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Chapter 1-

A man dressed in all balck held a small bundle in his arms as he ran through Makai.

" I'm sorry my son, but i can no longer protect you..." The man said to the small bundle.

The man ran through Makai, looking for a portal to ningeki. Once the man found one, he went through the portal, and started dashing though the city holding the bundle tight to his chest. The man only stopped when he came arcoss a small game shop. He walked up to the shop and laid the bundle down. The man took a small tear gem, that was black swirled with red that was on a string, and tucked into the bundle. He also tuck a note on top and laid the bundle down on the steps.

"Good-bye my son. Keep this tear gem close to you. I love you." The man said to the bundle.

He knocked loudly on the door and jumpeed into a near by tree to make sure that his son was taken in by the own of the game shop.

Sugoroku Mutou yawned as he walked to the front door of the shop. He had no idea who would be at the shop this late but he was going to give them a piece of his mind for wakeing him up this early. When Sugoroku opened the door he was shocked to find a small baby with a note on top, in the front of his door. He picked up the note and began to read in.

Hello, My name is Yugi Jaganshi, and I Just turned one today.

Sugoroku smiled and brought the small baby inside.

Hiei watech as the old man caried his son into the shop.

"Good-bye Yugi...I will see you again some day." Hiei said as he jumped off back to Makai. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Twenty-Three years later...

"Yug...come on! Please!" Jounochi begged his best friend as he sat on his couch.

Yugi sighed as he put his star shaped tri-colored hair in a samuri style ponytail. Yugi plopped down next to his best friend and sighed again.

"I dont know Jou-kun, what am i going to do about the shop? I don't know if i should shut it down for that long..." Yugi said as he looked over at his friend.

"Aww come Yug! You could use a vacation...my firiend in Kyoto have been dyin' to meet you!" Jou begged his friend.

"Fine! I give! I'll go with you!" Yugi said as he though his hands up in the air.

"Sweet! You will have so much fun!" Jou Said as he jumped from his spot on the couch.

"So when are we going?" Yugi asked as he examined his pointy demon nails that where painted black.

"ASAP!" Jou Said with a smile.

Yugi groaned and looked over at his blond friend.

"Why do you need me to come with again?" Yugi asked as he played with his black and red tear gem that hung around his neck.

"They have been wanting to meet you for awhile now. I told them a lot about you." Jou said with a smile.

Yugi sighed but smiled a bit as he looked at his friend.

"Let me go get packed and we can leave." Yugi said as he stood up and went to his room with Jou shortly behind him.

As Yugi was packing to leave on his vacation with Jou, Yugi's cell phone ran.

"Moshi Moshi? Oh hey Seto..." Yugi said as he held the cell phone with his shoulder so he could keep packing.

Jou glared at the phone in Yugi's hand, not liking the man on the other end of it.

"Sorry I whish i could but I'm getting ready to leave on vacation with Jou-kun as soon as i get done packing. Where? We are going to Kyoto to visit some of Jou-kun's friends. Huh? Oh you don't have to...oh well if you are sure. The door is lock so you the key I gave you to come in and don't for get to lock up again when you come in. I'll see you soon Seto..." Yugi said as he hung up the phone.

"What did money bags want?" Jou asked.

"He asked me to spend time with him but i told him that i was going on vacation with you. He then insited that he came over." Yugi said as he went back to packing.

Jou growled and huffed as he crossed his arms. Jou didn't know why Yugi wanted to be friends with Kaiba, but there was no arguing with Yugi about it for now. After a little while Yugi and Jou could hear someone walking up the stairs and soon Seto Kaiba was standing in Yugi's bed room doorway.

"Hello Seto, I hope you locked the door, when you came in." Yugi asked.

"Of course I did..I"m not like this mutt.." Kaiba said as he looked over at Jou.

"Don't even start money bags!" Jou growled as he glared at Kaiba.

"Anyways, When are we leaving for Kyoto?" Kaiba asked as he ignored Jou.

"WE? I hope you don't think you are in this 'we' Kaiba..." Jou said as he continued to glare at Kaiba.

"Do you really think I would like you travel alone with Yugi?" Kaiba said.

"Your not his boyfriend Kaiba!" Joun said as he glared at the CEO.

"Jou-kun..relax..let Seto come if he really wants too" Yugi said to his friend.

"Fine! We leave as soon as Yugi is done packing. My suit case is already in my car." Jou said.

"Good, we will be taking my private train. I alrady have a hotel booked with two rooms." Kaiba said.

"Then when we get there you can call your friends Jou-kun." Yugi said with a smile.

Jou smiled and nodded as he watched his friend finish packing. Once Yugi was all done packing he carried his bag to Kaiba's limo. When Yugi's and Jou's bags where in the limo with Kaiba's, they got in and headed to Kaiba's personal Train. After a twenty minute drive to the train station Yugi, Jou, and Kaiba grabbed their suit cases and loaded them on the train.

"Wow, Seto! It's amazing!" Yugi said as he looked around at Kaiba's train.

"I'm glad you like it. Please make yourself comfortable. We whould be in Kyoto in a few hours." Kaiba said completely ignoring Jou.

Yugi nodded and made himself comfy on one of the chairs, ready for the long ride to Kyoto.

"Wow, it's so pretty.." Yugi said as he walked out of the train station with Kaiba and Jou.

"Lets get going. I have a car waiting for us." Kaiba said as he walked out with them.

When they got everything in the car, they took a short drive to the hotel. Kaiba was able to check them in to the hotel and then they headed up to their rooms. Yugi decied to stay in Jou's room, so he wouldn't bother Kabia just in case Kaiba had to work.

"Hey Jou...Why dont you call your friends and let them know we're here." Yugi said as he started to put his clothes away.

"Okay." Jou said with a smile as he picked up his cell phone.

Hiei came to a halt at one of the portals that lead to ningenki.

"He...is in Kyoto..with them.." Hiei said as he gazed at the portal.

Without another thought Hiei dashed though the portal.

Kurama looked out the window of this apartment. He felt a demonic energy that felt familar but not familar.

"But who is it..." Kurama asked himself.

Before Kurama could think anymore on the subject his cellphone went off.

"Hello?" Kurama answered.

"Hey! I want you to meet a friend of mine and Kuwabara's! Be at Genkai's Temple in ten minutes!" Yusuke said to Kurama.

"Alright i will head out now. I will see you there." Kurama said.

"See ya!" Yusuke said as he hung up.

Kurama hung up the phone and smiled a bit as he walked out of his apartment and headed to Genkai's temple.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Chapter 1

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