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A young ladie with long light brown hair that is braided that stops to her tailbone, theres a blue ribbon that ties on top of the braided hair. {Her looks and wears is on my profile.} she smiled at the people saying good morning to them walking to where the Tree is and I frowned at it walking to it touching it with my right hand whispering.

"You poor thing...I hope you can bloom again." I blinked put my hand to my side again turning around to see three people I never seen before walking over to the front of the tree

"It's huge up close." the guy with black hair said while looking up at the tree than the girl with short pink hair talked

"The tree's flowers should blossom any day now."

"Yeah. I wish I could see it bloom."

"I know how you feel. There's something about the image of a tree vibrant with the blossoms and protecting the city that's so...romantic."

After that I went back to focasing on the tree block out what the girl and guy talking to each other but I stoped thinking turning around when I heard someone saying.


"Hm?" I turned all the way around to see the guy with black hair, a dog with a pipe in it's mouth, and the girl that was calling me "Yes?"

"Do you know where the General Store is?"

"Estelle we don't need help finding it, we just have to walk around and we'll find it." the guy with black hair said alittle annoyed from probley didn't want to ask for help

"But Yuri-"

I spoked before she could finish "I don't mind showing travelers around Halure, please fallow me." I smiled walking ahead of them but knowing they fallowed close

I tooked them to the General Store "Here it is travelers."

The pink hair girl bowed "Thank you Miss."

"Please call me Hanako." she nodded

"Right, my name is Estelle."

The guy behind the counter decided to speak "Howdy, welcome to the store! What can I get for you today?"

"Do you have panacea bottles?"

"Unfortunately we're sold out at the moment."

Estelle looked down frowning "But how can that be...?"

"But you know, if I had the right ingredients. I'd be able to fix some up for you."

"What would you need to make it?"

"I'd need three ingredients: "eggbear claw," "nia fruit," and "luluria petal." But why do you need a panacea bottle so badly?"

"Thats what I want to know if it's okay to ask aswill." I look at Estelle smiling

"We want to heal Halure's tree."

"What's that? I've never heard of using a panacea bottle on a tree before..."

The guy with black hair turn side ways "Hmmmmm, yeah..."

"What sort of thing is the "nia fruit" you mentioned?" Estelle asked the guy

"That would be that bitter fruit you said was so delicious back in the woods."

"Oh. So what's an eggbear, then?"

"Sorry, I can't help you here. Monsters are beyond my expertise. If a member of the Hunting Blades were here they might be able to tell you. They make their living hunting monsters."

"What can you tell us about the luluria petal?"

I decided to talk for the store guy "You know the tree in the middle of town, right? It's a petal from that tree Estelle."

"It's like what lady Hanako said."

"But the tree is all withered..."

"I believe the mayor has some luluria petals. You might try asking him."

"Gotcha. We'll come back when we've gotten the ingredients together."

"Will, I hope you guys do save are tree. Just be careful in Quo Woods."

"Thank you so much Hanako."

"No problem Estelle, I can't wait till I see the tree bloom once again." I smiled waving bye to Estelle walking back to the tree

I played with some of the little kids near the tree, than the Mayor came walking over smiling

"I see you still come here Hanako." The kids ran off leaving alone with the Mayor


" know everyone cares for you here but, you need to go out and enjoy your life while you can not stay here with us."

"But Mayor. I care for all the people who lives here! I want to help people."

"Than go out there and help people that need your help, and maybe when you are out there you should help yourself."

"Mayor..." sighs but smiles at the Mayor "Okay, I'll go around the world to help people and when I get done helping myself I'll come back to see everyone."

He nodded saying bye and with me running to his house geting my weapons and items and started walking out of Halure, I stoped looking back at my home saying bye and kepted walking to the next place, it was called Aspio, but I couldn't go through so I went to another place than another and another intill I stoped off at Nordopolica, the city for Tournaments and stuff. I was at the Harbor staring enjoying the scenery intill I heard someone calling my name and I was huged before I could say anything, than I relize it was Estelle that was huging me tightly.

