I thought I should try-out a drabble-like story. Only gonna have about two chapters (:.


She finds out about Andy's -unfortunate, remorseful, heart-breaking- death not a week after her 18th birthday. She wanders into Damon's room one Saturday morning whilst he was putting on a black, dress shirt. His whole posture screams 'anger' and she tries not to ask any irrational question.

"Are you coming with me, or are you just going to stand there like a pretty doll?" She tries not to show the hurt, and tells herself that it's all just a passing phase.

"Who's...?" Elena doesn't even want to think about any harm that might have come to Jeremy or one of her friends, but she knows she's wrong.



"No, it was Stefan,"


She doesn't ask question on the way to the cemetery, and tries not to cry when Damon puts a yellow and white rose on the ground, beside Andy's grave. She knows she's not crying for Stefan, and instead of feeling jealous, she feels something akin to pity for Damon. Did she love him? Yes. Did she want to hurt him? No.


Three months pass, but Damon's mood doesn't. He chooses to dress in Black and always plays Andy's guitar just before sunset. She admits -selfishly, when she's in the safety of her own room- that she wants the flirty, arrogant yet absolutely charming Damon that she used to hate back, but then she sees the photo of all three of them on her bed-side table and slaps herself for being so insensitive.

He misses Andy the way she misses Stefan. The fact that Klaus took him away from her doesn't even register in her mind. Every fort-night, he calls her but doesn't mutter a word. So she chooses to speak to him until his calm breathing lulls her to sleep.

With every phone-call, her heart slowly stops throbbing, and she knows that she's letting him go without meaning to. She wishes for the old days, where she had to worry about driving before it gets too dark and stealing Jeremy's stash before he takes another puff.


She stops coming by the Boarding House and focuses on school. She knows that her grades have raised by the incredible looks she's getting. Caroline and Bonnie come over every Friday for a girl's night. Sometimes they go out, sometimes they don't. They never ask her about Stefan and Damon anymore, and Elena is grateful for that. She thinks her life is starting to return to normal.


She sees him again just as they enter The Grill. He's drinking something while trying -unsuccessfully- to dismiss some strawberry blonde woman that's leaning on him. Elena's heart doesn't throb and her body doesn't shiver the way it used to.

She walks over to him and sits on a stool, ignoring the smiles that Caroline is sending her. Bonnie ignores the situation and decided to join Tyler and Caroline.

"Long time, no see," He says without turning around. The woman finally leaves and Elena has a little triumphant smirk on her face. He send her a flirty wink but it just doesn't affect her like it used to, and he knows. "It would be nice to have a friend around again," He hints but it sounds friendly and nothing more.

Elena nods and chooses to kiss his cheek. "I missed having an old fart around," She replies cheekily and laughs at his amused expression.


She comes around on a Friday, exactly a week after. The birds tweet and the leaves rustle but the Boarding House is dead-quiet.

Too quiet.

She opens the door at the first thing she sees is Damon, black clad back. He doesn't turn around, but when he speaks, his voice is cold. "You should leave, now." He doesn't leave any room for an argument and Elena's anger raises.

She doesn't leave.

She enters the house and then the living room and her breath hitches. His eyesare the same emerald, and his hair is the loveliest dark blonde she's ever seen. She want to walk forward and she want to wrap her arms around him but her legs keep her in place and she can't move. His expression changes and she sees the old Stefan again.

Then, the moment is ruined and an arrogant chuckle makes her shiver. Him.

"I'm curious, after all the people that have died, and after all the families that have been destroyed, how is it that, she's still standing here, alive and healthy?" She answers and stands her ground.

She's surprised at how cold her voice is. "I'm curious," She begins and his blue eyes turn towards her. He steps forward but she doesn't step back, and Damon isn't there to defend her. "You have been keeping a close watch on Stefan, and you've been ordering him around, yet you don't know anything about the phone-calls, do you?" She says, waiting for his surprised expression. It doesn't come and she looks at Stefan, who's face shows guilt. Embarrassment floods her and Klaus smirks.

"You mean to say, that I haven't known about those conversations?" He heightens his voice and raises his hand, waving them around. "'Oh Stefan, I love you so much, please just hold on,' or, my favourite 'I will always love you, no matter what you do, no matter the number of people you kill, please know that I will always love you, above anyone else,'"

She doesn't know what happens, but one minute she's absolutely embarrassed and the other, she rages and slaps the hybrid, this time surprising him. His skins a bit too soft and a bit too warm, and she feels like he's just any other human. But then he turns to her, and his hand rests on her cheek.

"Do you want to die?"

"I don't care anymore, just kill me," And she doesn't care, Jeremy's got Bonnie and Alaric is still on his 'vacation'.

He let's her go and steps back slowly. He looks behind her and at Damon.

"Me and your dear brother shall be staying here for a bit, hope you don't mind,"She turns around to look at Damon, nearly missing the sarcastic shake of his head.