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Maka and Damien sat comfortably on the couch. As cheesy as it maybe Damien let out a yawn and extending his arm over Maka. Through the corner of his eye looked at Maka who smiled and snuggled into him.

They both were watching a RomCom picked by Maka and sat contently as the kissing seen came up. Maka and Damien suddently turned to face eachother a burning in both their eyes.

"Maka I have something to tell you!" Damien said as he cupped her face gently but swiftly.

"You do? I do too." she said as her face dusted with blush and she looked sheeplishly to the side.

"Maka I love you!" he said tilting her head to they saw eye to eye.

"Oh Damien I love you too!" She said as they bothed leaned in slowly.

"Be my weapon partner?" She breathed as thier lips were only centimeters away.

"Forever..." He responed as he gently leaned in and -

"NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Soul screamed as he shot out of bed. He quickly huffed trying to regain his breath.

"What a nightmare!" he said brows furrowed and breath still iratic. He gently placed a hand on his heart and ran other through his hair. He was covered in sweat.

"It felt to real though." He sighed and plopped back onto his bed. Slowly he checked the time only to sigh in irritation. It was already time for school and that was the lst thing he wanted to do.

Taking all the strength he could muster he jumped out of bed clutching his still fast beating heart.


"Maka~ Maka~ Wakey Wakey Maka~" Cole sang dancing around and flinging the curtains open like Cinderella. Though it seemed like the evil step sister was one minute away from killing the beautiful princess(?).

"What Cole?"Maka mumbled from under the cover. Her voice horse from crying and her eyes bunched up from the sudden intursion on light.

"Its time to get ready for school! Wouldn't want to be late!" He said ripping the covers off her small body.

"Ugh I don't wanna..." She groaned getting in a fetal position in vain. She covered her head with a pillow to block out the sun.

"Well then Maka you've forced me to do this!" he said grabbing her ankles and giving a firm pull, but not before Maka latched onto to the bars of Cole's head board. It just resulted in banging against the wall.

"So stubborn!" he commented "Come on! Let go!" He kept pulling as her grip hardened.

"noooooooooooooooooo" Maka moaned as she dug her head into the pillows.

"Fine! I guess I need some reinforcements!" He left the room and soon the apartment. Maka zoned in and when nothing was heard continued her sleep. That is until the door was nearly kicked off the henges and a loud "Wakey wakey rocker chic-ey!" was heard.

What is it with the stupid 'wakey wakey' crap around here? Maka noted in her head.

Damien shook his head.

"On the count of three we haul her?" Damien asked as they looked at eachother.

Each boy grabbed a hold of Maka's ankles and gripped them hard.

"THREE!" they pulled as Maka flung out of bed with a yelp and knocked Jack off his feet in to straddling position.

"Well Maka! I'd never!" he said dramatically send her a kiss and wink.

"Ugh yuck." Maka cringed shoving her foot in his face.

"Alright alright I was just joking!" He said trying to shove her off. She stuck her tounge out and got up from his lap and jumped on the bed once more.

"This is much more comfortable." she smiled. As the guys groaned. Great now they had to re-do that all over again.

"Maka, you need to get ready for school." Damien commented sitting next to her.

"School's the last thing on my mind right now." She commented "Plus Soul's probably going to be on my case most of the day." She sighed.

"Running away isn't going to help, ya know." Damien spoke.

"Well why don'tcha hang out with your other friends instead of Mr. Lab Rat?" Jack said as he slug his arms and linked them together in the back.

"Lab Rat?" Maka asked raising her head to look at him.

"Yeah aren't the rats they use in science all white and red eyed and shit?" He asked looking at Cole.

"I never thought of that! Wow Jack smart thinking!" Cole clapped.

"There called Albinos, dumbass." Damien commented. Maka rolled her eyes and smiled.

"Well if I'm going to school someone's gotta drive me and I wouldn't want to intrude-"

"NONSENSE!" Cole smiled. "I'll take you! It's been a while since I've seen Lord Death and Spirit." He smiled.

"Oh Senpai~" He wiggled his eyebrows and walked out the door while Maka stayed silent. Her face held a confused look and she tried to understand that last part.

"Your Death Scythes daughter, right?" Jack asked.


"..." Damien stayed silent before shoot a look at Jake. "Should we tell her?"

