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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Soul Maka thought over and over in her head as she walked the streets of Death City with bags around her arms. She had tears running down her eyes and was tired from running.

What made her think this you may ask? Why did Soul, her trusted weapon partner, do to make her cry and run away from their apartment? Simple take a look.

Maka was quietly asleep from defeating a pre keshin. When she woke up she was still quite tired but had to make dinner. She arose from her bed and heard squeaks coming from the couch. She thought that Soul might be asleep so she quietly made her way to the kitchen.

Then she saw it. On the couch sat Soul and another girl from her class kissing. The boy she loved with another. She quickly ran back to her room. She didn't think that they saw her considering they were sucking face. Tears ran down her face as she was heartbroken from the scene. She swung open her closet door and grabbed and her over size sports bag.

She quickly began to pull open her drawers and pulled the clothing from it harshly shoving it into the bag. She moved on to her closet and grabbed whatever she found. She constantly had to stop and wipe her tears completely off her face and eyes. When she finished she grabbed her phone that had been charging and shoved it in her bag. She rushed around the room looking for her special hiding spots where she hid her emergency money for Soul. When she was done she looked at her room that was completely torn apart.

She didn't care though. She counted the money she'd save all these years and had about 500-1000. She rested on her bed tired from scurrying around her now ruined room. She looked at her phone it was around 7.

She let out a sigh along with a roll full of tears. She hiccupped for breathe the harder she cried and her hands were completely wet with tears. She had to leave this for awhile.

When she heard the front door close she suspected the girl left already. She didn't feel like see 'his' face right now. She wasn't about to walk through the front door and let him see her like this. She opened her window and looked at the fire escape one floor down. To normal people it was a jump that could kill but to her it was like jumping of the side walk onto the road. Simple as that.

She reached for a note and wrote down a small message on it. She left on her desk neatly nothing compared to her messed up room. When she heard a knocking on her door and voice of her right now hated weapon she grabbed her bag and her favorite book and jumped. She landed safely on the escape and quickly made a dash for the ground.

I didn't want to see his face at least not right now.

She continued to walk and walk until she couldn't. She looked at the path that lie in front of her and saw Blaire in her cat form walking down to the Apartment. When she saw Maka she ran over to her and greeted her.

"Hello Maka chan" she said happily.

"Oh Hi Blaire" Maka answered weakly.

"What wrong? Where you going?" she asked eyeing the big bag around her back.

"I wanted to get out for a while ya know" Maka said with a fake small smile.

"Maka Chan" Blaire said sympathetically knowing something was wrong.

"Well then I'll take my leave" Maka said walking past Blaire. She heard a small poof and saw smoke. She turned around to see the once talking cat in her human form.

"What he do Maka" Blaire asked walking back to Maka.

"I don't know what you're talking about" she lied the best way she could.

"You know what I'm talking about" she said sternly

"What Soul do" the cat woman asked again. Hearing his name broke Maka. She lost control and began to cry uncontrollably again. Blaire ran over to her and wrapped her arms over the small teen's body. She quietly comforted her until she began to quietly stop crying. She didn't want to stop but she didn't have any more tears.

"Now you wanna talk" Blaire asked patting her back softly. Maka only nodded wiping her tears.

"Now what happened" Blaire asked softly but determined to get an answer and scratch the crap out of Soul later.

"Soul… was… kissing…another…g-g-girl" she said crying more remembering the painful memory. Blaire was actually stunned to hear this. She knew both Soul and Maka liked each other but was too afraid to ruin their strong partner and friendship.

"Oh Maka" she said patting down her ruined hair "It's okay" she whispered softly.

"Blaire" Maka said speaking up "I don't wanna go home" she said squeezing Blaire a bit more.

"I know it's okay" she answered "There a little cheap hotel a block down why don't you get a room for the night" Blaire suggested. Maka only nodded and they began to walk over the cheap Hotel.

While they walked Blaire began to plot ways against Soul. She also planned on telling the others. She knew Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty would be furious. It wasn't long till they got there and checked in a room.

"Want Blaire Chan to stay with you" Blaire asked transforming back to a cat.

"No" Maka answered "I wanna be alone right know" she added plopping on the somewhat comfortable bed.

"Maka you know you have me and the others" Blaire said reassuring her.

"Yeah" Maka muttered from the pillow.

"Well then I'll be going now" Blaire said magically opening the door.

"Call me or the others if you need anything" Blaire said closing and locking the door behind her.

She was now alone. Completely alone in a hotel room with no one but herself. Here she could cry all she want without a worry but she wasn't about to do that.

She turned on the T.V and changed the channel until she found something to watch. It was the movie Titanic. She flipped over and watched the movie closely.

What caught this little blond's attention was the Rose. She was a high class woman trying to please her mother. She was of high class and was to act like she was. In a way she seemed like she knew her. Like she was just trying to be a smarty pants to be like her mother and be the best out there. Not having fun or being herself.

She noticed how much Rose felt when she was with Jack. He brought out the best in her. She had fun when she was not acting of high class. When she was free without a care in the world.

Maka wanted to be like that. Someone free without a care. Someone completely different than who she was. Someone that she wanted to be.

Around that time the story got sappy.

Too romantic

She thought turning it off and slipping in to a deep sleep. Maka already knew what she was about to do. She might regret it but she knew it might be best for her. A tear and smiled appeared and the darkness began to spread across the room as the clock struck mid night.

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