A/N: I chose to put this under a story of its own because I enjoyed it far more than I enjoyed my other "monthly prompt lists". This piece stands on its own but the majority of this little 'story' is a series – which I hope you guys enjoy =D

I do not own anything relating to Inuyasha. This goes for all the pieces =/

Title: Little Theory
Prompt/List/Ficlet Number: Balloon- Air - #5
Author: kagom313
Rating: PG
Genre: Family
Universe: AU
Word Count: 299
Summary: The kids express their opinions.
Warning: Language

"It's not right…"

The worry in the little girl's voice would alarm anyone within reach, but for the identical boy standing next to her, his only reaction was a roll of his wide gray spheres, muttering under his breath about idiotic girls.

"You've seen how she eats!" The boy stressed, tiptoeing to get a better look at the object of their concentration. "Obviously she'll get fat," He snickered at the sleeping female on the bed, oblivious to their existence as she snored lightly over their hushed argument.

"Mama is notfat butthead!" She hissed, tugging roughly on the boy's long midnight waves.

"Ouch!" He yelped, rubbing his wounded scalp. "That fucking hurts!"

The little girl's mouth instantly opened into a small 'O' as she pointed an accusing finger, just as a tall older version of said boy entered the room. "He said the f-bomb like you papa!" She tattled annoyingly, earning her a hidden finger from said boy. "And he gave me the finger!"

"Now now," The male whispered, placing his briefcase near the door as he loosened his tie. "What did I say tyke?"

The four year old pouted with a fold of his arms, the glare aimed at his twin threatening to kill. "I'm sorry – it won't happen again."

Inuyasha smiled, scooping up his twin daughter in his arms before ruffling the boy's hair. "That's more like it." He leaned over to place a sweet kiss on his wife's puckered lips. "Now, why are you guys pestering mama as she sleep?"

"It wasn't my idea!" The girl rushed out. "Toga kept saying mama is fat!"

"Well that's more believable than thinking she's turning into a balloon!" He scoffed at his sister's stupidity, rolling his eyes skywards.

Inuyasha burst out laughing at his kids.

"That doessound crazy."