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ASPECT Headquarters, Devil's Tower, Washington, Earth

Heat slowly began to enfold him within its welcoming arms. Soundwave groaned softly as his entire body arched upwards, thrusting into the tight slickness that seemed to encompass every part of him. A tiny whimper of pleasure filled his audio, before a mouth slowly stroked across his cheekplate and claimed his lips. A glossa swept along the seam between them and soon plunged past, devouring Soundwave literally from the inside out, swallowing any sound that came from his vocals, tasting every inch of his mouth. Crimson optics drifted half open to gaze into a pair of beautiful blue optics, so clear and vibrant that it stole the air right out of his vents.

A shudder rippled down the length of his body as the tight valve that surrounding his spike abruptly clenched, working him as Blaster moved over him, the beautiful crimson mech panting erotically against Soundwave's lips. The mech was such a welcome sight, sprawled across the length of Soundwave's body, warming every inch of his frame. He couldn't help but respond to the seductive dance of that sleek body against his own, rubbing and riding him.

"Yah were wannin' me." Muscle cables squeezed tightly, gripping Soundwave and attempting to draw fluid out of him, making him even harder with the action. "So sexy... and hard... couldn't resist yah."

"Blaster." A hand lifted to slowly map out the beloved face before him, thumb sweeping across damp lips, before denta closed around the digit and nibbled on it. Glossa stroking the sensitive pad playfully, it gained another groan from Soundwave. "I have missed you." Allowing their bond to fall completely open, he shuddered at the wash of intense pleasure that struck him from Blaster and a wave of love and desire that filled every inch of him and washed away everything else. "Love..." It was a ragged sound that escaped him, optics shuttering as he arched into the movements of his lover, sliding in more deeply.

"Take me..." Blaster gasped, hands stroking over the length of Soundwave's unarmoured chassis, stroking sensor nodes and every sweetspot he could find. "Please... I needta feel yah... hard an' hot inside me..."

Soundwave shifted upwards, rolling them both as he roused himself a little out of the pleasure that flooded through his systems. Soon Blaster was on his back on the berth he had managed to claim for them, his arms hooking around his lover's knee joints and spreading them wider, he thrust in deeply. Blaster's head arched back immediately, screaming in pleasure as his sweetspot was brushed by the length of Soundwave's spike. One hand curled around the mech's spike, stroking it in time with his thrusts, thumb circling the head of it and teasing the slit with every heated pump.

"Harda..." He pleaded, body vibrating with the force of the movements. "Please... 'Wave..."

Blaster was practically sobbing in relief as his bondmate found that rhythm between them that drove the Autobot absolutely wild, the berth was practically shaking with the movements. Every inch of Blaster's valve was beginning to grow hot with the delicious friction of the large spike sliding rapidly in and out of it, his sweetspot practically burning with the intense pleasure. His servos stroked down over the broad back, attempting to pull the mech closer, desperate to find release, his body squirming and begging for release.

A cry of shock escaped Blaster when he was suddenly empty, his spike being swallowed by that hot mouth, and he couldn't help but overload, hips arching and writhing searching for that stiff spike to fill it as he spilled hot fluids down his bondmate's throat. Both hands clutched at the back of the mech's helm, arching into the heat, but still shuddering from the loss of such hardness from within him.

Flopping back onto the berth, Blaster was groaning as his strength seemed to seep out of him, his body trembling still with need as his legs were spread, revealing the stretched wet valve and Soundwave had enjoyed just moments before. The mech's optics rolled up into his cranial unit, when a wet glossa stroked over his entrance, circling slowly and lapping up every drop of spilt lubricant that covered his trembling thighs. It slipped inside then, licking slowly, reaching in as deep as it could before withdrawing. Two fingers slowly slipped inside of him, curling so that they could stroke back and forth against his sweetspot, a thumb pressing against the outside and trapping the hypersensitive node between both.

"No... 'Wave... please... can't..." Legs spreading wider, he was panting hotly, systems desperately attempting to cool his internals, while that mouth returned to his spike, working him until he was achingly hard and wet all over again. Blaster almost exploded when Soundwave started to hum, the vibrations lighting up a whole new range of sensor relays. The notes were all those that Blaster was the most keenly attune to. His hips bucking and squirming helplessly as he was continually bombarded with such intense sensations that he overloaded again, spilling fluids into that mouth while his valve clenched restlessly around those fingers.

Slowly lifting his head, Soundwave actually smirked slightly, delighting in just how much pleasure he could give his bondmate, seeing that body trembling and shivering in need for him. Fingertips stroked over silky thighs, before he was shifting forwards, those legs locking around the back of his hips, when he finally guided his spike back into that wet clenching valve. Hissing out in pleasure at just how tight Blaster was, he thrust in sharply, burying himself deeply in that body, thrusting sharply and deep. Each thrust gained him a cry from the beautiful mech's parted lips, Blaster now hypersensitive from the attention his valve and spike had received.

