Title: Accidentally in Love

Pairings: ChaseOmi

Rating: K+ or Teen

Summary: Omi has been distracted lately and it's about the new Master at the temple! Can he overcome these feelings or will they be taken notice by the other?

Disclaimer: If I owned Xiaolin Showdown and the characters, Chase would be sucking face with Omi every single episode in Xiaolin Showdown and the title would be changed to Chase and Omi goodness even! And since it isn't so...then either you're dumb you know I DON'T OWN THIS! –sobs-

Author's Note: No yaoi...just shonen ai! ^^ Plus I had to write it in chapters as it came out that way as I wrote it in my book...^^'' Also surprise at the next one!

"You've lost again young monk, you need to pay more attention next time..."

Omi bowed his head in shame, excusing himself before leaving to his room to think things over. That seemed to be happening a lot recently and the monk just couldn't explain it much less control it. The fluttering of a hummingbird in his chest, the wooziness a bear feels after getting shot by a tranquilizer in his head and the sweaty palms of a criminal who was awaiting a death trial whenever he and Master Chase trained. It was so very confusing and becoming worse now as no matter which master he trained with or even at all his mind would be else where and he would be unfocused. And it all led to Master Chase...

The monk smiled subconsciously as he remembered when the master first came to the temple four months ago, looking as mighty, powerful and wise in his white button up shirt and pants, surprisingly beautiful and dangerous with his whipping ivory hair that passed his waist. His eyes a sharp russet scanning the area with the skill and intellect of a tiger and his posture relaxed but tense for action; He had looked unbelievable. Ever since he came, the young monk had looked forward to his lessons, always doing his best and getting the award of seeing the young master smile truthfully and not politely like he always did. In fact now that he thought about it, he had been really close with the man, even staying with him even when he wasn't training with him and also having long chats. Actually he could even call him a friend!

'Oh no...this isn't good, I'll have to get rid of this 'obsessive-ness' that Raimundo says I have. I'll have to avoid Master Chase because this really isn't an appropriate relationship of a Master and student I think...'

That's what he did for the next few weeks, disappearing somewhere when he saw the tai chi master even if he was doing something important and avoiding the times when he had been training with him at all costs. It was easy since he was small, quick and easily knew the master's usual routine everyday but at training it wasn't so easy. In fact it was very difficult, his mind lingering on the tai chi master even more than before that he had to return to the apprentice stage because he was failing so much. Raimundo although had the perfect opportunity to laugh and gloat, didn't much to Omi's relief; though he was being threatened by Kimiko at the time. Actually it had been too easy those few weeks and the problem was he hadn't noticed. And due to that failure of noticing, he had been so surprised when Chase caught him alone with obviously no chances of escape. Omi doubted he would have tried if there were.

"Omi...is there something wrong?" Chase asked softly as if he talked any louder he would scare him off.

The young monk hid a smile in his sleeve, also effectively breaking the spell he had gotten caught up again in the other's eyes. The master, although a bit strict at times, had a kind heart and was always helping others even if it was done secretly. That was one of the things that he liked about him and what he also hated sometimes when showed it to someone other than him. He was supposed to show it to him and him alone and...there was that possessiveness again that was almost annoying as his obsessiveness.

"What do you mean? Nothing is wrong as I am happy. If I wasn't happy then something would be wrong but since I'm not then there is nothing wrong..." Omi babbled, smiling widely as if to stretch his overly stretched point further.

Chase just stared at him coolly, silent with his mouth in a thin line and Omi felt like hanging his head din shame. His master was upset with him and he really wanted to tell the truth but...but he just couldn't tell him as he didn't even know what it was and it was happening to him! Sighing, he bowed his head as if to excuse himself from lying and made to leave, not going far before he was held back. The monk glanced behind him and swallowed, shutting his eyes tightly as if he was staring into something frightening or something totally blinding. Now was definitely not the time to lose focus and more importantly control when those delicious looking lips were near enough to taste. His eyes snapped open once more but in shock and disbelief at his thoughts. What the heck was he thinking at such a time like this?

"Is there something wrong, Omi?" Chase asked again, an eyebrow rose in suspicion at the weird emotions playing on the other's face.

"I told you there's nothing wrong because I'm..."

"I get that already...but why won't you tell me what's wrong with you. You keep avoiding me without any good reason might I add and it's pissing me off..."

The young monk winced, averting his eyes downwards in shame and submission. If the great and calm Chase Young started cursing then you were in serious and huge trouble which didn't happen often as no one wanted to cross him. But he would just have to deal with it, he looking up with newly found determination and bravery in the other's russet eyes, lying flat out right into the master's very own face. He knew he was going to regret it but he had to do it for his pride depended on it.

"I have no idea what you're talking about..."

Chase's eyes widened in shock before surprisingly going reserved, which made Omi's heart tightened with guilt and grief. Letting go of the young monk and excusing himself he quickly disappeared in a flash. You know that bad thing that you know was bad but did it anyways despite the consequences and found out it was much worse than you had realized earlier? Well, Omi was not only discovering it but was also experiencing it at the same time and was feeling guilt like he had never felt before. It didn't help that he had seen the hurt in the master's eyes before he left and closed off entirely with his warm emotions which made him get goose bumps as he remembered staring directly into those same eyes. If you could call it eyes anymore as they seemed more like icicles that would even freeze hell and heaven...

Actually it was even worse as he also lost his trust...and as obvious as it was, he couldn't help thinking...

'Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...'

End of part 1 of 2