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Chapter 1

He could remember the conversation like it had been yesterday.

"Danny, what else can we do?"

Danny had whirled around to glare at his partner. "Oh, I don't know! How about not go on stupid, reckless suicide missions?"

Steve had rolled his eyes as if his partner were being over-dramatic. "It's not a suicide mission."

Danny's loafers pounded on the floor of headquarters, and his breath came quickly. And not just because he had run all the way from his car, in the dark. It felt like ice gripped his insides, and Kono's panicked voice would not leave his head. You need to get over here, quickly. Something's happened.

This could not be good.

"Not a suicide mission?" Danny had demanded, leaning down on the taller man's desk. "You saw those photos, of the last person the feds sent in undercover!"

"Yeah, and I also saw the photos of those kids," Steve had finally snapped back, leaning down as well, shoving his finger at the distance. "Those kids who had been sold to be beaten, raped and murdered! This is the right thing to do, and you know it! Imagine if one of those kids was Grace!"

Something inside Danny had snapped, and before he knew what he was doing the telephone had gone flying to the floor. They had both stared at it for a moment before Williams turned to point a dangerous finger at his partner. "That was low. Dammit, Steve, this is not a good idea, and you know it."

Half a dozen people surrounded the centre console, and they all looked up as he slammed the door open, slowing to a hurried, panicked walk. One person walked over to him, anxiety written all over his face. But it never reached his eyes.

Danny pointed a finger at the guy, but walked straight past him, ignoring him to avoid punching him. He focused on Chin and Kono instead, who actually looked worried.

"What the hell happened?" he demanded slowly.

"I know. And I'm sorry. But I have to do this. We have to stop these guys. And if this is our best chance, then I have to take it." Steve had shaken his head. "They need an inside man, someone who looks local, knows the island, and can handle himself. That's me."

"This is not the way, though," Danny had pleaded, putting his hands together. "Protocol, and investigating, digging, looking into everything we have until we have something to nail these guys with. That's how we do this, and that's how you avoid not being executed when they find out you're a cop!"

"Except the FBI's been doing that for the last two years," Steve had reminded him. "And it hasn't worked so far. Considering their resources outstrip even ours, do you think we have much of a chance. We need to stop these guys yesterday. We need to stop them from hurting any more kids."

Chin and Kono shared a look, before she looked down, and he looked to the FBI agent that Danny wanted to punch so badly.

"What happened?" Danny demanded again, loudly this time. Again silence. "Someone tell me what the fuck has happened!"

He spun to meet the agent. "Do not tell me you screwed up."

Danny had sighed, knowing he wasn't going to win this argument. He had leaned down on the desk again, suddenly exhausted. "This is a stupid idea," he had said quietly, shaking his head. "This is a really stupid idea."

He had looked up as Steve had given him his best shit-eating grin. "Yeah, but if anyone can pull off stupid, it's me."

And he had walked out the door, conversation apparently over. Danny had shaken his head again, trying to beat down the bad feeling growing in his gut.

Two weeks ago, FBI had trumped State Task-force, but more importantly in Danny's eyes, Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett had trumped Detective Daniel Williams. Now, however, the detective was finding that he didn't give a damn about protocol or trumps.

He grabbed FBI Agent Paul Martin by the shirt and pulled him down to look him in the eye. "Please tell me you did not screw over my partner."

"Danny," Chin called, grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him away. "This isn't going to help."

Danny pulled himself out of the older man's grip and glared at them all. "No, you're right. What would help is telling me what the hell happened!"

"Commander McGarrett has missed his last two check-ins," Martin told him, straightening his shirt.

Danny nodded slowly. "And?" He hadn't received a panicked call from Kono, telling him to drop whatever he was doing and get over to headquarters, just for missed check-ins.

"And we sent plain clothes to check out his hotel room," Chin sighed. "It's trashed. It's been tossed, and anything electronic was taken."

Danny nodded again, that icy feeling gripping his insides again. "And?"

"And..." Chin and Kono shared a look again, before he continued. "And there's blood. A lot of it."

Danny swore his heart stopped beating. "How much is a lot?"

It was Martin who answered, in his same, monotonous, unsympathetic voice. "A lot. Too much. Too much for... for someone to survive."

The world swayed and Danny had to take a quick breath, barely noticing the way Martin has skipped over the words himself. "What... what are you saying?"

"We're saying..."Martin sighed. "Detective, we're saying it's likely that Commander McGarrett is dead."

Danny looked at the man, heart hammering away in his chest, the anger pounding. And all he could see was the agent's emotionless eyes. He couldn't help it; he broke, and punched the man.

Martin went down, and Danny let the other FBI agents pull him back. "You asshole!" he yelled. "I told you, I told you this was a bad idea!"

One of his agents helped up Martin, who was wiping blood away from his lip. "You knew as well as I did that -."

"No!" Danny snarled, jerking out of the arms holding him. "No, I told you that sending another person in undercover was a bad idea. And now my partner is... is..."

He turned away, running a hand through his hair. "Is it definitely Steve's blood?" he asked Chin and Kono.

"We don't have results back yet. But even if it isn't..." Kono trailed off for a moment before finding her confidence again. "But if it isn't, it means Jones has him."

Danny nodded, trying to focus, trying not to let his worst fears play out in his mind. "I know. But it just means we have to find him. And this time," he added, looking at Martin and the FBI agents. "We'll do it our way. Kono, look into what we know about Jones' organisation so far. We may not know much about him, but we know he's the ringleader, and we know he's from California, which means he doesn't know anything about -."