Their chasses touched intimately, Soundwave sliding an arm beneath the mech's back and lifted him into the contact, his mouth devouring Blaster's. Sparks were soon brushing, the merge making the contact even more erotic. Their bodies moved in a dance that they had long ago perfected, Blaster's limbs coiled around Soundwave as they slipped so deeply into each other, sharing a lifetime in that moment that they became a single being.

They cried out in unison as their bodies could no longer resist the desperate call of such pleasure, both shuddering together until Soundwave collapsed across Blaster's body, stilled buried so deep within the mech and spilling himself within adding to the erotic nature of what they shared.

It was a long time before either stirred.

Blaster's blue optics stared at the ceiling for a long moment, before dropping down to gaze across the length of his bondmate's frame as it sprawled across him and the berth. His hands slipped down over the strong spinal plating, caressing each seam and wire, gasping softly when that spike pushed itself deeper into him as Soundwave roused a little.

Soundwave brushed soft kisses against his bondmate's throat, humming happily under his breath, the music finally truly returning to him after so long. "I have dreamed so often of you... I fear that this is another memory file that I will wake from and find myself once again alone."

"I'm 'ere, 'Wave." Blaster reassured him softly, grip tightening and flooding their merged sparks with his love and delight that they were finally back together again. "I ain't goin' anywhere for a lon' time."


"Yeah." The crimson Autobot hugged his lover tightly, giving him as much reassurance as he could, desperately to assure him that there was no place he would rather ever be than right there in Soundwave's arms. "Yah've done so much... I couldn't be prouda of yah..."

That made Soundwave smile, his face tucked in against his bondmate's throat, hugging him tightly, just allowing relief and joy to wash out every dark spot that had claimed a place within his spark. There would be no more anguish... no more loneliness... he had all he had ever wanted back in his arms and he had done all that had been asked of him. "I love you."

"An' I love every inch of yah frame an' spark... an' everythin' else." And a hand dropped playfully to Soundwave's aft, giving it a good solid squeeze, grinning all the while.

Soundwave's lips turned upwards into a delighted smile hidden against his lover's throat.

Devil's Tower, Washington, Earth

A thousand tiny stars danced around Skywarp, tickling across his armour and almost getting a gasp of surprise out of him at the surprisingly pleasant sensation that tingled through him. Chronoton particles tickled his sensor net, soaking into his systems and getting another little shudder out of him. Skywarp had witnessed the arrival of the Ark through a GroundBridge that had been teeming with the particles, it had been a rather odd event where the ship had literally been sucked through the small vortex and spat out to come to rest against one of the walls, dust and rock covering everything. Even things from the Autobot base had been carried along in transit, ending up littering the floor.

A heated little shiver worked its way up his spinal plating, his optics widening in shock as his teleport systems were beginning to activate on their own, every fibre of his being acting like a giant magnet to the particles as the vortex of the GroundBridge had. His optics widened as his very body began to shimmer slightly, phasing in and out of reality and drawing him somewhere.

"Skywarp?" Thundercracker stood in the darkness, his optics widening as they took in the sight of his trinemate, mouth opening in surprise as his face was illuminated by the glow that was surrounding Skywarp. "What... what in Primus's name...?"

"Thundercracker..." Skywarp stood there, his pitch black frame awash in a sea of stars when the possibilities struck him. Spine straightening, he swallowed convulsively as he gazed at a mech who had eased his spark on so many occasions. Even when he had betrayed the medic by bedding another, Thundercracker had never abandoned him, though he had gotten his revenge, he had never abandoned him to the aching loneliness that filled his very spark since he had seen Thunderwing's broken frame. "I'll make it right."

"What?" Shaking his head, the blue seeker stepped forwards, one servo reaching out for the mech, his expression confused. "What are you talking about, trinemate? Release those particles... they are not safe in such densities."

The engineer shook his head, his crimson optics revealing the depth of the pain that lurked just beneath the surface to someone who had meant a lot to him for so long. "I can't. I won't." His teleporting systems were being fed more power, attracting in more of the particles that shimmered around him. "There has been far too much death already, Thundercracker. All those I have ever cared about have been shattered by the monsters this universe has created. I have a chance to change something... even if its small... Maybe I can even bring back those who have been taken?"

Another step closer, his hand reaching out to the mech before him, optics pleading with Skywarp to not go down this path. "At what cost, Skywarp? You... Primus... you are so important to all of us, to me. You're all the family I have in this world besides Wheeljack. For all our differences... you have always been so precious, always there when we needed you."

That brought a wry smile to Skywarp's lips. "Family that neuters." He joked.

"You deserved it." Thundercracker attempted to tease, aware that something was happening that if he didn't stop Skywarp, they might truly lose him. "You were never prone to foolish actions, Skywarp. For all people might say about you, you were always the most clever of our trine. Don't do this."

