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Chapter 2

"Ahhh, what do I wear?" Rukia yelled, "that orange head got my uniform all bloody.." she mumbled to herself.

"Rukia, are you ready? You better leave now or else you'll be late for your first day of school" her brother yelled.

"Okay Nii-sama, I'm almost ready!" she shouted back. 'I have to thank Urahara for making an excuse on why I couldn't make it yesterday' Sighing, Rukia looked for her sweater. "I guess I'll just wear this over it." she huffed. Taking out her sweater from the hanger and put it over her chappy t-shirt. Grabbing her stuff she ran out the door. "Bye Nii-sama" she yelled.

Ichigo on the other hand…..

"Yuzu, do you know where my jacket is?" Ichigo asked while putting on a sock, bread in mouth and hands trying to button up his shirt.

"Umm, it's in the dryer Onii-chan" she replied sweetly.

"Ichi-nii, I think it would help everyone if you woke up a little earlier." Karin called calmly as she watched her brother rushing. Running to the dryer Ichigo took out his jacket "Ow, ow, ow, it's still hot!" he cried tossing the jacket back and forth. Hearing their brother yelp in pain, they chuckled. Stuffing his jacket in the bag, Ichigo ran out the door, "Bye Yuzu! Bye Karin!" he hollered.

"Bye Onii-chan!" Yuzu yelled.

"We should go too Yuzu" "Alright!" Yuzu closed the door and lacked it.

"Ichi-nii really didn't want to be late this time" Karin pointed out.

'Oh crap, I really hope I'm not late. I promised to get these A's and I will get them!' With that in mind Ichigo was now sprinting as hard as he could towards the school.


"Shimata, shimata, shimata!" he cussed under his breath. Now running past his limits, Ichigo zoomed past the school gates, through the entrance door and slammed the classroom door open. Looking up, he really hoped he made it in time even though he might've gotten detention for slamming (possibly breaking) the door, but he met gazes not with his teacher but two purple eyes. Kuchiki Rukia, the girl that helped him, the girl he yelled at was right there standing in front of him eyes filled with shock, anger and he thought he saw a hint of worry. "Midget?" Ichigo whispered as he gradually fell unconscious in front of her, again.

"Okay class, we have a new student that will be joining us throughout the year." Knowing that was her cue, Rukia carefully opened and closed the door then walked right next to the teachers desk. Turning around, she calmly wrote her name on the board, 'Kuchiki Rukia' Just as she finished writing her name, the door slammed open. Shocked by the sudden sound, Rukia jumped and quickly turned around only to see the strawberry head panting in front of the door. He looked up and his eyes met hers, suddenly, he said something. Rukia was infuriated by what he just called her, but she knew that no one else had heard him.

'Do you plan on embarrassing me you baka?' Rukia thought, 'if I said that out loud I might as well say goodbye to my-' hearing gasps Rukia snapped back into reality, realizing that Ichigo was now falling. Thinking fast Rukia quickly ran and caught him before the floor did. The whole class gasped at the scene that just happened before thier eyes. She even heard someone say "Kurosaki-kun!"

When she got a hold of Ichigo and her balance, one of her classmates called out to her, "Nice catch Kuchiki-san." Soon enough the whole class was murmuring around her. Smiling she looked down at her 'catch,' but felt her cheeks burn up when she noticed how close Ichigo's unconscious body was placed. She felt like dropping his body and run out of the classroom, but she knew it wasn't the wisest choice. Instead, she focused on controlling the blush creeping up on her cheeks.

"Kuchiki-san, would you mind taking Kurosaki-san to the nurses office?"


"Do you know where it is, want to take someone with you?"

"No, it's ok. I saw the nurses office on my way here." 'and I want to ask that bastard some questions. I've had an urge for punching something orange lately'

"All right, off you go then."

Bowing her head in respect, Rukia made her way to the nurses office.

