Title: Accidentally in Love

Pairings: ChaseOmi

Rating: K+ or Teen

Summary: Omi has been distracted lately and it's about the new Master at the temple! Can he overcome these feelings or will they be taken notice by the other?

Disclaimer: If I owned Xiaolin Showdown and the characters, Chase would be sucking face with Omi every single episode in Xiaolin Showdown and the title would be changed to Chase and Omi goodness even! And since it isn't so...then either you're dumb you know I DON'T OWN THIS! –sobs-

Author's Note: No yaoi...just shonen ai! ^^ Also said in chapter one, surprise at the bottom...actually maybe even double surprise...if I'm not lazy...

"Omi, you've lost focus again! Would you please attempt to pay attention?"

Omi stared at his friend, Raimundo blankly, a glassed look over his eyes as if he was in another world. Raimundo growled in response and tried to shake him back to reality but to no avail, even throwing him in a wall as a last attempt which although left bruises was the same result as the last. It was almost like he was in a coma and he needed someone to wake him up like sleeping beauty but said someone was unknown and also probably not even here. The Brazilian threw his hands up in frustration, about ready to walk off and find someone else to train or bug with when he spotted Master Chase who was Omi's favorite teacher taking his usual walk and ran over to him. As expected the master nodded in greeting at him but stared as if silently questioning him, but somehow he looked distracted this time. The monk shook it off as he knew that was impossible...right?

"Master Chase, can you please talk to Omi? He seems a little distracted and he won't listen to me...though you might be more successful..."

Master Chase's eyes widened in shock and disbelief before a strange coldness settled over them like frosted glass but had an undertone of sadness that kind of touched the wind dragon's heart a bit and made him frown. What could have caused him to be sad? Before he could answer, the other nodded in response and made his way to the other dragon that was still looking off into space. Raimundo raised an eyebrow at the spot the master previously was at and shrugged, a shiver almost hidden in it. As sad as the other looked, the strange look and aura he was giving off was creepy and heck of a scare; he could use it for Halloween sometime. Walking off before hiding quickly behind a nearby pillar, he peered out to watch the scene unfold and pass some time. He had nothing to do except do his chores and no way was he doing that.

"Young monk, you seem a bit distracted. Is something wr...is something on your mind?" Chase asked his voice slightly, clipped. It was obvious he wanted to be anywhere...even in a two headed dragon's stomach than there.

Omi blinked and stared back at him in confusion and shock, smiling brightly before frowning and hanging his head in shame. It was obvious he remembered the other time they met if by how fast his expression turned from pleasure at seeing the young master to sorrow was any indication. Chase stared back coolly, waiting with his mouth in a thin line as before. The monk pained to see it again as it brought back the horrible memory.

"I'm sorry..." He whispered, silent but hot tears cascading down his cheek like the river Nile.

"For what?" Chase asked, eyes widening and his hands trembling slightly as if he was fighting with himself to either go over and comfort the other or stay put and listen.

"For lying to you a-and avoiding you but I had no choice as every time I trained with someone other than you I'm always distracted by images of you..."


"Your soft lips and your beautiful ivory hair with that adorable little bang in the front. Your skin clear of any clothing and looking milky like the Milky Way and delicious. I always wonder how it would taste...how it would feel. I mean, that's not normal even if I don't get all that stuff whatever it's called (1)"

"Omi, I..."

"And plus every time I saw you my heart would beat fast like the engine of a car and flutter like butterflies. I mean, I even considered that I had a butterfly problem until I checked with the temple doctor and when I finally asked Kimiko who although helped, just confused me more. I mean, what does she mean I'm in love? I know what love is but when I say I loved Master Fung too but didn't have that she just said it was different. What does she mean...?" Omi said before he was cut off by soft lips falling on his.

His eyes widened larger than they had ever been before, even as a curious baby before closing a minute later in bliss. The monk kissed back feverishly and encircled his arms around Chase's, moaning softly as he felt a lick at his bottom lip. Although he wanted to touch the other's body now (2), this wasn't the place for it which was more wide open than the front entrance.

Although...this wasn't bad either...

Raimundo, their little audience, rolled his eyes as the newly formed (formed back in a way) couple made out like there was no tomorrow which, although was probably true was way too lovey dovey for his taste and left. He was disgusted by their type of relationship per say but he was way too bored to watch and get any blackmail which would have come in handy if he needed to get out of chores given by a certain master.


'It took them long enough...'

End of 2 of 2

Meaning time and a sneak peak at the sequel! ^^

(1) He means...uhh...about...um...boys like girls I think?

(2) You naughty people! Get your mind out of the gutter! He doesn't mean that...he really wants to touch his body not 'touch' his body.

Sneak Peek

"Love is unexpected and uncontrollable young monks and sometimes it is invisible to some. Tell me dragon of the wind, have you felt any different around anyone lately?" Chase interjected, wrapping his arms around his lover's little form and smiling as he felt him snuggle in more.

"Yeah...my heart's always fluttering and I sometimes feel a bit lightheaded around him when half of him is naked. I get the urge to see all of him and touch his milky skin...and why are you staring at me like that?"

"Who is he?" Chase asked his voice a bit seductive.

"Fine if you must know I'm in love with you..."

"C-Chase...slow down"

Is Chase cheating on Omi? Is Raimundo really in love with Chase? Stay tuned for when I finally overcome laziness and write it!

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