As fate would have it, Sakaki hadn't wandered far after his little conversation with Akisame.

He had just decided to hide out until Miu and Apachai left the clinic before returning and peering into the clinic's open doorway warily, almost as if he expected something to be thrown at his head- and noted Akisame was sitting next to Kenichi's bed with his hand on the girl's forehead and he was speaking in a gentle and soothing tone.

"That's right," Akisame said softly as he smoothed some of Kenichi's dark hair back frrom his-er her- he meant her, face. "Just sleep. You're too exhausted to move right now anyways."

Stepping through the door a little bit, causing Akisame to look up. His sightless eyes boring into his skull as a slightly startled look crossed his features. "Ah, Sakaki. I thought you had run screaming into the night." Akisame joked, a serene smile curving his lips.

Sakaki scowled at him. Not that it did any good. The blind bastard could rib him until he was blue in the face and Sakaki's murderous expression would never cow the smaller and seemingly weaker man one damn bit.

"Idiot. Like I would run from this-" I'm much too curious about the kid at the moment to bother running. Sakaki thought as he slowly made his way over to Akisame's side and looked down at Kenichi's unconscious form.

Now that he saw the kid sleeping... He-er she- dammit, he needed to stop doing that! Kenichi's features were considerably softer and more relaxed than usual. Giving her a more than feminine appearance than when she was awake. Hell, if she'd just dress and act like a female the brat could give Miu and Shigure a run for their money in the looks department. Studying Kenichi's features further, Sakaki was becoming more and more convinced that the kid actually was a girl when Akisame said.

"You're wondering how Kenichi managed to pull this trick off right under our noses, aren't you?"

Startled by Akisame's voice Sakaki started to fidget when he recalled that the other man couldn't see the nervous action and stopped himself. "Uh... yeah I guess you could say that." He said almost tentatively.

"Well Sakaki, there could be any number of reasons- But the main one is I think that she was simply determined not to let anyone know. For what reason I have no idea though."

"Could it have anything to do with the guys that have been jumping her lately?" Sakaki asked curiously. Akisame was quiet for a moment then shrugged his broad shoulders.

"Could be. After all she's at the age where she should know all too well what happens to little girls who are out numbered and out gunned. It's entirely possible that she does it to protect herself or out of habit... Although it could also have something to do with her upbringing."

"And she's hiding it from Miu-" Sakaki said in an almost growling tone, a sure sign that he didn't approve of the fact that Miu's one fried was lying to her as Akisame laid a hand on his arm and patted it.

"I'm sure that she must feel that she can better protect Miu as she is now." Sakaki was quiet for a moment then sighed and ran his fingers through his dark brown hair. As much as he hated to admit it, that sort of made sense. The only real question now was, 'What should they do with the knowledge that they had gained?'

Should they tell Miu that Kenichi was a girl like her? Or should they keep their mouths closed?

Frankly things would be more interesting if they said nothing and just watched things unfold as they were meant too. But as Miu's guardians Akisame knew that the girl had the right to know what was going on with her friend. When Akisame said, "I seriously doubt that Ken-chan is trying to hurt Miu by lying to her. For all we know there may be circumstances that Ken-chan feels may do more harm than good to Miu if she knew the truth."

"Like what?" Sakaki wondered out loud before quickly slapping a hand over his mouth and glancing over at Akisame. God he was a moron to voice that thought out loud. Especially since Akisame had a habit of painting some nightmarish images for him whenever he asked him something along those lines.

The smaller man made a humming sound and tilted his head this way and that for a moment before replying, "I'm not certain. And I wouldn't hazard to guess. All I can say is if she's hiding her gender from Miu then whatever has driven her into hiding must be something worth worrying over." Not realizing the impact his words would have on the other man, Akisame removed his hand from Ken-chan's forehead and went back to his desk.

Leaving Sakaki standing there with his hands tightly fisted at his sides staring down at the girl for a moment before bringing one of his large hands up and letting it hover over her chest, just hover, there was no touching. Nothing that could awaken her with a start or cause her to twitch as his dark eyes burned with anger.

Not at her. Not like they might have if he had thought she was simply lying to Miu for fun as he thought, Whether it's one person or a thousand that's driven you to live you're life like this- they will pay. And with a silent snarl he closed his hand and let it drop back to his side then quietly stalked out of the clinic. He suddenly felt like hitting the streets and finding out what the fuck was going on.

And who knew, maybe he'd find a good fight to alleviate the boiling in his blood while he was at it.