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Celestial Spire Nine, Iacon, Cybertron [Past]


Awareness returned slowly, his optics flickering briefly, before shuttering again when fingers lightly touched against his helm, smoothing against it and soothing him. He wished to remain like that, surrounded by the sounds of his bondmate's spark and physical presence, each note of the quiet harmony made him smile. Though the moment he became aware of the world, reality crashed in around him, his body jerking with the knowledge that this would be the joor he parted from his other half.

The sorrow was a raw living thing within his chassis, consuming him from the inside out. Being without Blaster, was like being without music, the sweet melodies that could fill a spark and ease any pain. Yet, had he not chosen this? Had he not promised he would do this?

Regret lurked in the vivid blue optics that gazed down at him from behind Blaster's own visor, the Autobot's shoulders trembled with his own shared grief. "I love yah." And tears were streamed down beneath the edge of that visor, burning Soundwave's hands as they cupped that beautiful face, drawing it closer to his own and pressing a spark stealing kiss against Blaster's lips. "Why…? Why did I eva agree ta this?"

"Because it is necessary." A voice of reason and it made Soundwave want to howl in rage at the entire world.

"Necessary? Frag it! 'Wave… I…"

"Do not regret your request of me." Because if that happened, Soundwave would not be able to force himself to leave his beautiful bondmate. "Do not regret the path that we will now walk. I do this for you." He drew those lips to his again, tender and patient, feeling arms loop around his body, pressing them back onto the berth. "I do this for only you." No other could have ever compelled him to such a deceit. "My only solace is that you will be safe."

"No regrets." Blaster breathed out, letting his helm drop into the crook of Soundwave's neck, hiding the tears that refuse to stop flowing.

Decepticon Warship, Nemesis, Earth Atmosphere

Ravage perched on the edge of the control consol, tail twitching against the edge of it as he kept guard on the door, head down in the crook of one paw. Brilliant crimson optics half shuttered when a hand lightly brushed against the top of his helm and audios, the feline giving a low appreciative sound before settling back to his guard duty.

Soundwave was downloading anything and everything, his massive data storage capacity being pushed to its limit while he practically copied everything from the Nemesis's memory core, even Ravage and Laserbeak were storing masses of information. He knew it was the end of his time with the Decepticons, end of the time he would be forced to serve Megatron and Starscream. After so many vorns he had finally located a possible lead to his bondmate and so everything had shifted perspective once more.

'Do you think Megatron even suspects?' Ravage lifted his head to peer back at his master, his expression showing his concern, but before any answer could be offered, the feline was up on his paws, his lips peeling away from razor sharp fangs as he bared them at Starscream.

Immediately the screens were rapidly being filled with other files to cover those that he was still downloading, layers and layers of shielding were coiling more tightly around his connection in an effort to hide his betrayal. His body straightened, his visor flickering from transparent to opaque, shielding his own face from Starscream's gaze.

"Soundwave." Starscream strode onto the command deck, his crimson optics flickering with his emotions and thoughts, before he came to a halt before Soundwave.

The Decepticon turned, his head lifting as he was still connected up to the systems, rapidly completing what he had intended to do while confronting one of the greatest unaware allies he had had to date. Starscream's blunders had actually provided Soundwave with many an opportunity to aide both the Autobots, but also cover some of his own actions, for example his sparing of Wheeljack's spark during Starscream's interrogation of him and the leaving of the humans alive during the Spacebridge incident.

Sometimes he wanted to laugh at the stupidity of those around him. He had been all too aware of Megatron's condition during those orns he had been in the medical bay. How could one such as he not know? It had allowed him far greater freedom than anyone could imagine.

Starscream paced before Soundwave, looking almost pensive. It was clear he was going to give one of his 'speeches' yet again, something which was extremely unpalatable.

"I have been a fool. Made mistakes. Monumental ones. I now realize I was never destined to be leader, or even an equal partner. And, I am at peace with that. I have gained a clear understanding of my place in the universe. Of who I am. Of who I was always meant to be. Starscream: second in command, humble servant to Lord Megatron. Thank you for listening, Soundwave."

