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Title: It Works Well
Prompt/List/Ficlet Number: Snow - Air - #9
Author: kagom313
Rating: PG
Genre: Teen
Universe: AU
Word Count: 305
Summary: Kagome takes Inuyasha's mind off of his problem.

Inuyasha's furry dog ears wiggled in irritation as small cold dots fell against them. "I always hate it when those powder fall." Inuyasha grumbled, flattening his ears atop his head.

Kagome giggled softly, snuggling deeper in her sleeping bag for more warmth. "You know, in my time we don't call them powder." She giggled once more when he flashed her a look – as if to say he didn't give a fuck. And he didn't.

As his cursing increased, Kagome couldn't help but watch on in amusement as he tried to swipe away the cascading snow with his talons. "Um… you know," She blushed crimson as her mind started turning the wheels of ideas. "Um… In my time, during times like these to take our mind off of this… We usually…" Kagome blushed, turning her head away from him. "Ah forget it… You wouldn't want to do it."

Within a flash, Inuyasha was beside her, his ears perked with excitement, eager to take his mind off of his futile fight. "How can you be so sure?" He growled when he felt the chilliness increased. "What do we have to do?"

Kagome wet her lips hesitantly. "Close your eyes…" Smiling bashfully, Kagome sat up with as her smile spread into a grin.

The moment his lids fell close, Inuyasha felt a heated sensation against his lips, before his face heated up as he felt something warm licking the seam of his lips.

When he was about to give her more access, Kagome pulled away with a smug look on her face; pleased to see a flushed Inuyasha before her.

Inuyasha broke out in a huge grin.

"Well damn, if you wanted to kiss me so badly," He started, leaning towards her. "All you had to do was…" His words fell short as his lips crushed against hers.