Livi was back to her usual self in no time at all. Really, all Kamek had needed to do was open the doors and invite her into his library. It was pretty much the equivalent to flipping some internal fangirl switch from "Paranoid Caution" to "Reckless Spazzing," and the change took effect in all of point-zero-five seconds flat.

Livi was immediately screaming and tearing her way through the library, Kamek only able to catch a few phrases to the effect of "Holy crap it is real!" and "Can you believe this shit?" amidst her rant. Pulling several random books off the shelves as she dashed about and throwing them carelessly aside, he didn't mind. Only when he caught her reading aloud the first spell she came to in each book did he find it necessary to attempt to capture her.

"Livi, stop doing that!" Kamek begged. She being a spastic love-struck fangirl, and he being an elderly Magikoopa, she seemed to be doing a smashing job of keeping three steps ahead of him at all times.

"But, they sound so cool! How do you memorize all these? Fortunatos!" she interrupted herself to recite a random spell and quickly discard its book. "I can hardly pronounce 'em—I have no idea how you keep track of them!"

"I don't, that's why I have books…" Kamek seethed. "I'd appreciate it if you'd stop throwing them around like that!"

Livi eluded his grasp once more, ducking back into the maze of towering shelves. He lost her, and panicked for a moment, until a cry of "Impedimento!" and a flash of smoke followed by a fit of laughter alerted Kamek to her location. He found her, continuing the chase, but she was still faster, especially excited as she was.

Seeing her duck back in between the rows of shelves, Kamek yanked out his wand, shooting a spell just past her with a cry of "Maecena eam viam!"

Livi jumped in surprise, nearly dropping the book in hand when the shelves to her left suddenly swung inward like doors, effectively trapping her in a dead end. The fangirl glanced from the wall to Kamek, and realizing she was about to be caught, scrambled for a spell and shouted the first one she came to—"Evanesco!"

Immediately, she was gone.

Kamek cursed under his breath, dashing off again. Moments later, Livi reappeared not far from where Kamek had just been standing, giving a yelp of surprise when her spell wore off. The Magikoopa heard her, and Livi was off and running again before he had turned fully around. "Livi, stop! Come back!" He begged as he chased after her.

"C'mon, Kamek, live a little!" Livi yelled. "Voco obscurum!"

Instantly, the entire Library was plunged into darkness. Kamek hissed, hearing Livi scamper off again with a burst of laughter her hands were failing to muffle. "Da mihi lumen…" The Magikoopa snapped to his wand. The light it gave him was dim, but it served its purpose to illuminate the immediate area. Unfortunately, that was an area Livi no longer occupied. Kamek continued to stumble his way through the library, only able to follow the scampering of light feet, and the occasional cries of "Praesidio ignis! …Pateris me vidire!—oh, hey, that worked! …ostende inimicum!"

Kamek brightened up considerably. He knew that spell, and it had just struck Livi with a case of frantic, incessant hiccups. "Oh—hic—crap! Why did—hic—it—hiccrap! This—hic—isn't funny!" She cried. Kamek could hear her scrambling madly for a cure spell, but it wouldn't matter even if she found one. The hiccups would prevent her from pronouncing it correctly.

At last, he had her. Kamek yanked the troublesome fangirl into his arms, holding her tight as she continued to complain about the bothersome ailment. Satisfied with his work, he waved his wand overhead with a calm "Redde lucem!" With every candle in the library lit once more, Kamek took the still-hiccuping and still-moaning Livi and steered her towards a gathering of worn chairs that stood in a gap in the maze of bookshelves. The fangirl was forced to sit down in one, with only an increase in hiccups as protest. Kamek smiled, waving his wand over her and whispering "Alica aversa…"

Immediately, the hiccups ceased, and Livi took a moment to catch her breath. The moment she had it, she turned wide eyes to Kamek and demanded, "What did I do?"

"That spell…" he explained, walking over to a few shelves full of magical items and charms. "…is used to reveal an enemy's location, by forcing the enemy to give themselves up. It gave you hiccups because it'd lead me right to you."

Livi sunk low in the chair, breathing a deep sigh. "…Oh…" She said, at length. "Well, how'd you make 'em stop?"

