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When the sun rised I got up making sure not to wake up Duke, I played with some of the children even couple of dogs played too I was actually having fun forgetting my problems and forgetting about Yuri. I finally found a store clerk that had some clothe's, I put them on {her outfit is on my profile} and the clothes are very comfy and I can move in them when I fight.

"There you are..."

I stood up turning around to see Duke, smiling at him which he smiled back at me

"You were looking for me Duke?"

He stopped walking in front of me but not to close...wish he could be closer, whoa! I need to stop thinking like this. Seriously whats wrong with me?

"Yes, I woke up and you weren't in the seems you have found new clothe's."

I smiled brightly "Yep! one of the store clerk found these in the back and surprisingly they fit me perfectly."

"You look...nice."

I smiled, he never really told any female how nice they look

"So what should we do now? oh yeah! we can go to Halure, I did tell you I would show you my home."

"...I would love to see you're home."

I tilt my head blinking, that's so weird Duke is acting strange like he has something on his mind. I walk beside Duke smiling happily I get to see my home again.


We finally entered Halure and I see the Halure petal's everywhere! it's so beautiful, I grabbed Duke's hand and drag him to the tree.

"It bloomed! it's so beautiful...oh you can look around I have to see the mayor."

I ran to the Mayor's house to tell him all that happened then he asked me that one question I almost completely forgot about.

"Have you found a way to destroy the curse Hanako?"

"...Yes Mayor, but I don't think I'll ever get red of the curse...I thought I found love with someone but he does not love me."

"Then who is the man with you?"

"Duke? he's just a friend Mayor...I promised him I would bring him to my home."

"I not worry Hanako you'll find a way to break the curse. Now shouldn't you go find that friend of your's before he get's worried."

"Oh! thank you Mayor, bye." I walked out of Mayors house to see Duke standing there, he was staring at me "You heard all that did you?"

He nodded "What curse is it?"

I sighed "I better tell you at the tree so we can sit down."

Me and Duke walked back to the tree sat down under it. I told Duke about how I got the curse on me and how to destroy the curse.

"I see. So the only way to destroy this curse on you if you find love and he has to love you back..."

"Yeah...I thought Yuri was the one back then but I guess it was never ment to be." I sighed giving up on telling Yuri I love him

"It sounds like your giving up."

I nodded "Yeah, Yuri found someone else. I guess I just have to deal with it." I smiled at Duke with out knowing I caught him off gaurd not seeing pink across his cheeks

I couldn't help but felt free, I reach my hand to my chest smiling to myself knowing I don't love Yuri anymore... I'll find someone that well love me back I don't care if the curse fades away or not I well find someone, I know it in my heart. I lean my back agents the tree with Duke sitting next to me with one leg up resting his arm on his knees facing forward watching the pink petals falling, I told him the rest of my story after a while we went to the Inn renting a room with two beds of course then falling asleep...well he did but I just sat up on the bed watching outside of the window.

I was helping the kids collect the luluria petals for the fun of it, we all laughed enjoying the fun we are having. After I left to go check on Duke I was thinking of a certain someone, his face kept popping into my head his orange eyes kept hypnotizing me every time I see them. My thoughts stopped when pain hit full force making my body fell to the ground, I pulled my leg's and arm's close to my chest withering in pain not noticing a voice calling my name scared and worried I fainted from the pain afterwards welcoming the darkness with open arm's.


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