"Nah! It'll be funny for her to see herself." He chuckled before slapping his knee and walking out the door.

"I wanna ask but..." Maka sat up and looked at Damien.

"You'll see soon. I'm sure you will." He patted her back and walked out aswell. Maka sighed and got up to get ready. Pulling out some shorts and a loose blouse she walked into the restroon and got ready.

"Maka! 10 minutes and we have to leave!" Cole called out. Maka sighed pulling her hair into pony tails and puckering her lips .

"Looking good~" She laughed before switching the light off and walking out. She sat at the table and slipped her boots on.

"Ready?" Cole asked as he handed her a coffee thermus and a peice of toast.

"Yup lets go." Maka said swinging yuki over her shoulder and taking a swig of coffee.

Now both sat in Cole's car with the windows open. Maka occaisionally fixing her bangs as they flapped in her face fustraitingly. She tapped her finger against slit that the window rolled in out from.

It wasn't long till they reached the school ad caught the attention of almost anyone.I mean you riding a pretty awesome car that seemed to shine more than Cole's hair. Maka got out and walked to the front of the car waiting for Cole to join her.

"We're making quite the scene." Maka laughed as Cole walked by her side.

"Well might as well look good while doing it!" he chuckled and interlocked there arms much like a Dad would to to a bride on there way down to the alter.

Speaking of which.

"Hey Cole? Your cousins wedding is in two days right?" Maka asked as they walked to Lord Death Room.

"Oh Yes! She's been a bit on the fence lately. Calling me real late and all that but she's real happy." He smiled.

"That must be nice." Maka commented with a smile.

"It most definetly is!" He sang. "I actually went to go see her not to long ago and her dress was gorgeous! We were able to find one that suited her body perfectly!"

Maka smiled at his entusiasm.

"Oh have you found a dress too?" Cole asked.

"No, I haven't gone shopping but I might go today." Maka explained as they reached the door.

"OO~ Take me with you!" He said happily.

"Maybe..." Maka said shiftily. She knew this would end up in disaster.

"Lord Death can see you now."

Maka and Cole strolled in happily just as the previous student to tallk to Lord Death strolled by.

"Le gasp! Maka I love your shirt!" Yuri, as Maka recalled, said. She squshed her lips and gushed over Maka's lovely attire. She was quite the interesting soul if Maka remembered correctly. She also had a twin sister but they were faternal kinda like Liz and Patty. Yuri was the gothic/punk one with the the happy go lucky attitude and her sister was the colorful one with the I-could-care-less attitude. Twins but nothing alike. They didn't even look alike. Yuri was tanned with short black hair with neon blue highlights and Yuki was somewhat pale with long orangeish hair,purple tips at the end.

"Maka! Your outfit! Where?" She asked. Maka smiled nervously under her gaze as she frantically looked over her taking in every detail of her outfit.

"There's this small Vinage store at the mall." Maka said.

"Lil' Cals? I always go there! Yuki doesn't like it much but they have killer punk styles!" She giggled. "But I've never seen these before?"

"I found them at the bottom of the sale's bin at the back." She explained.

"No wonder! I always look at the new stuff in the front! Oh shucks I gotta start paying more attention." She pouted causing Cole to chuckle.

"Well I got to go to class. See Maka"-she noticed Cole around this time-" and Guy I don't know!" And with that she left.

"Quite the interesting charcter there." Cole commented.

"Yeah," Maka smiled "she's a nice girl. Real popular with the guys though she's got a boyfriend."

"I bet you are too~" he wiggled his eyebrows.

"No not as much as her! Stop it with the eye brows!" Maka gigled and stapped (not hard) his face away.

"Ah Maka! What do I own the pleasure!" Lord Death clapped his hands his voice carried a happy tune.

"I brought a friend who'd liked to see you." Maka smiled as Cole stepped up on the platform.

"Good day Lord Death, Such a pleasure to be in your presence." He smiled while taking a short bow much like a butler.

Okay- Maka thought- Who the fuck is this pim and proper dude.

"Nicholis! So nice to see you!" Lord Death said as he gave him patt on the back.


"Oh no..." Maka said stepping out of the way as Spirit went face first on the floor.

"Senpai!" Cole cried and fell to get him. "Senpai are you alright? Speak to me!"

