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Danny: Does that mean what I think it means?


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It was October, the month of the year when the Ghost Zone pulsed with energy supplied by the Human World. Spirits that frequented Amity-Park, though, were still subject to getting their ectoplasmic forms kicked back to their world by one Danny Phantom, a half-ghost, half-human boy who protected the town.

Danny Phantom, or as the humans knew him as, Danny Fenton, was not quite your average seventeen-year-old male. He had black hair that had a tendency to bleach itself a snow white when in his ghost form, and sky blue eyes that turned fiery green when he was fighting a spook. He gained his powers when he explored his parents invention, the Fenton Ghost Portal. His parents, Maddy and Jack, were ghost hunters, who though not very good at catching ghosts, created invetions that served to help Danny more than occasionally. The portal didn't work at first, and both his mother and father abandoned it. Danny was encouraged by his friend Sam to enter the space and find out how it worked, resulting in him being electrocuted to the state of being half dead, half alive. Thusly, Danny Phantom was born.

Danny had two best friends who helped him to keep their town safe, but often helped to cause the chaos. Samantha Manson, Sam for short, was a beautiful dark-haired girl with jewel-purple eyes and a sarcastically fun attitude. Sam was what she called an 'ultra-recyclo-vegetarian', meaning she ate things such as organic and home-grown produce and vegetables. She was knowledgable about the ghosts they fought, and was familiar with the equipment used to battle the spirits. Tucker Foley, who had an ego as big as his love of meat, was Danny's second best friend. Tucker had cocoa brown skin, and doe eyes that exaggerated when he saw technology he wanted. Tucker was the intelligent one, able to hack any system that might be needed by the group in their battles. He was also a huge flirt, and tended to let his ego get the better of him sometimes. He never let the group down, though, and when he fought, it was tooth and nail. (Or rather, byte and chip, to be precise)

These three were well known in the Ghost Zone, and in the Human World. Danny was slightly more well-known as the Ghost Boy. He had many enemies, including some in the Human World, but much more that lived in the Ghost Zone, and who would attack him on sight. From time to time, though, they could stand on equal ground and fight enemies who would threaten the safety of both worlds.

One day in this month, however he simply...disappeared.

"OH SPROCK, NOT GOOD!" Came a scream overhead. Skulker, a robotic ghost who was known as a hunter of exotic creatures, looked upwards from where he was conversing with several other ghosts about Danny Phantom's disappearance. These included Technus, a master of technology with a horribly inflated ego; Ember McClain, a ghostly rockstar with an attitude and lust for the spotlight no one could compare to; Lunch Lady, the spirit of a cafeteria worker who was very titchy about the menu being changed; Box Ghost, who- ah screw it, who cares about Box Ghost? (BG: HEY!)

A young girl, about fourteen, was zipping through the Ghost Zone sky, on a broom that left a trail of orange and purple sparks. This was Reki, a witchling who'd crashed down on Danny when he and his friends were mapping the Ghost Zone for Frostbite. She wasn't very strong, but had bravado where it counted, and a never-say-die attitude that annoyed the ghosts to no end. She looked very upset, which is why Skulker reached out with his extendable claw and plucked her from her ride.

"Well, if it isn't the tiny magic-user? What are you in such a rush for?" He asked, already plotting to ransom her for the ghost boy. Reki struggled and kicked at the mech ghost's arm, wishing that her wand wasn't still broken from when she had saved Tucker from Vlad. As it was, she could only use small spells, and they tended to wear down on her energy.

"Nonya! Suck it, iron-head!" She yelled, finally getting free as her broom rammed into Skulker's side, releasing her cape from the metal hand. She jumped back on the broom, sticking her tongue out at them before taking off.

"Well, it isn't like you know where Ghost Boy is!" Ember shouted after her, amazed when Reki came to a sudden stop. The witchling hovered in place for a few moments, and then turned around. Her eyes, normally bright orange, were glowing a dark green color.

'Attention, everyone. This is the Master of Time, Clockwork.' The ghosts immediately were on edge; what reason did Clockwork, of all ghosts, have to contact them? 'You are correct in your assumption of Reki's impatience. She has located Danny Phantom, and is enroute to me to disclose his location. However, I ask that you follow her, for I am aware that Daniel can not be returned to AmityPark without your assistance.' Reki shook her head as the contact was cut, and her eyes glowed as fiercely as a flame.

"GDI, Clockwork. I hate when you do that. And why would you think these losers would help?" Skulker frowned at her; there was no lost love between them or the ghost boy, but if they were needed to rescue him, if he was in trouble deep enough that not even he himself could get out off, who were they to turn a blind eye? Besides, they could use it later to lord it over him. Reki's 'ha-rumph!' brought the mechanical spook out of his thoughts. "Fine. Follow if you want, but I warn you. Get in the way, and you'll find out why I was once feared as the strongest witchling in the Academy." With that, she zoomed away.

