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Dan: Well then, this calls for something special.

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Everyone: CHAPTAH!


For the next three years after that day, life was busy. After a few days back in the castle, Clockwork discovered Yaheil hiding in the library. The Observant had put forth the claim that he was going to help Clockwork with the time stream, now that he had a family to take care of. Of course, that was dispelled when Torin flew into the room, knocked her brother unconscious via a giant hammer, and proceeded to drag him back to...wherever the Observants lived. It hadn't mattered, because somehow within an hour he was back, screaming at her from atop the giant globe in the room. As for the resident future ghostling, Dan had taken an immediate liking to Chrona, and constantly followed him around when he learned to crawl. Of course, after turning two and discovering Chrona's ability to fly, Dan was often found hanging around the ceiling when in the same room as his brother.

Chrona grew well, and his appearance, though odd colored, never seemed to register with anyone in Amity-Park. His golden-yellow eyes were always bright with excitement, and his voice, once able to talk, was very soft and soothing, like rustling leaves in the fall. Chrona was very attached to his 'mama' and 'papa' as well, taking to following Danny around like a puppy, and sat against Clockwork in the Viewing Room.

Danny seemed to be frozen forever at the age of eighteen. His eyes now burned intensely with teal-light, and though he flipped back and forth between his forms, neither aged. Clockwork was positive it was his ghost half, now completely synchronized with his human half.

Dan grew at a normal rate as well. Before long he was eight while Chrona was five, and the two seemed to never part from each other. Dan was dragged everywhere by his sibling, and seemed all too happy going along with the endless games Chrona came up with.

When Chrona was eight, Torin came flying into the tower, carrying a tiny black bundle, and screaming about pancakes and flying cars. The child she held, Ace, was a newly born Death-God, and was quite mischievous. He had green eyes, with the most peculiar blue star-shapes around his pupils, giving a new meaning to 'starry-eyed'. Dan did not particularly like Ace, who took to Chrona like a fish in water. The two were constantly trying to one-up the other in a sort of 'who-can-be-the-best-big-brother' competition. A new face emerged three months later, in the form of Box Lunch, the daughter of the Box Ghost and Lunch Lady. She was a very energetic and responsible girl, and Dan was all too happy to let her chase Ace around when the mini-death got too hyper.

Two years after that, two more faces joined the group; NightShade, son of Nocturne and Vortex, and Gadget, the test-tube daughter of Technus. NightShade was very quiet, and was the most mature and level-headed of the group. He had long black hair and red eyes, and had his 'mother's' gray face. His fashion sense was more his 'father's' style, a long black coat with red frills in the front and dark green pants. Somehow, NightShade was the oldest of the group, a title Dan let him have out of respect. If NightShade was sanity, then Gadget was insanity. White hair in a parody of Dan's, red eyes behind redder glasses, and the same manic grin her father wore, Gadget was a child to be feared. Her skin was a shade lighter than Technus, and her manners were just as bad. Thankfully she didn't spout off long-winded monologues...Most of the time.

The final member of their group visited a year later, the daughter of Jazz Fenton and GhostWriter. Anne was a tiny girl, orange hair and blue eyes from her mother. She was three years old when she was introduced to her cousins, and attached herself to their sides fast. Out of all the children, Anne had the oddest ability. Anne was able to narrate something, and it would happen. Her favorite thing to do was say 'And then Snowbloom grew.' which caused her rabbit plushie to grow ten times larger, come alive, and chase around whoever she pointed at. (Mostly Ace.) She had an affection towards NightShade, though she never acted on it. And while Ace acted almost believably gay towards the guys of the group, he had the biggest crush on Gadget, for reasons no one had ever figured out. Box Lunch was close to NightShade, but was actually taken with Dan, who ignored her as best he could.

All in all, the most normal group of ghost children there ever was.

"Are you sure about this?" It had been thirteen full years since they had gotten married, so the question Danny asked was more out of habit than actual concern. He stood in front of a Gear-Mirror, which displayed the children who were examining a portal that had appeared on the ground.