"Estelle?" I look forward to see Yuri, Karol and three people I don't know walking over to me and Estelle

"I'm so glad we get to see you again Hanako." I smiled Estelle stoped huging me steping back

"Hello Yuri, Karol it's nice to see you three again aswill." I heard a woof so I laughed "and I can't forget you too Repede." I bend down to hug Repede around his neck standing back up to hear Yuri talk to me

"Yeah, but why are you all the way at Nordopolica? do you live at Halure?" Yuri said carioused to why I'm all the way here

"Will, the Mayor told me I should get out of Halure and explore the world sense I love helping people in need."

"My, your such a thoughtful young ladie Mrs."

I blushed when the older man compamented me for being thoughtful "It's nothing really, I just do what I can do and hope for the best."

"Thats a good thing Hanako, your a kind person." Karol told me smiling big

"Thanks Karol, anyways why are you guys here for?"

"We came to meet with the Duce."

"I see, if you don't mind may I join you guys?"

"Sure! can she Yuri?" Estelle asked Yuri hoping he will let me

"...I don't care, let's just hurry up and meet Belius."

Me and Estelle high-five each other, we walked to the Colosseum, we stop infront of a guy standing infront of the door on the left.

"Lord Belius' private room is ahead. I cannot allow you to go any further."

Karol started to talk first "But we've come to see Belius."

"What? Who are you?"

"We're a guild-Brave Vesperia!"

Brave Vesperia? nice ring to it

"...I haven't heard of you. Do you have an appointment with the Duce?" an appointment?

"Huh? An appointment?"

The guy that was named Natz told us we should come back on the next full moon which sucks, the guy named Raven went to the Inn to report to the Don about happened I guess.

We went to the Inn, I couldn't sleep so I walk out side of the Colosseum back at the Harber sitting down at the edge with my feet dangling, I started humming to myself but stop when I heard footsteps walking over.

"Can't sleep Hana?"

He sat down next to me, I nodded "Yeah, I just have alot on my mind...what about you Yuri? can't sleep aswill?" I tilt my head to look at him

"I couldn't sleep so when I saw you walk out of the Inn I thought I would see what was wrong."

"...I'm fine just tired, I never got any sleep before you and the others saw me here."

It was silent for a while intill I started to feel tired, with out knowing my head fell sideways landing on something and I was sleeping peacefuly.

~Morning, Still Hanako's POV~

Everyone walk out of the Colosseum to two guys starting a fight, the guy was trying to stop the fight was Regaey, Yuri ran over with his sword drown making the guy near Regaey stop.

"You'd better put that away before you hurt yourself."

The other guy point his sword at Yuri "Who the hell are you!"

Before anyone could react I had a dagger to the other guy's throut glaring at him with a icey look.

"Don't you dare try anything...or I'll cut your throut before you can even move." the guy gulped

Judy walked forward calmly spoked "If I'm wrong for doing this, you'll have Hanako's apology later. But I think it's you two who are in the wrong, here." the guy Yuri was watching cursed and both the guys walked off

I put my dagger back through my belt around my waist but I put my dagger behind my back instead on my side, I look up at everyone who look surprised, Karol was freaked out by the look he was giving.

"Did I over did it?" tilts my head frowning

"Nah, you did okay Hana." Yuri told me while he talks with Regeay

"Wow Hana, your really scary when you did that..."

"Sorry you had to see that side of me. I get that way when I bring out my dagger."

"...D-do you always like that with just that dagger?" Karol said stuttering

"...You'll just have to wait and find out~" Karol gulped shivered

"I rather not find out actly..."

"So what now?"

Yuri walked over "Let's go back to the Colosseum to meet Regaey."

~Weasand of Cados, Unknown Cave~

We cought Regaey more like Repede sniffed him out, but he tooked off while we were talking, we went forward to find him, we ran into alot of monsters intill we got close to the exit of the cave where Regaey was with all these bats! yuck, I hate bats. Repede ran to Regaey.

"There he is...!" Karol told everyone

"B-b-but how did you...?" Repede made Regaey drop the box and hit it to Yuri

Yuri picked it up "Good work, Doggy!. Looks like are game of tag is over, Regaey." Repede went back to Yuri's side

The weird part is what Regaey said got me grip on my daggers handle from behind me ready for anything

"Heh, n-n-now...I'll have to show you my really real power...!" then there was a bright light and it went away to show a guy

And it seems the others know this guy

"No way...!"

