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Chapter 4

It was a week later and Jounochi had gone back to Domino to pack up his things so he could move in with Yusuke. Yugi started work at the new Kaiba Corp game shop, and all of Yugi's things where now at the new place. Yugi was mostly unpacked but there where a few more boxes that he need to unpack. Hiei stayed close to him most of the time, other wise he was out checking for demons around. Yusuke and the others came to visit often, and it did help the so Yugi wasn't so alone when Hiei was off checking for demons. Yugi was currently out shopping while his father was doing rounds. Yugi was in a book store looking for something else to read when he ran into someone.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!" Yugi said as he looked up at the rather tall man.

"It's fine, I wasn't watching either." The man chuckled.

When Yugi looked up at the man he blushed and looked away. The man that was facing him was very attractive. He was about six foot one and his white hair was about three inches past his shoulders and was in a low ponytail. The man's sharp red eyes looked over Yugi's toned and fit form. Yugi was wearing a double layer mesh short sleeved shirt that had slashed holes in it and fit to Yugi's form. Yugi was wearing plain black Tripp pants and black boots with ankh shaped buckles. On each wrist Yugi had on spiked bracelets and a spiked collar that matched. He also wore the black and red tear gem necklace that his father gave him. Yugi's long demon nails where still painted black and his shoulder length tri-colored hair was put up in a high ponytail. The man smirked a little held out his hand.

"The name is Dante Darulo." he said in a friendly tone.

"I'm Yugi Jaganshi.." Yugi said as he blushed.

"So tell me...are you busy right now?" Dante asked Yugi.

"Not really. I just moved to the city to live with my dad, and he is at his job right now." Yugi said with a smile.

"Well, why don't we hang out. I'm new in town too." Dante said with a smile.

"That sounds great!" Yugi said with a smile.

Yugi and Dante paid for their books and left together. Yugi took Dante to a small coffee shop that he found the other day. Yugi was up getting their food when a hawk landed near Dante.

"So you met him?" The Hawk asked Dante.

"Of Course Isei, and he is better than I thought before..." Dante said as he watched Yugi pay for their coffee.

"So have you decided?" Isei asked him.

"Of Course...I'll talk to his other father when I get back." Dante said to his hawk.

Isei nodded and flew off to wait for her master to get done talking to Yugi. Dante smiled at Yugi as he walked back over to him.

"Here you go." Yugi said as he set it down.

"Thanks Yugi." Dante said with a smile.

"Its not a problem." Yugi said as he sat down across from Dante.

At the apartment, Hiei had just arrived home to find his son still not home. A little worried, knowing that Yugi's was still new to the city. Hiei jumped out the window and went next door to Yusuke.

"Yusuke..Have you seen Yugi?" Hiei asked him, scaring the ex-detective.

"Holy shit Hiei! Can't you use the front door! You live next door!" Yusuke said jumping a little from his spot on the couch.

"Just answers the question." Hiei growled at him.

"No, he left about an hour or two ago. Why?" Yusuke asked wonder why his friend was worried about his son.

"I've been sensing a demon around." Hiei said as he started towards the window again.

"Are you worried that they will go after Yugi?" Yusuke asked him.

Hiei didn't answer him, but instead he jumped out of the window. Yusuke sighed and got up from his stop on the couch. He knew that Hiei would never ask for help, so Yusuke figured that he would help out anyway. He got his shoes on and walked out of his apartment. Yusuke figured that Yugi couldn't have been very far since he didn't know the city all that well.

Yugi was currently walking in the park with Dante when Hiei finally found him. To say that he was upset was putting it lightly, but he couldn't blame Yugi since he knew that Yugi hasn't really had any training, yet. Hiei was going to change that now that he knew the demon he had been sencing was now hanging around his son.

"Yugi..." Hiei said as he walked up to the young demon.

"Oh hi Dad. This is my new friend Dante Darulo. Dante this is my dad Hiei Jaganshi." Yugi said as he introduced the two.

"It's nice to meet you ." Dante said with a smile.

"Hn..." Hiei said as he looked the man up and down.

"Anyways...Dad did you need something?" Yugi asked breaking the uncomfortable silence

"Its getting late..." Hiei said still not talking his eyes off Dante.

"Yeah I guess your right. Here is my number Dante. I'm going to head home with my dad." Yugi said as she handed Dante a piece of paper with his number on it.

"Thanks Yugi! I'll text you. I would like to get to know you better." Dante said with a smile.

Yugi blushed but smiled at Dante. With a few more good byes Yugi left with Hiei, who was not happy about Yugi meeting up with Dante. When they got back to the apartment, Yusuke was waiting to make sure Hiei found Yugi.

"You found him okay?" Yusuke asked Hiei who simple grunted in response before disappearing into the apartment.

"He went over to your place looking for me." Yugi asked Yusuke as he opened the door for his own apartment knowing that his dad was more that able to fine his way in threw the window.

"Yeah, he was pretty worried when you weren't home when he got back. Where were you?" Yusuke asked.

"I was at the book store, but I meet a guy there. His name is Dante Darulo. Though when dad found us walking in the park, he didn't seemed all that happy that to meet him." Yugi said as he thought about the meet at the park.

"Who knows what goes through his head. Don't worry about it Yugi. Hiei is your dad after all." Yusuke said with a big smile.

Yugi nodded and walked into the apartment. He closed the door and looked it, then took off his shoes and looked around for his dad. Yugi found Hiei perched on the window looking outside.

"Something on your mind Dad?" Yugi asked him.

"I want to start training you how to use your powers." Hiei said before looking over to his son.

"Really?" Yugi asked sitting close to where Hiei was perched.

"Yes, I want you to be able to defend yourself just in case." Hiei said to him.

"Alright, that sounds like a good reason. Not safe for a demon to be wandering around unable to control his powers." Yugi said.

Hiei nodded and went back to looking out the window. Yugi smiled a bit and then got up and started to walk over to the kitchen.

"I'm going to start making dinner." Yugi said to Hiei.

"Hn.." Hiei commented knowing that Yugi was a very good cook.

End of Chapter

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