"Alica aversa…" Kamek repeated, walking back towards Livi now. "It's a reversal spell—undoes the last spell you—"

"Wait a minute!" Livi snapped, bolting upright. "That spell I did reveals an enemy! How did I get hiccups?"

Kamek blinked, as though the answer were completely obvious. "Why do you think I need a wand if you can just read a spell and make things happen? It's a tool used to project magic towards a desired target. Simply reading them aloud causes the spell to strike the nearest target—which would be the reader of the spell."

Livi scoffed. "Well, that's dumb. Then everything's gonna backfire on me!"

Kamek smiled, taking a seat adjacent to Livi's. "Not necessarily." He corrected. "Amidst your reckless spazzing and screaming, you unintentionally enchanted yourself with a good fortune spell, a fire-proofing spell, and gave yourself the ability to see in the dark."

Livi's hands clasped over her face. "Is that what happened to my eyes?"

Kamek laughed. "I would assume so. Now, then, if you're through—"

"What's that thing?" Livi interrupted, leaning over to peer into Kamek's hand.

Kamek grabbed the fangirl's forehead and shoved her back into the chair. "I'm about to explain that, if you'd be so kind as to give me a minute.

Livi smile, but remained silent for once. Kamek sighed in relief, seeming to calm down a bit himself. With a flick of his wrist, he then allowed a small, round stone to drop from his hand and hang there suspended by a long cord. Livi's eyes went wide in mystified awe as Kamek explained it to her. "This charm is called a Keepsafe. It's connected magically to its twin."

As he said it, Kamek offered Livi a second charm, looking quite identical to the naked eye. "What do they do?" Livi asked in wonder.

"They're a way to monitor the well-being of certain comrades." Kamek said simply. "I have another one I wear during castle attacks, because Bowser carries its twin."

"Does anyone else have one?" Livi demanded.

Kamek nodded. "Each of the Koopalings have one. They're connected sort of in a circle—so when one Koopaling is defeated, the next one in line is alerted and can rally the information to the others."

"That's so clever!" Livi exclaimed, smiling brightly.

"And all their idea, too." Kamek added. "They had to beg me and Kammy for months to craft them—just two takes a lot of power to connect."

Livi reached out and took one of the stones between nimble fingers. "How does it work?"

"Once connected, they're actually quite simple." As he said it, Kamek took one cord and looped it around his own neck, before placing the other lightly around Livi's. The moment she was wearing it, both stones lit up in a bright glow. Livi exclaimed in surprise and wonder as Kamek went on with his explanation. "When both users are wearing the stones, and are at full health, the stones glow at their brightest. As one of us takes damage, both stones glow dimmer to alert the other wearer that their partner is in danger. Should you be game-overed, the stone's light would go out completely."

"So, don't take it off, right?" Livi finished, fingering her stone curiously.

Kamek smiled and nodded. "Right—the light will go off if it doesn't have a source to account for. Of course, what am I going to think if you're wandering the castle on your own and suddenly my necklace goes out?"

Livi blushed and gave him a goofy grin. "And knowing me, I doubt you'd assume I just took it off."

Kamek laughed, standing up and patting the top of Livi's head. "Let's just keep it on, okay?"

"Gotcha." Livi confirmed, rising to follow Kamek. "So, now that you have a way to keep tabs on me, am I free to roam the castle?"

Kamek sighed. "That was the idea. Don't just go wandering, though, okay? Stay with the Koopalings, Bowser, Peach, or anyone else you know. I don't want you to go anywhere alone, and stray too far into areas you aren't familiar with."

Livi pouted. "It's just a castle… what's it gonna hurt if I run down a few hallways?"

Kamek gave her a look. "It's just the Underwhere—what's it going to hurt if I just check out these mountains?"

Livi huffed. "I was a kid, give me a break, okay?"

Kamek rolled his eyes and turned from her. "Anyway… as long as you obey that, you're free to roam the castle. Have fun."

Livi gave a whoop of excitement and dashed out the Library's doors. "Livi!" Kamek called, halting her path about halfway down the hall. "Make sure you come back here at the end of each day!"