"Huh. So that's what's been going on."

"What does this mean? Was he disguising himself as Regaey...?"

"What did he do with the real Regaey is the real quistion..." I said glaring at the guy disguise as Regaey

"Oh me, oh my, how terribly frightening. I don't know what I'd do if I were to end up like poor Ragou." he had a weird accent when he talks

"What do you mean...? What happened to him?"

"Yeah, what did you do to the real one?" I asked him seeing how worried Estelle was and I was worried to what this guy will say

"They found his body face-down in a riverbed back in Dahngrest. I just couldn't bear it if I ended up like that, you know."

"Ragou is...dead? But why?" I put my hand on Estelle's shoulder

After he said something he couldn't say anything that his lips are sealed and two girls jump down between us and the weird guy surprising he's kinda good looking, why must all the bad guys be handsome? will actly Yuri is handsome...okay so we end up fighting agents the bats that sometimes form into a bigger one.

"Thats him! It's Pteropus!"

Yuri and the others went into there fighting stance, I brought out my dagger throwing it into Pteropus and the others attacked too intill it burst into lot of bats, I saw what must be the leader bat.

"Yuri, guys! I found the leader bat!" I pointed my dagger infront of me dodging the bats at the same time geting cuts here and there but Estelle used First Aid on me and the others when we need it

"Got it! thanks Hana!" I smiled nodding to Yuri actly proud of myself I'm actly helping

After a while Yuri killed the leader bat and we target rest of the bats now, we killed them all, Estelle was standing infront of Gauche and Droite was trying to heal them thats kind of her but those girls just had to be rude to poor Estelle who wants to just heal them.

"We need no succor from are enemies..."

"You're not going to make fools of us..."

"But, with those injuries...!"

I walked over beside Estelle hands on my hips pretty annoyed with there attitude with Estelle who just wants to help

"Let her heal your wounds you fools! if you must withdraw now you must be healed to move..."

They were looking at each other thing the red hair one tsk

" may heal us but only once will you have are thanks..."

Estelle smiled happily that she can heal them, she did just that. They stood up, the red hair girl talked first.

"Let us withdraw..."

"Bye bye for now..."

And they disappeared in the small smoke

"Man this stinks... Where'd this smoke come from...?"

After we talked alittle Judy said there's a city called Mantaic, it was very silent place to live way to silent. We walked into the Inn where a Knight stands inside which is kinda creepy if you ask me, even the Inn guy was nervous.

"Can we stay the night here?" Yuri asked the Inn guy

We end up staying the night after that weird thing happened, at night I step out of the Inn sighing walking to the Oisis standing enjoying alone time intill I heard Yuri's voice say my name behind me, I don't know why but my heart skips a beat when he calls me by the nickname he gave me but I push that thought back of my mind turning around smiling.

"It seem's we both still have trouble sleeping..." I giggled softly sitting down in the sand

Yuri stand down next to me smiling

"Yeah, why do you always have trouble sleeping?"

My smile went down to a little frown "...Please don't tell the others I hate to burden them with my problems or you but sense you so carious~" I chuckled alittle "I have it's very hard to sleep so I do something to pass the time."

"...I see, will have you tried closing your eyes like that night at Nordopolica? you slepted right on my shoulder so I had to carry you back to the Inn."

I blinked blush forming on my cheeks "I-I did that? I'm so sorry Yuri! and I was surprised I actly fell sleep though..."

I saw him smiling from the corner of my eye

"Maybe you should try sleeping on my shoulder more often Hana." I pouted punching his arm playfuly, we laughed together

"Yuri you should go to sleep, it's geting pretty late for you...I'll go back inside in alittle bet." he nodded standing up and walking back to the Inn

I turn forward looking down on my lap where my hands clasp together tighten sadly "I'm sorry Yuri...but I can't tell you the real reason why I can not sleep... Soon you'll find out but when it comes will I be stronge enough?" I shooked my head "I better head inside before anyone else see's me not in bed." I stood up dust the sand from my butt walking to the Inn laying on my bed I picked out between Estelle and Judy closing my eyes fake sleeping.

When I awake I'll keep helping my friends, I wonder what I'll find out there? I guess I'll just have to wait for the time to come...


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