Clockwork came up behind Danny, wrapping himself around his wife comfortingly. "Children cannot grow if they are always coddled. You know that well enough, dear."

Danny leaned back into the embrace, humming slightly as the children, one by one, jumped in. "I suppose. But I still worry. Part of being a mother, I guess." Clockwork pressed a kiss to the back of his neck and smiled.

"Children tend to worry about their parents as well." He leaned on Danny, draping himself over the halfa like a blanket. "And Chrona is no different. He has the best company right now." They watched as the tunnel of energy spat them out to a wide blue sky, and they began free-falling. "They are about to meet their final partner. Hopefully Dan doesn't scare him away."

Danny smiled, remembering that prediction. "Oh, if Chrona plays his cards right, I don't think that'll be a problem." NightShade had created a platform of shadows, and Danny winced as Ace face-planted onto it. "And as long as Ace is immobile, he can't scare the boy away either." They watched as the group landed safely, and though Chrona had visited the human world numerous times, the look of amazement on his face never ceased to bring a smile to Danny's lips.

Danny shrieked as he felt prying fingers glide over his sides. He turned to his grinning husband, faking anger. "Oh, YOU-!" He shrieked again as he was swept off his feet and held bridal style, his arms around Clockwork's neck.

"Yes, ME." Clockwork's grin widened. "The one you should be paying attention to, instead of the children." He tilted Danny's chin up. "And I think I know just the way to distract you."

Danny felt his stomach flutter, and his fingers danced across his husband's chest teasingly. "Really? Care to enlighten me?"

The next thing he knew, Danny was whisked away to their bedroom, the doors slamming shut. Yaheil, who had been in the corner the entire time, gagged and rolled his eyes.

"About time, eh?" Torin, who appeared from the shadows, smirked at her brother's childishness, and stepped forward to watch the Gear-Mirrors.

Something told her the two would be 'missing' for quite some time.

Chrona looked all over the place they had landed in. It appeared to be a school, with two large lakes sitting behind it, and an abundance of trees everywhere. He looked over to the others, who donned their human forms as disguise. NightShade's hair receded to his neck, and his skin turned tan, while his eyes turned a brown-red. Box Lunch was also flesh-toned, though she was a bit paler. Ace concentrated, and the stars in his eyes disappeared behind green. His hair stayed the same, though. Gadget at first refused, but let her skin shift colors to a light cocoa color, and her eyes darkened to the same shade as NightShade's.

Dan transformed, and it was as if someone had taken a picture of Chrona and stuck the negative image next to him. Dan looked exactly like Chrona, with black hair in a ponytail, and red eyes that faded to a silvery blue. He looked almost like Danny had, back when they first met.

"Remember. He's human, but Mama and Papa said he'd become one of our most important allies." The silver-haired boy said, making sure his eyes caught everyone. Anne held Snowbloom close to her chest, the six-year-old being used to trips like this by now. "Don't scare him, don't tease him, and most of all, don't make him an enemy."

Ace nodded, then held his hands together. A burst of blue fire formed in between his palms, and the Death-God threw the flame high into the sky. It exploded, creating a trail of footprints; the prints that belonged to the person they were hunting for. They followed the trail in silence, the rules of stealth running through their minds like a collective mantra.

Rule 1: Disappear your breath and dissolve into the darkness.

They turned invisible, and made their way silently through the foliage. Anne hopped from the tree tops, her flesh passing intangible and silent through the leaves and bark.

Rule 2: Predict the targets moves and thoughts.

Chrona held up his hand, and after a pause, he pointed Ace and NightShade to the left, Box Lunch and Gadget to the right. He let Anne land on his shoulders, and she held tight as Dan led them forward.

Rule 3: Take out the target, before the target sees you.

Chrona watched as a young teen strolled into view. He had sand-colored hair and pale skin, his cheeks dusted with freckles. His large green eyes were zoned in on a bird in front of him. His hoodie was dark green with light green trim, and a picture of an alien face on the front. His pants were dark blue, and his white and red converse barely made a noise as he made his way forward slowly.

