In all honesty I have no clue what to call this story.

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It never seemed to mater. You heard stories about it, but you never thought twice about it. It seemed so far off you completely forgot about it. You live your childhood defending all of kid kind from bullies, adults, and teenagers. Then you are suddenly brought back to the reality of life. And that reality is…

You can't stay a kid forever.

- A page from Numbuh 378's private journal.

Nolan York sat in the back seat of his mother's car. He stared out the window to watch the many different cars drive by his. He and his mother were on their way to their new house in Rhode Island.

The eight year old turned his attention away from the window and to a box of his things. He rummaged through his things and pulled out a photo album. Nolan flipped through the pages till he came to a picture of himself and both of his parents.

His actions did not go unnoticed by his mother. "Nolan put that away" she said in a sorrowful tone.

Nolan obeyed his mom's request. He set the album back into the box. He returned to looking out the window.

"Now Nolan" his mother began "I know how hard this is but promise me that you'll adjust to our new home ok."

"Yes mom" Nolan answered.

It wasn't too long before they reached their new home in Quahog. Nolan got out of the car to see a ball fly over his head and hit the car. Nolan picked up the ball and looked around to see that it came from the playground across the street.

"Hey kid!" someone yelled.

Nolan turned around to see a small group of kids who appeared to be his age. They had baseball gloves and bats.

"Can you give us back our ball!" the same kid yelled.

"Sure" Nolan mumbled as he threw the ball to the kids.

"Thanks!" With that the kids returned to their game of baseball. Nolan watched as the kids played. He took a few items out of his box and ran towards his mom.

"Hey mom" Nolan asked.

Nolan's mother had just got done moving a few boxes out of the back of the car. "Yes honey?"

"Can I go play with those kids?"

"Sure why not."

Nolan smiled and ran off towards the group of kids when he heard a group of screams. From the direction of the scream the group of kids were being sucked into a miniature tornado one side and flung out the other side.

The tornado began to shrink and revealed a thirteen year old wearing a purple hoodie with a picture of a tornado. "Ha ha no one eggs Teen Tornado's house and gets away with it" the teen laughed as he created a small tornado and sent it towards the disoriented kids.

Teen Tornado soon returned to laughing maniacally as he created more miniature tornados that struck the kids. Nolan walked up to him and tugged on his sweater.

"Excuse me sir but I don't think you should be hurting them" Nolan said still holding onto some of his items.

Teen Tornado looked down at Nolan then simply kicked him aside and said, "Get away from me kid you bug me."

Nolan landed face first onto a small patch of dirt. He got up and tried his best to keep himself from crying. He picked up his baseball bat and charged towards Teen Tornado.

Teen Tornado sent another kid flying when he took notice of Nolan running towards him. "Oh look a hero" Tornado said as he sent two small tornados at Nolan.

Nolan was again thrown away by the smaller tornados; hat vanished after impact, and into a tree. Teen Tornado cackled as he caused more destruction to the playground.

"Well I guess that's enough mayhem and destruction for one da-" Tornado stopped his sentence to cover his ears. A loud harmonic tone caused everyone to wince in pain.

Tornado was now franticly trying to find the source of the sound. He was about to sent out a wave of miniature tornados but a wave of pre chewed gum stuck his arms together. The sound came to a halt and the kids nearby removed their hands from their ears.

Teen Tornado glared at where the shots came from. Nolan stuck his head out of the tree to see why a trio of twelve year olds.

"So you three decided to show up, huh? But in all honesty… it wouldn't be a party without you guys."

"Sector Q…kick his aft."