Livi nodded. "Gotcha! I'll see ya around, Kamek!" And with that, she ran off again.

Hours later, after running spastically through the halls and conversing with and thoroughly distracting from their assigned duties any trooper she happened to pass, Livi bumped into her favorite Koopalings, Iggy and Lemmy. They stopped to chat for a moment, but Livi grew restless again, so they followed after her like loyal shadows as she continued to explore the castle.

"So, I take you calmed down then?" Iggy assumed, smiling widely at Livi.

"Yeah." Lemmy agreed, rolling his ball around so the twins stood on either side of Livi. "You seemed really nervous before."

"Oh, right." Livi nodded, realizing what they meant. "Uh, this just isn't exactly what I expected it to be like. I didn't really think Peach was a guest here."

"You mean you actually thought she got kidnapped?" Lemmy repeated. He gave a short laugh. "King Dad's better at this than we thought."

Livi laughed. "Gotta give him credit—it's pretty crafty of him."

"So why are you here?" Iggy prompted, raising an eyebrow. "King Dad usually just grabs Peach and goes."

Livi's eyes rolled up to the ceiling, giving a low hum as she thought. "I don't know… Peach said Bowser sent the guards to kidnap Daisy, but they grabbed me instead. It worked the same though—it got both bros chasing him, so I guess he just rolled with it."

"Hey, not complaining!" Lemmy laughed, punching Livi's arm. "Everybody missed you!"

"Seriously!" Iggy agreed. "Do you have any idea how surprised we were to see you in the Mario Kart race?"

Livi laughed nervously. "Heh, yeah, I bet… say, you didn't see my, uh… accident… did ya?"

"You mean when you flipped your bike at the lava fields?" They both cried at the same time.

Immediately, as if the words had set of a very delicate trigger, Livi's hand shot forward and smacked her in the forehead. "…yeah… that…" She ground out through her teeth.

Iggy and Lemmy exchanged a brief glance, obviously realizing they had upset the fangirl, then nervously tried to laugh it off. "Don't worry about it, Livi!" Iggy said gently. "It wasn't that bad!"

Livi smiled hopefully. "…really?"

"No, it was really bad." Lemmy informed her, shaking his head slowly. He was quickly rewarded with a smack across the face from Iggy.

"Wow, thanks, guys." Livi huffed, shoving her hands in her pockets. "Great to know I can count on you."

Another glance was exchanged between the brothers, then Iggy—being the brilliant one of the two—seemed to be struck with an idea. "Hey, Livi! I know what'll make you feel better! Why don't you come to dinner with us?"

Livi made a face. "What, with you two?"

"No!" Lemmy said, shaking his head. "All the Koopalings eat dinner with Kind Dad at night! Peach is usually there—I'm sure they'd let you come!"

As expected, Livi did brighten up at that. "Really? Sure, then, I'd love to!"

"Okay, great! We'll take you to Wendy to you can get ready!" The brothers cried, grabbing Livi's hands and pulling her quickly down the halls.

Once Livi had been thrown forcefully into Wendy's room and the young Koopa princess had effectively scared off any of her curious brothers and locked the door firmly shut, the two set to work. Wendy took Livi's measurements without a word other than a sharp instruction for Livi to either hold still or pose a certain way. The moment she had all the proper numbers recorded in a small notebook, she produced several dark dresses (claiming Peach had long-ago rejected them) and began the process of altering them to Livi's sizes.

"You'w need some coow jew'y too…" Wendy said as she cut and sewed the piles of fabric. "Pick some outta my box on tha vanity…"

Livi looked around in bewilderment, then easily spotted the specified piece of furniture, stepping cautiously over it and popping open the jewelry box to begin rooting through its contents. "You mean like this?" Livi wondered, producing a small string of large pearls and a couple of dangly diamond earrings.

"No, no, no!" Wendy whined, slapping herself in the forehead. "I said coow jew'y! You gotta wook wike a Koopa!"

"Oh!" Livi exclaimed, dropping the offensive gems immediately in favor or searching frantically through the box once more. This time, she managed to pull out a spikey collar similar to Bowser's, a couple of earrings that looked like shrunken Chomps dangling by their chains, and a small hair clip that looked like a Poodaboo. "How are these?"