'That's him.' Chrona let Anne jump to an as he crawled forward, the leaves quietly passing through his skin. The boy had a flashlight and a camera around his neck, and he was holding it out to the bird with a smile. Without warning, something in the distance exploded, startling the bird and both boys. The human fell on his rear and yelped, and Chrona was startled out of his invisibility. He froze as the boy turned his and caught sight of him, screaming and backing away.

"No, no, no! It's okay." Chrona soothed, relieved as the human calmed almost immediately. For some reason, his voice was extremely calming and soothing to humans. The boy was staring at him as Chrona stood, and while he did so his eyes caught NightShade, who was gathering clouds in the sky. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you."

"Y-Y-You're a g-gh-gh-ghost!" The boy stuttered, reaching to his camera. Dan sprung from the bushes nearby with an animalistic snarl, but Chrona held a hand to him.

"Yeah, I am. At least, partly. But I'm nice. See?" Chrona held his palm flat, and a moment later his mother's inherited abilities shone through as a rose made of ice appeared in his hand. The human gasped in awe and snapped a photo. Chrona let the ice disappear, and held his hand out to the boy to help him up. "I'm Chrona. Chrona Fenton. And Mr. Growls-A-Lot over there is my brother, Dan."

"I'm Tyler Bansom, the paranormal freak of Candover High." Tyler stated proudly. He raised the camera hesitantly. "Uh."

Chrona smiled, and nodded. Tyler grinned as he snapped a shot of the ghost boy, then walked over to Dan and Anne. Anne smiled brightly at him, while Dan studied him closely. He quickly snapped a photo of them both, darting behind Chrona after the camera stopped whirring.

"Hey down there!" They all looked up as Ace and NightShade descended from the clouds, Tyler's jaw dropping. Ace landed and reverted to his regular form, squealing loudly as he saw Tyler. He jumped the boy, wrapping his arms together tightly enough that Tyler couldn't escape. "Hello there, fabulous."

At the look of discomfort on Tyler's face, Dan sighed and dragged the Death-God off the poor human. "Knock it off, dummy."

Ace whirled about and spoke in a horrible sounding hispanic tone. "EY! Ese, whatchu want?" Dan gave him a flat 'are-you-serious?' look.

"You aren't Mexican, dumbass."

Ace frowned. "Like, what are you, like, talking about?"

"You aren't from the valley."

Ace pouted. "Ooh, girl, why you be so harsh?"

"You aren't gay...Wait, that one's still debatable." Tyler cracked up at the look on Ace's face, and Dan smirked as well. The human managed to make his giggles subside, and he looked around the group. They seemed like regular kids to him, just glowing.

He shuffled his feet. "Any particular reason you amazing people decided to talk to me?"

Dan shrugged. "Well, we normally go on adventures." Tyler nodded.


"And today we decided we'd bring along a human."

A tan eyebrow raised up. "Uh-huh."

"Because it's not something we've ever done before."

"Uh-huh." A sinking feeling began to make itself known in Tyler's stomach.

"And you were the first guy we found."

Tyler twitched. "So, what you're saying is-" He was cut off by Ace jumping on him again.

"WE WERE BORED!" Tyler felt his eye twitch as he stood there, a hyper Death-God hugging him, and several more ghosts around him laughing. He looked to Chrona, who gave him a gentle smile.

"We want you to be part of our group, Tyler. After all, who else can honestly say they have ghosts for friends?" Tyler considered that. Then considered it some more. Then finally, let out a long-suffering sigh, and grinned.

"If that's something to brag about, then grab me a microphone." They all cheered and swarmed him. Tyler screeched as his feet left the ground, and he gaped as they all flew through the sky, to an open green-glowing portal.

"Then, you need to visit the Ghost Zone."

It was exciting. It was new. It was something he had never done before, and Tyler's only thought as they leapt through the portal was that he hoped he'd brought enough film to cover everything. Chrona clutched his hand tightly and a reassuring smile was displayed on his lips. Tyler felt very reassured. And excited.

"And so it goes..."

Reki watched them from her seeing orb, cross-legged and upside down in the sky. She turned to face the sun, relaxing on her back.

"And so it goes..."



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