It was raining outside.

She could hear the pounding of the drops on the tin roof of the old building where she and her subordinates gathered to talk and fight and plan the advancement of their gang. The guy next to her raised his voice a little bit as he spoke. And she winced a little bit because the loudness of his voice was causing her head to ache painfully as she fidgeted in her seat and played with the cell phone that her father had bought for her several weeks ago when her mother, whom was currently nine months pregnant with her younger sibling had gone into 'fake' labor.

Her father had figured that since her mother was so close to giving birth that it would be best for her to have a cell just in case her mother went into labor and needed her for anything.

She chewed on her bottom lip anxiously and squirmed around a little bit as she flipped the cell open, looked at the screen. No messages. Damn. Then flipped the phone closed only to repeat this process several more times before she heard someone call her by her code name. First fist.

She looked up from her phone and suddenly found herself the center of attention as all eyes in the room turned to her. Crap. She should have been paying attention to what was being said before but to be perfectly honest she just didn't care what was being said.

She didn't care about gaining more territory or branching out into drugs and prostitution and shit like that. She didn't care about crushing people or stealing or any of those things like the others in the room did.

Money didn't motivate her. Neither did the need to hurt others simply for fun.

She didn't need to be here. The only reason that she was present at the meeting right now was because she hadn't wanted some of the more twisted subordinates sniffing around her home when her family was in such a vulnerable state.

"First fist, are you paying attention? This meeting is important to your future as our leader."

She felt the need to snort. She seemed to be the only person in the room aware that she had no future here. Still, the guy was right she needed to pay attention to what was being said. If she didn't someone might try to plan someone's death and try to get her to okay it again. "I'm listening." She said as she leaned to the side a little bit and got herself more comfortable in her chair in the hopes that she could manage to at least stop squirming so much.

She was starting to give others in the room the impression that she was on drugs and in desperate need of a fix. She sighed and propped her cheek in one hand and continued to play with her phone for another hour before she finally felt it vibrate in her hand and jumped up out of her chair, effectively silencing everyone in the room as she read the text then looked at the picture attached to it.

The letters of the text said very clearly, Meet Honoka! You're baby sister!

And under the words was a picture of a crying infant in a pink blanket. Her lips curved up a little bit in a small smile as she ran her thumb over the image of her baby sister's face as one of her people asked, "First fist, what's wrong? Did something happen with one of our branch groups?"

"No. No nothing like that-" She murmured as she quickly sent a text to her dad telling him that she was on her way to the hospital then put her phone away and looked around. Everyone was still looking at her. Good. Because she had something to say. "Ladies. Gents. I have an announcement to make then I'll be leaving. So pay attention cause I'm only going to say this once." She said as she lifted her gloved hand up where everyone could see their gang insignia as well as her rank within it and pulled it off.

Everyone gasped as she tossed the glove into the middle of the room and watched as it hit the floor and said as she turned her back on the group and started walking towards the nearest exit, "The gang is yours now. I quit."