Feeling himself bobbing up and down, Ichigo realized he was on someone's back. That someone just so happened to be Rukia. He was about to protest but his head felt dizzy and his muscles ached. Instead Ichigo said something, "thanks Rukia" he whispered before falling unconscious once more. Stopping, Rukia thought she heard Ichigo say something. Slightly turning her head she saw Ichigo sleeping.'He looks so calm and….cute' Blushing madly Rukia quickly jerked her head away and kept walking.'Not only did I call him cute, but….his face was waaay to close for comfort!' Across the hallway was the nurses office.'Okay, I'll just quickly drop him off and come back after I go to the washroom and clean up my tomato face! If the nurse lets me stay then he'll get a piece of me, if I can't then he'll get it later.' Covering up her blush as best as she could Rukia knocked on the door.

"Yes?" a lady asked. Her hair was braided around her neck and she had a very sweet smile.

"Hi, yeah…umm…my classmate… fainted…." She looked at them and told them to come in.

"Classmate huh? You seem to be doing an awful lot for a classmate. You sure you're not his girlfriend?" the nurse asked with a grin as she took Ichigo from her back.

"No, I am not his girlfriend. I'm new here so I don't really know anyone and the teacher had asked me to take him here." Rukia answered. Cheeks burning up by the second, 'how could she even think that?' In front of her the nurse was staring at her suspiciously, looking over at Ichigo, Rukia knew the nurse wasn't too concerned about him because he was sleeping in a very comfortable looking bed with an icepack on his forehead.

"Y-yes?" Rukia managed to stutter.

"Are you feeling sick? You're a little red." Suddenly, Rukia felt herself getting a little more red from embarrassment.

"Oh, uh….it's just a little hot in here, that's all," she replied 'at least I'm not completely lying'

"Well you are wearing a sweater" she remarked

"uh….." Rukia was lost for words ' Crap. I should've left right away'

"Well? You feeling all right?" Just then they heard Ichigo grunt and the nurse turned her attention back to Ichigo, taking the icepack off.

'Phew, that was a close call! For once, you did something useful Ichigo.'

"He's ok, he just went past his limit in running and fainted. When he can walk you guys get back to class ok." the nurse ordered as she walking through a door icepack in one hand, 'that must be her office'. Ahead of Rukia lay Ichigo struggling to open his eyes. Deciding to help him, Rukia walked to his bedside and sat on the chair beside it. Leaning over to his ear Rukia yelled in it


He shot right out of the bed wide-eyed. Rukia stared at him a smirk on her face, but she just couldn't hold in her laughter. Suddenly, she burst out laughing, tears coming to her eyes.

"WHY THE HELL'D YOU DO THAT FOR!" Ichigo exclaimed.

"Ahahaahahaha….that-was for-making-me carry you-all the way over here" Rukia giggled.

"Why'd you bring me here in the first place?"

Controlling her laughter Rukia just smiled, "that's beause you fainted when you came into class" she replied as she hit him hard on the shoulder.

"Ow, I remember, you don't have to hit me!" he exclaimed

"That was for calling me a midget!"

"Hey I never called you a…..oh, uh….right"

"Oh, uh…right my ass! I almost lost it when you called be a midget back there!" she shouted.

"Well you didn't lose it so you have nothing to blame me for. Enough of this now, what I would like to know is why you didn't tell me that we were going to the same school."

"First of all, I thought that you would at least be smart enough to notice I was wearing the girls uniform for the school and secondly, when someone helps you out, twice, you should say thank you and not 'you have nothing to blame me for'!"

"Hey, I never asked for your help and I already said thank-you to you once, don't expect me to say it again midget!"

"Arrrrggg, your such a dumbass. I'm going back to class!" She yelled storming off.

"Fine!" he yelled back.

"Annoying bitch…" mumbled Ichigo.

"Caustic bastard…" growled Rukia.

Just before she opened the door, Rukia tried calming herself down, 'breathe in, breathe out….in….out..' Pushing the thoughts of Ichigo aside, she replaced them with her favourite rabbit 'chappy.' Feeling a lot better, she opened the door with confidence and a sweet smile on her face. Simultaneously, thirty heads, including the teachers', turned to face the petite raven haired girl. Still smiling, Rukia walked over to the empty desk at the back near the window as thirty pairs of eyes followed. When she finally sat down her teacher spoke for everyone in the class, "how is he?" Her smile slowly faded away, but she spoke in her sweetest voice, "he's doing all right." Sighs of relief was heard all around her and people started murmuring. Turning her attention to her teacher Rukia knew she wanted more information, 'why can't you just fucking drop it, jeez.'