They took to the air after her, weaving in and out of the floating isles that made up the majority of the Ghost Zone. They flew for a while, stopped once to rest, then continued into a part of the Zone where time and space began to slow the further they went. Soon enough, they came upon a huge, spindled castle, glowing with energy that made them back away slightly, before Reki shook off the feeling of being intimidated by a building and flew in. Skulker and the others followed shortly.

"Ah, Reki. My dear girl, how are you?" Clockwork floated in front of his Gear-Mirrors(1), wiping them blank before turning to see her. Reki curtsied in front of him, while the ghosts stood a ways away. They were definitely intimidated by the power resonating from the cloaked ghost. He had blue skin, ruby eyes with a zigzag scar over the left, and a calm air that symbolized power. He wore a long purple cloak, and held a staff with a clock-like contraption on the tip.

"Master Clockwork." She stood up straight again. Skulker stepped forward and she glared at him. "I brought them here, like you asked. Though I still don't see how they'll be of any help." She swept off her hat, a traditional witch's hat with a large cerulean orb at the end, and swirled orange and purple cloth. Clockwork simply smirked, and patted her head, cocoa-powder colored locks that reached to her chin, save for a spike of hair that swirled down to her shoulder.

"Oh, I know you don't understand, dear girl. You won't for a while, and maybe you have no reason to give them faith. But I promise." He looked up at the ghosts, surveying them each. "They will be the ones to bring Daniel back to safety." Ember dry-swallowed, her nerves screaming at her to leave. Clockwork was one of the most powerful ghosts of the Ghost Zone; he was able to manipulate time, and his brothers were just as powerful. If Clockwork was entrusting the mission of Ghost Boy's rescue to them, the ghost boy that he was rumored to favor, it had to be- that was-

"A joke?" The singer was startled by the loud exclamation by Technus. The mad genius stepped forward, and everyone save Clockwork groaned; Technus was infamous for his monologues. "I, the great Technus, the master of-" He was quickly cut off by Clockwork pausing the space around the technologic ghost.('Time Out.')

"Technology, blah, blah, blah, '-Shall not take part in the rescue of a pathetic whelp', yes, yes, Technus, I heard it before." Reki snorted as the ghost's expression slowly changed to one of anger. "Now, may I unfreeze you without an impending monologue?" Technus slowly nodded, making Reki giggle harder. Clockwork smiled as he unpaused the ghost, ('Time In.') and shifted to his baby form. "Good."

Clockwork tugged Reki in front of the largest Gear-Mirror, sitting her down in front and holding his staff over her head. She closed her eyes. "Mind Unwind, Mind Rewind, Mind Mind Wind(2)!" The picture inside the gear flickered, before it settled into a clear picture.

(Danny, bruised and bloody, being tossed into a cell. Danny being held up as liquid was pumped into his arm. Danny, bolted down to a table via bolts embedded in his wrists. Danny, mouth open in a silent scream as a huge medical saw pierced his skin.)

Ember shrieked and leapt back. Technus and Skulker looked ill. Box Ghost and Lunch Lady stood with dropped jaws at the images. Reki was crying silently as the images faded, Clockwork helping her to stand.

"Do you understand now?" She asked with a snarl. "Danny Phantom, the boy whom I regard as my brother, the protector of Amity-Park, your enemy, is going to die if he isn't rescued soon." She glared at them, wishing they would burst into flame. "And you're the ones who have to do it."

Box Ghost was the first to speak up after almost five painfully silent minutes. "I, the great Box Ghost, shall recover the ghost boy! I will then use that marvelously scary square room to terrorize Amity-Park!" Reki moved faster than anyone could blink, and barely a moment later the Box Ghost was embedded in the rock that made up the ceiling of the room. Reki cracked her knuckles.

"Anyone else wanna be funny?" She growled out. Skulker gave the witchling an appraising look, before it settled back into a scowl, directed at Clockwork.

"Why are we the ones to rescue the Ghost Boy?" Clockwork passed his staff in front of the gear, and the ghosts reared back out of anger. Clockork shifted into his adult form as he spoke.

"I believe you are all familiar with our old friends, the Guys in White?"

End chapter one.

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(1): Gear-Mirrors just sounds so cool, doesn't it? Besides, are they ever given an actual name?

(2): Ever watch Soul Eater? The way witches, and Free, cast spells usually has a couple of rhyming words that get chopped up. (Fribbit, Ribbit Cribbit, Ribbit Ribbit, Cribbit Fribbit!) Eruka Frog is my favorite. She's so cute!