"Excuse me, detective," Martin interrupted, stepping forward. "This is still an FBI investigation."

"I don't care," Danny snapped. "We tried your idea. It didn't work, and now my partner is missing." He had to be, he had to be missing. "So now we're doing what I suggested from the start. We're finding Steve, and we're doing it my way. You want to help, fine. If not, stay out of my way."

He turned back to Kono. "Jones doesn't know anything about 5-0. So if Steve's cover was blown, it was someone from this island, who's had a run in with us before."

"We've got surveillance shots of everyone McGarrett came into contact with, and we followed most of them," Martin told him quietly, stepping forward again. "We'll ID everyone and see if anyone fits the bill."

Danny nodded his thanks, taking a deep breath. "Chin and I will head to McGarrett's room and see what the crime scene boys have found. Knowing McGarrett, he left a clue behind. We just have to find it."

He paused for a moment, before glancing at Martin, seeing the doubts playing across the faces of the FBI agents. "I know you're thinking it, Martin," Danny muttered, shaking his head. "But I am not. Until I see McGarrett's body, I will not believe that he is dead. He's alive, and all we have to do is find him before Jones' people are through with him."

Martin nodded once. "Okay. We'll do this your way, detective." Danny had the feeling he didn't just mean the investigation. "Because we still have a child smuggler and killer to catch. And finding McGarrett is probably our best bet at stopping these bastards."

Steve struggled hard against the two men dragging him, but they were both bigger than even him, arms like tree trunks and grips like vices. He pushed his feet into the ground, grunting and pulling, doing anything to try to stop them, but they kept walking fast, half-dragging him along the ground when he refused to cooperate. Even dropping all his weight didn't work; apparently these guys were used to everything. Well practiced. It wasn't a good sign.

"Get your hands off me!" he demanded again, trying to sound tough, even though he knew that all his words were useless. They were only dragging him down here for one reason. "Let go of me, assholes!"

The two goons ignored his demands again, pushing him forward as they moved towards some stairs. He had to step quickly to avoid falling, and even managed to slip out of their grips as they both tried to fit down the narrow staircase.

Steve lunged forward, trying to gain some room, before spinning, facing the two men who had dragged him here. With his hands cuffed behind his back it would be hard, but he would have been confident even then, if not for the dizziness, and the blood running down the side of his face from their earlier... altercation.

Still, he backed up quickly, trying to line them up as they came at him. Then one was closer, reaching forward, and Steve kicked out, with a solid push to the stomach, sending the goon backwards into his partner. Steve chased them as they fell, kicking the top one in the head before running on, back towards the stairs.

Except someone was already there, and Steve slid to a halt as he came face to face with the barrel of a gun. Swearing under his breath, he backed up again, as the owner of the gun walked down the last few steps.

"Church, you're going to regret this," he snapped angrily. Church just glared at him with ice in his blue eyes.

"You're a cop, I already regret it," the man snapped back, stopping at the bottom of the stairs, but never letting his aim drop from between McGarrett's eyes. "What did you think would happen when we found out?"

Frankly he was surprised he was still alive. "I thought you would all be too stupid to realise," he snarled, taking a step forward in anger. Just a single step, before Church cocked his weapon. "And now you're all too stupid to realise it's -."

White flashed behind his eyes and he went down groaning, pain throbbing in a second spot on his head. His vision cleared into boots, slowly, but he could barely think as two sets of hands grabbed his arms again, hauling him to his feet.

He managed to walk on his own somewhat, but the two goons still half-carried him the rest of the way to a room, maybe ten feet by five, a single chair in the centre, stained floors and walls, chains hanging from the ceiling. It didn't look promising as the goons turned him round to face the door, and Church.

The two goons let go, but with the gun pointed at him, Steve didn't move, even as they cut off his shirt and pushed him into the chair, before pulling off his shoes. McGarrett didn't like where this was going. Everyone knew, rule number one of interrogation, no shirt and no shoes made a person uncomfortable. Steve took a few deep breaths, looking down, trying to focus, trying to find a way out.

A slight pressure at the front of his head made him look up. Up, past the gun resting on his forehead, at Church, glaring down at him. "Give me a reason, Lord. Except that wouldn't even be your real name, would it."

"You'll never know," Steve said as calmly as possible while the two goons were cuffing his hands to the chair and chaining his feet to a loop in the floor. He had to be calm. They didn't know much. They didn't know who he was. They only knew he wasn't who he had said he was. Only that he was a cop. Yeah, only. "You might as well have killed me, cause I won't tell you a thing."

Church sneered as the two goons stood up, before handing his gun off to one of them. "We're gonna start real simple, cop. What's your real name?"

Steve shook his head. "I won't tell. I won't tell you -."

Church cut him off with a fist to the face, sending Steve's head flying. He winced as he felt the skin break, but looked back up at the other man with as much steely confidence as he could muster. "Come on Church. You know me. I'm not going to say a -."

Another punch, this one cutting his lip. Steve glared up at Church, who just chuckled. "Now that anger, I believe." His amusement quickly cut off. "But you're still lying to me. And until you tell the truth, we're not going to stop." He grinned. "No one knows where you are. With that mess you made with Kruger, I wouldn't be surprised if they think you're dead. This is just going to continue, until you tell me everything. Who you are, who you work for, what you told them." Church leaned down, so he could look McGarrett straight in the eye. "Now. Who are you?"

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