Wendy surveyed her selection as the articles were dropped into her hand, then smiled and nodded in approval. "Pewfect!" She declared, causing Livi to give a sigh of relief. Wendy fingered the hair piece thoughtfully for a moment, then voice her thoughts aloud. "Ya know… we couwd work on dis… I can put somefin' wike dis on youw shoes—and maybe hewe on tha waist…" She turned suddenly to Livi, pointing a clawed finger towards the door. "Go out and find a Poodaboo and get it to fowow you awound."

Livi cocked her head to the side. "And where exactly do I find one of those? And why would it listen to me?"

Wendy sighed heavily. "You'w so whiney… Go tew Ludwig you want a Poodaboo—I'm suwe he can find you one… Youw dwess should be done by tha time you get back…"

Livi nodded, still seeming uncertain, but turned and left the room anyway. "Uh, okay, I guess." The fangirl wandered aimlessly around the maze of corridors that all the Koopalings' rooms were clustered within, then a distinct melody of piano music met her ears, and she was able to follow it right to Ludwig's door. Three sharp knocks and a beat of silence later, Ludwig opened the door. "Ah, Livi! 'Ow can I 'elp you?"

Livi laughed nervously, fighting the urge to take a step backwards. She had forgotten that Ludwig was a whole head taller than her now. "Oh, um… W-wendy's helping me get ready for dinner tonight… she says my outfit needs a live Poodaboo… can you help me get one?"

"You vill be joining uz for dinner?" Ludwig repeated, earning a bashful nod from Livi. He smiled, offering Livi a hand. "In zat case, I vould be delighted to 'elp you." Livi thanked the Koopa, taking his hand and following him back down the corridor and out to one of the many balconies surrounding the castle.

Ludwig pulled the fangirl over to the side of the castle, leaving her by the stone wall. "Vait here—I vill be back in vone moment." Livi seemed baffled, but nodded anyway, allowing Ludwig to leave until she eventually lost sight of the Koopa prince. She sighed, looking around at the lava and fire surrounding the castle while pulling Kamek's Keepsafe out of her shirt and fingering the glowing orb nervously. She felt safer Kamek could at least keep an eye on her, even though he couldn't physically watch over her all the time.

After a few short moments, Ludwig returned, smiling brightly as he clasped his hands behind his back. "Close your eyes." He instructed. Livi obediently screwed both eyes shut, holding out her hands expectantly. She felt Ludwig's warm scales brush her hands, then the moment they left, she felt something very hot hovering just out of reach. Beyond curious, she opened her eyes, and a small red-and-orange flame was hovering there in her hands, blinking its small black eyes at her.

"Aw! He's adorable!" Livi cried immediately, pulling the small flame closer. "What's his name?"

Ludwig shrugged. "Vatever you vish." He said sweetly.

Livi nodded, then stared into the Poodaboo's eyes for a moment, then declared "Bubble." The flame seemed to flinch slightly at the name, then it shivered as it gave a small trilling noise. "Look, I think he likes it!" Livi cried, smiling brightly as her new pet turned a flip in her hands.

"Excellent." Ludwig agreed. "He is yours zhen—take him 'ome if you vould like. For now, zough, dinner is soon—I suppose I should return you Vendy…" Livi nodded, only dimly aware of Ludwig's voice as she followed him back inside, releasing Bubble and allowing him to hover gladly after her.

Spell Translations:

Fortunatos—"Good Luck"


Maecena eam viam—"Block her path"


Voco Obscurum—"I call darkness"

Da mihi lumen—"Give me light"

Praesidio Ignis—"Fire Protection"

Pateris me Vidire—"Let me see"

Ostende inimicum—"Reveal an enemy"

Redde Lucem—"Restore Light"

Alica aversa—"Reverse Spell"

(Thank you, Destiny-Llama on dA for correcting my Latin!)

Also, I stole the term "Keepsafe" from the "Septimus Heap" book series, but I'm pretty sure that charm did something different. I'm positive it worked differently anyway.