"When we got there the nurse asked me what happened.." 'and if I was his damn girlfriend!' " I told her what happened. She let us in and put Ichigo in a bed." Rukia was struggling to keep her sweet voice, but she kept going.

"After putting an icepack on his head she explained to me that he fainted because he exceeded his limits running here, therefore fainting. After that she told me to go back to class."

Nodding her head in understanding, Soi fon continued the lesson, but Rukia didn't pay attention. She was focused on the green, orange, red and brown leaves as they slowly swayed to the ground. Rukia peacefully watched them with interest, but after a minute the peace was broken when a certain orange haired boy walked into the class. Rukia sent him a quick glare, she knew that Ichigo got it because he grunted.

"Are you alright Kurosaki-kun?" she asked in a sweet innocent voice.

"Are you alright my fucking ass! You yelled in my damn ear, punched me in the friggin stomach, then left; and now your asking me if I'm fucking okay! Yeah, I'm alright!" he replied sarcastically.

Rukia couldn't help but smirk inside. Pretending to gasp Rukia continued her act, "I did that! Are you sure, I wouldn't want to do such a thing to my classmates," now pretending to cry, Rukia kept going, "but…I was….the only one there……I-it….must be me!" she gasped between her cries. Placing her hands on her face, Rukia pretended to sob, but was truly just trying to hide her smirk.

People started murmuring again, "Kurosaki-kun, don't you think your being a bit too harsh. How are you positively sure Kuchiki-chan did it" someone cried

"Yeah Ichigo, Inoue is right. You were probably imagining your old man beating you up and the wonderful Miss Kuchiki just to happened to be there and you blamed her for it!" another person chirped in. The murmurs were getting louder. Curious to see his reaction about this, Rukia lifted up her head only to see cold brown eyes glaring right at her.

"Shut-up Keigo!" shouted Ichigo as he walked over to the empty desk across from Rukia. Once he took his seat Rukia quietly whispered so only Ichigo could hear, "that's karma for you." Ichigo only grunted in response as Soi fon continued the lesson once more.

When the bell rang for lunch everyone flooded out of their classrooms and headed for the cafeteria, well, almost everyone. A certain orange head went somewhere else to eat his lunch along with the few friends he had. Going to his locker, Ichigo turned the knob a few times until he was able to click it open. Grabbing his lunch he locked his locker and headed for the rooftop. Slowly opening the door Ichigo realized that no one was there yet, 'at least it'll be quiet for a while, I need to think some things through..' Little did he know that the silence was going to end soon because a certain someone had been following him. Pondering, Ichigo walked to his 'spot' and sat down so he could eat his lunch. When he heard the door open again Ichigo expected to see one of his friends, but when he looked up he saw a small figure.

"What are you doing here midget?" scowled Ichigo.

Burning with anger Rukia yelled at him to stop calling her midget, but she remembered why she followed him and stopped.

"Can I eat lunch with you…?" she asked as nicely as she could.

Taken aback by her sudden change of attitude and question, Ichigo said nothing. 'The devil midget that called me several names…is asking if she wants to eat lunch with me?'

"What's the catch?" Ichigo asked suspiciously.

"There's no catch, I just want to eat lunch and you just so happen to be the only person I know."

"Then go and make some friends, everyone thinks of you as cute and innocent so it shouldn't be that hard" he replied coolly.

'It was worth a try' "Yeah…right…" Rukia mumbled as she looked down at her feet, "I don't blame you for mistrusting me…." Slowly, Rukia turned around and reached for the door handle

"Wait!" cried Ichigo. Turning to face him Rukia was confused, 'what is he going to say? He can't possibly be telling me I could eat with him after I did that to him, even I would've said no if I was in his spot.'

"Yeah we got off the wrong hand and all, but I'm not that mean to say no to you considering I'm the only one you know" he stated sending her the same smile from when they first met. Smiling back, Rukia walked over to him and sat down, "Thanks"

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