"I need to." His chin lifted, crimson optics reflecting the pain that lurked just beneath the surface. "I need to do something other than patch up the holes... fix things afterwards. How many lives has Megatron snuffed out because of his own self-importance and ambition? How many have we known, how many Decepticons, whom truly were not the monsters what Autobots made them out to be been killed because of this pointless war?" Wings twitching they lifted as he gazed straight into Thundercracker's face. "How many crystals do you have, Thundercracker?"

The medic jerked sharply at the question, his mouth opening for a moment before it snapped shut, his expression showing his own sense of loss at what this war had done to them. "I..."

"You remember each face, each name, each frequency. I've seen you weep over their bodies even when they were nothing but monsters and killers, you still mourned the loss of what could have been, what never was."

"Sky... please."

"I need this." Even his promise to go after Starscream was not enough to sooth the aching burn that existed within him, nothing seemed able to still the pain that radiated through him in waves. No one truly understood, no one saw everything that existed within Skywarp. For all his jokes and laughter, he was shielding the part of him that had been damaged by the death of the mech he had loved hopelessly for so long knowing nothing would ever come of his feelings.

"This will not bring them back. Time is not meant to be rewritten. What happens to us? Sky... what happens to what so many of us have found?"

"I know that you would always find him, Thundercracker, or he would find you. A love like that... nothing could ever erase something like that." Love could endure and he forced himself to think that knowing his actions might just change the way things truly did turn out. "I need... to fix this... fix something..." To save one more life and hope that it would take a little of the stain from his spark.

And he jumped. Body flashing in a brilliant burst of golden light just as Thundercracker howled in sorrow and loss of the mech he would happily call brother. The night become dark once more as if he truly had never been.

ASPECT Headquarters, Devil's Tower, Washington, Earth

Special Agent Fowler tugged at his tie, loosening it and gazed around at the command centre of ASPECT, his dark eyes taking in the sight around and wondering just what he had gotten himself into. His eyes however fell on a tall dark haired woman who seemed to be in charge, he froze the moment her head turned towards him, pinning him in place with a pair of blue eyes that made him swallow.

"So you are the official government liaison?" Her heels clicked against the smooth flooring, long dark curls drifting a little down into her face, before she tucked them back over one shoulder, one dark brow raised in question.

"Special Agent William Fowler." This was definitely not the kind of person he was expecting to be running ASPECT, he had assumed military, not someone who looked more like an archaeologist, though he was not about to voice any of his opinions about the matter and risk getting him and his personnel shifted off base and away from the Cybertronians they had been set to make 'relations' with.

"Arianna Ivanova." The accent was clearly Russian, her head turning away from Fowler and was giving several more orders to the clusters of people that seemed to be following her around. "Dieter... see if you can do something about Alpha Trion..." Sighing, she rubbed her fingers at the lines that seemed to be forming themselves between her brows. "If Hurricane is on base ask him to run interference with the Aerialbots until Alpha Trion calms himself, we don't need the flyers taking their anger out on him. Better yet, if Ultra Magnus has arrived, have him attend to the Ancient, the last thing we need is for him to rupture a gasket again."


"Always." Gesturing for Fowler to follow her, they soon stood before a massive holograph schematic of the entire base and the surrounding forests which showed the location of every Cybertronian around them and also many of the humans as well. "We find that with Alpha Trion... it is usually best to keep others away from him unless Silverbolt is on base. He might have been here for only a few weeks, but he makes quite an impression. As understanding as he may seem, he is one who will use those around him for his own ends... even if it might be the for the 'betterment' of all trust me sometimes it definitely does not seem that way."

"So exactly have you been hiding all this? I mean, why keep this such a secret? It would have been a hell of a lot easier with some of these resources dealing with Team Prime."

"I wasn't authorised to make contact, nor were any of the Cybertronians assigned to this base. Most present on staff are peaceful Neutrals which joined us over the last one and a half centuries that this facility has been in operation. They wish only for peace and we at ASPECT respect that." Arianna's blue eyes narrowed slightly on Fowler, her jaw clenching slightly in response to the fact that a large number of military personnel were now on base. "This is an international society, Agent Fowler. My staff are scientists, archaeologists, philosophers and some of the most brilliant minds Earth has to offer. We work with the Cybertronians towards a better peace for both our races."

'Hey Aria.' The voice filled the space and made the beautiful woman smile slightly, her eyes lighting up with delight at the informal greeting. 'You know those Chronoton particles? I recognise the signature of the weapon design. You honestly wouldn't believe exactly who it is, Maxwell Darby.'

"Darby?" Now that gave Fowler pause, his jaw clenching slightly. "As in Jack and June Darby?"

"His family."

"You have to be kidding me..."

"Most assuredly not. However, if Darby is alive we now know where to start looking for him and maybe the missing members of the Autobot contingent. Hopefully, also a solution to this new temporal crisis."

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