'Well imagine that, he actually admits his stupidity.' Ravage remarked to Soundwave over their private communications channel, the feline stretching and giving Soundwave an amused feline grin. 'Never was the most clever spark in the chamber.'

Soundwave gave Ravage a sharp look, but the feline only purred softly in a quiet show that he was not cowed at all by Soundwave's glare.

"You have done well, Starscream." Soundwave's voice filled the space as Starscream turned to move away after having completed his 'confession' he so often did before the silent, yet ever present Communications Officer.

Starscream whirled at the sound of the deep almost liquid baritone, crimson optics widening in surprise. "Sound…wave?"

Yet, he said no more, his lips almost twisting upwards in amusement as Starscream leaned in close, hidden behind his visor. Crimson optics peeked into his face as if attempting to truly see if the mech had actually talked to him even so much as a handful of words. Surprise changed to suspicion, then slowly morphed into confusion as Soundwave remained perfectly still and silent.

A soft 'nah', escaped Starscream as he dismissed it as being nothing more than his imagination and turned and walked away with not another word to Soundwave, leaving him thankfully alone.

Suddenly the frequency was filled with Ravage's laughter, the feline almost falling off his perch, while he almost laughed his spark right out of his chassis with the force of his humour. 'That was… brilliant. Blaster would be so proud of you.'

Now that did bring a true smile to Soundwave's lips, his expression softening at the thought of his bondmate and the mech's attempts to get Soundwave to display even a little bit of humour. Though he also hadn't minded thanking Starscream for his assistance in prolonging his ability to conceal his own treachery, if it could be called that. His loyalty had been first and foremost to one mech and one mech alone, his bondmate Blaster, not even Alpha Trion could persuade Soundwave to remain loyal if Blaster asked it of him.

'Download complete' flashed across the screens just once, before Ravage lifted himself from his perch before bounding down and across the floor, tail twitching as he regarded the closed door leading out into the hallway.

"Deploy the Cascade."

'My pleasure.' And the feline was soon hooking himself into the Nemesis's systems, uploading a virus that would keep the crew busy for quite some time. Soundwave's absence would be noticed, of that he was certain, but it was more than likely they would think him patrolling rather than responsible for this little gift. Suddenly every single display on the ship was bursting into a brilliant flash of static, every system going haywire as the virus began going through every single file that Soundwave had just accessed, meaning the entire database was being corrupted.


Soundwave turned to see Airachnid standing in the doorway, her violet optics actually widened slightly in surprise at having caught Soundwave displaying his true colours. Before the she-spider could escape, Laserbeak had swooped in, sharp talons sliding into her armour as if it was not even there, massive black wings flaring wide and forcing her in through the doorway.

"I would never have suspected… Starscream I can certainly see… but you… so intriguing…" Interest flared to life in her optics, clearly showing that with the expression of power and treachery came some kind of attraction to the insect. "How…"

A hand suddenly caught Airachnid around the throat, hefting her up to optic level and just holding her there for one long second as she fought and struggled against his hold, blades slashing at his armour but not being able to get a grip. "Silence." This femme held no interest at all for him, none of the words that were clearly about to be said would have changed his opinion of the Decepticon.

Her hands curled around his own long fingers, tugging and pulling at the restraint around her throat as her fuel lines were being pinched shut by his grip. "Megatron will…"

"Do not think for an instant I fear Megatron." Soundwave's grip tightened even further. "For I do not." And a burst of sonic energy was send soaring through the femme's head, scrambling everything in its path, before she was tossed away limp and silent.

Soon he was in motion, moving through the masses quickly as the crew hurried around him as the ship began to tip towards the ground, the engines sputtering as the control systems began to shut down one after another. Ravage was scooped up into the mech's arms, the feline immediately transforming back into a small unassuming form that slipped beneath Soundwave's armour plating and connected up to his systems.

As the ship descended into chaos, Soundwave smiled at finally having his revenge upon them for daring to think they could harm his Blaster.