Okay what...?

"HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU!" Spirit gasped as he shot up and hid behind Maka.

"Senpai!" Cole said outstreatching his arms and reaching for Spirit though he blocked using Maka as a human sheild.

"Maka get out of the way!" Cole said trying to throw himself at Spirit.

"Ah I see your love for Spirit senpai still resides." Lord Death laughed.

"Dear lord, is this what Damien was talking about..."Maka muttered to herself before shaking her head.


"NO GET AWAY!" and with that Spirit sprinted out of the room Cole following close behind.

"So whatcha here for Maka?" Lord Death asked.

"I missed school yesturday and need to know if there were any news about our mission this friday." Maka explained.

"Ah. Well I still haven't called the group in but the kishin has been spotted a few more times. Though he hasn't killed anyone in awhile he's still a great risk."

"Has the date been changed or are we still going after him on friday?" Maka asked.

"No everything is as it was. Nothing other than that has changed." He explained. "Now I hope you tell the others on this new information. Make's my job a little easier." he chuckled.

"Will do Lord Death." Maka smiled.

"Okay then your excused! Get to class now, wouldn't want to be late." He said guiding her down the platform.

"Thanks!" Maka smiled before exiting the room and greeting Azusa who scowled in return.

"Senpai!" Cole yelled still chasing Spirit. Maka looked at the scene wierdly. Before shaking her head.

"Idiots." She and Azusa muttered under thier breaths before turning to eachother.

"Get to class, Albarn. I'll deal with these idiots."

Maka smiled before walking down the hallways.

What time is it?

Taking a look at her watch she sighed.

Bearly 7:50? I got 10 minutes to kill.

Looking around she decided to walk around and just admire the many paintings on the wall. Perfectly symmertical of course, Kid made sure of that.

In fact.

Maka smiled deviously.

This might be entertaining...

She slowly crept up to one of the paintings and with her index finger slowly and gently pushed it slightly.

Kid jumped in his chair with a sudden chill and shudder.

"Kid something the matter?" Liz asked looking at him nail polish in hand.

"I dont know exactly but I feel a horrible disturbence." He said looking around.

"Like a kishin is near by?" Patty asked turning her head curiously.

"No like something is definetly not symmetrical." He continued to look around his leg jumping in uneasyness. ((?))

"Really Kid?" Liz huffed. He was definetly losing it. "Its probably nothing."

"Nothing!Nothing!Nothing!~" Patty sang.

"I'm going off to investigate!" He shot up off his seat and proceeded to the door.

"Kid! Class begins in like 7 minutes!" Liz shouted.

"Not symmetical!" Kid shouted back.

Maka frowned. She's already moved 9 paintings, and unsymmetrical number she noted, and nothings happend.

She shrugged. Well what did she expect Kid chasing after her screaming about how it was all unsymmetical!

"NOT SYMMETRICAL!" Her eyes widened as she moved her 10th painting and turned around.

"MAKA HOW COULD YOU!" He said just the sight of the moved painting brought tears to his eyes. She tried her best not to laugh before bolting out of there. Expecting him to stop and fix the painting he ran after her.

Holy shit all hell broke loose. Maka began laughing hard as she tried to avoid Kid. Though slowly she was slower laughing and trying to catch her breath from running at the same time. Her eyes shut from laughing hard.

She turned a corner and opened her eyes trying to find a way to loose him before she spotted the last thing on her mind.


Her eyes widened as she was past him and a blabbering Tiffany. There eyes locked and emotions flew through them.

"MAKA!" She snapped out of it before turning back to look at the small space between her and Kid.

"Shit." she cursed under her breath before she pushed her body to run faster accidently tripping over her feet. Kid immidiatly braked in order not to tumle over her.

"Ma-!" Soul began before a flash of blue was seen and Maka wasn't there anymore and Kid fell foward from stopping too suddently.

"-ka..." Soul looked around obviously confused.

"Ugh...symmetry..."Kid muttered in pain.

"Hahaha Imma borrow her for a while! Hope you don't mind!" Someone giggled.

"Uhhh SOUL! I'm, like, talking here! Listen!" Tiffany said tugging Soul's arm roughly.

Soul just ingnored her and looked around.

What the hell just happened...again?

Umm...There was something else...


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