyasha finally stopped and laid beside her. Kagome nose and cheeks were a raspberry color but she looked so cute and innocent. Kagome looked up at him with passion and love filled eyes.

"Maybe we should get some sleep we have stuff to do tomorrow love" Inuyasha said. Kagome nodded and snuggled into his bare chest falling asleep within minute. Inuyasha smiled down at his miko before falling asleep himself

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