Fingers clawed at Soundwave's back, sliding over components and armour, digging into them and holding on for dear life. Blaster's head arched back, the back of his helm thumping softly against the wall as his entire body arched into the deep thrusts. Sparks flared and pulsed brilliantly, merging so deeply that two became one.

"Wave!" Blaster cried, his body vibrating with the force he was taken with. "Please…"

"Mine." A spike pushed in even deeper, threatening to split the crimson mech apart within his embrace, his mouth stroked over the exposed throat, nipping down hard, marking the Autobot. "Say it." It was a demand, sharp and hungry.

"I'm yours!" Fingers desperately clawed again, legs coiled tightly around the back of strong hips, their frames grinding together erotically. Another cry of pleasure was wrung from his vocals, his limbs trembling with their mating. They had little time together, a few breems before another came searching for Blaster… it was all they could risk. All they could ever risk…

All that they had been reduced to, to share a few more moments together.

Decepticon Transport Ship, Harbinger, Montana, Earth

Ravage moved swiftly down the corridor, paws soundless against the gravity plating. His head lifted slightly, studying the layout of the ship and glancing back over his shoulder at Soundwave, curiosity flickering through his crimson optics. 'Why come here?' The feline lowered his olfactory sensors to the plating and gave a disgusted snort as he lifted it almost immediately upon catching the scent of Starscream all around him.

"The Harbinger was one of the escort ships of the Consequence. The records say that the Harbinger was shot down by Autobots, but they didn't say which Autobots." And he had his suspicions now with what he had learned from the records Ravage had recovered from the Ark that it had been indeed the Consequence which had taken on the Autobot starship and had been badly damaged and deemed 'lost' by those commanding her. "It is more than likely the Ark did manage to cripple the smaller escort vessels and downed this ship. The stern section bore the scoring patterns of particle-combustion cannons and laser slices, which the Ark was equipped with. The navigation log may have recorded the ending of the battle between the two sides."


"Deduction." Soundwave reasoned, before finally coming to the correction junction, his head tipping upwards as he studied the damage done to the vessels systems. Noting that none of them had been activated during Starscream's apparent 'search' of the wreckage.

"Ravage, run interference protocol A."

The feline easily leapt up onto the edge of the computer display, sprawling as he had upon those on the Nemesis, though this time the tip of his tail tipped and plugged itself into the ship's systems, allowing the tiniest flow of power into the systems while dampening the signal to prevent the Autobots from picking it up. The last thing Soundwave needed was Autobots stumbling onto what he was doing and delaying him, enough time had been wasted already.

Ravage's head suddenly lifted, a soft sound of delight escaping him.


The former Decepticon froze at the sound of his beloved's voice after so long, his crimson optics shuttering against the flood of emotions it caused in him. "Love."

"There ain't much time, I know they will block this transmission… but I hope that yah or Ravage will recognise this encryption code. I discovered somethin'… somethin' that will change everythin'."

And suddenly the panel lit up and information was rapidly feeding across the screens, Soundwave's processors quickly decoding it and storing it. His optics widened as just what Blaster had discovered became apparent to him. "Primus…" He breathed as his hands rested on the panel before him, his body leaning forwards, his optics studying the hologram floating mere inches from his face.

What Soundwave carried might strategically win the Autobots the war against Megatron, but this would be all that was needed to ensure lasting peace between both sides.

"I miss yah, 'Wave."

"As I you, my Spark."

Industrial District 4, Kaon, Cybertron [Past]

Filth covered every inch of the buildings around them, pulsing and oozing damply, acid rain dripped down between the gap between the two industrial facilities, the droplets burned as they leaked down between armour plating. Blue energon shimmered in the puddles beneath Soundwave's pedes, diluting out and slowly flowing down into the nearby sewer that filled the air with a noxious stench that burned vents and every internal duct.

"Failure is not an option." A fist connected hard against the gladiator's jaw, splitting the mech's lip again. "Weakness is not an option."

A hiss of pained anger escaped the slender feline cornered by one wall, razor sharp claws taking deep slices out of any of the guards that attempted to get a grip on the only companion Soundwave had in the world. Ravage was attempting to protect his companion, trying to get to Soundwave's side, but was continuing forced back by the bite of the electro-prods thrust at him.

"I did not pay a half million credits for you just to have you lose to Megatronus."

An electro-prod was jammed into Soundwave's side, attempting to get a scream out of the gladiator, yet not even a whimper escaped the mech's lips as electricity arched upwards through his entire body. Muscle cables squeezed and contorted, wrenching at his limbs which were trapped within the magnetised chains that left him practically dangling against the slime slicked wall. He would give them no satisfaction, as he had no other.

But the moment he heard the yowl of pain from Ravage, he let out a roar of rage that consumed him, his body jerked hard against the restraints, and heard the acid etched chains snap. With as much force as he could muster, his still bound hands whipped around, the length of chain connected to them coiling around the neck of the guard who had injured Ravage and he yanked hard, the sickening crack of spinal fibres filled the air as the large bulky frame pitched forwards, the chain however tugged Soundwave with him.

Soundwave was not letting that stop him as he battled against the guards that his master had, gravely wounding several of them in his fight to protect Ravage, not caring how much of his own fluid was spilt as long as his companion was protected.

It was the combined shock from three prods that finally drove him to his knees, his entire body twitching and trembling as surge after surge swept up through him. Yet, he gave them no satisfaction in hearing him plead for mercy or give any reaction to the pain they caused him. His arms gave out on him as a foot planted itself in the small of his back, driving him down to the ground, pinning his struggling frame there, face against the grime and rubbish filled alleyway.

Pedes slammed into him from all sides and he could do nothing to prevent himself from being brutalised. However, between their legs he could see Ravage safely hidden away, the feline managing to get to safety where the mechs would not be able to reach him. Though the feline's crimson optics gazed down at him with raw anguish in them, knowing that if it hadn't been for his presence Soundwave would have been able to escape.

Suddenly there was a choked sound from one side of him and a gurgle for air.

"Back 'way from him." A voice filled the sudden stillness, a weapon being armed, the soft hum of the power pack overly loud even as the rain continued to fall. "I said fraggin' getcha afts 'way from him or yah boss is goin' ta getta slug in the processors."

And he watched pedes actually move away from him, following the instructions given to them.

"Now, all of yah, scrapheads, get outta here and take dis piece 'a trash with yah. Or I'll call in the patrol teams." The scrape of pedes against metal sounded, before… footsteps actually sounded and retreated. Leaving him behind…

Instantly Ravage was beside him, the feline's head rubbing against his own, his hands stretched out towards the dark feline, fingertips lightly touching the black plating gingerly, reassuring himself he was still functioning. "Rav…age…"

And soon there was another face filling his view, a handsome face that was lined with worry and concern, a pair of striking blue optics gazing down at him. "Soundwave…" A hand stretched out to lightly brush against the gladiator's cheekplate, thumb sweeping the trail of fluid away from where it had been leaking out from between his lips. "Come on… betta get outta here…" The crimson mech was dipping down, his arm sliding beneath Soundwave's own after freeing his wrists from the chains, slowly the mech hefted the taller bot to his pedes, allowing Soundwave to straighten even though his entire frame protested.

"Why?" Confusion filled his dazed processors, his arm resting across a set of sleek shoulders, leaving behind muddy streaks of grime and filth on the clean armour. Yet, the Officer didn't even seem to care, only wanting to get Soundwave out of there before the brutes decided to come back and retrieve their 'property'.

"Because I care what happens ta yah."

Soundwave leaned into the hold, limping as they slowly made their way out of the alley, Ravage pressed in close against his legs, his audios beginning to fill with the sound of sweet music for the first time in his entire existence. He had no where else to go, but he knew instinctively he could trust the crimson mech who had come for him and more than likely saved both Ravage and himself from execution in this dark alleyway, never to be remembered by the rest of the world.

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