Stitch Me Up
Tress Blues


"Daddy! Alice is picking on me again!"

"I was not!"

"Was too!"

"Your turn." Hannah called as she single-handedly cooked dinner and carried her third baby at the same time. The bump was more pronounced than ever and Neville knew any day now they were going to have another Longbottom on their hands.

Sighing dramatically, Neville made his way to the playroom of the Longbottom Estate, previously called the Abbott Home, and was greeted by the accusing eyes of his six year old Frankie Christian and nine year old Alice Ginny. To his surprise, after Hannah had been convinced that Neville had never actually dated the fiery haired Potter, the two witches became rather good friends and Ginny was Alice and Frankie's godmother.

"He started it!" Alice screeched, pointing a finger at her brother who gaped, offended at the accusation.

"I did not!"

"He did so! He was asking stupid questions!"

"I was not!"

"Yes you were!"

"They weren't stupid!"

"Oi," Neville called over the accusations. "Both of you shush and tell me what's going on. One at a time." He clarified as both his children began to open their mouths. "Frankie?"

Frank sniffled. "I asked Alice how you and mummy met because Uncle Harry and Auntie Ginny met at Hogwarts and I thought you did too-"

"And I told him that of course you did because where else do boy wizards meet girl witches?" Alice blinked her bright blue eyes up at him, innocently, so much like her mother with her soft pink mouth and pale skin. Frankie's confused, dark eyes were all Neville's though.

"But Mummy said they didn't!" Frankie yelled.

Neville picked his son up to divert his attention from another fight. "Come on you two, dinner's getting cold." He smiled at the way Alice insisted she would beat them to the table and the way Frankie tried to force his father to move faster so they would win. Neville moaned and groaned about how hard it was to move with all the added wait and Frankie giggled, making toothy smile like his namesake's.

Hannah and Neville had been married almost ten years and nothing made Neville prouder than to know he had a beautiful, spectacularly kind wife he was very much in love with, a sweet little girl that would never have a boyfriend if he could help it and his energetic, giggling son, who was absolutely perfect in his own right.

"Mummy, Mummy, I won!" Alice crowed as they started dinner. Frankie frowned but just kept stabbing his meal in retaliation. Neville helped him chop up his food so he could eat it easier and solemn dark eyes looked up at his Dad, his hero as he did.

"Yes you did baby." Hannah kissed Alice's crow-black locks and tucked in her seat. "Now elbows off the table."

As a mother, Hannah was in her element. It was perfect mix of care-taking, love and maternal instinct that made her a spectacular mother and wife and Neville couldn't remember ever being so lucky in his whole life.

Neville winked at Alice and dragged his elbows onto the table. Hannah didn't even look up from serving Frankie his peas to smack Neville on the back of his head. Alice giggled as her Daddy winced theatrically. "She gets that from Gran," he whispered to his kids who laughed as Hannah threw him a cheeky look.

"She doesn't invite me over just for tea you know." She hummed, smiling. "Which reminds me, Harry and Ginny are coming round for tea next weekend."

"Is James coming?" Alice squealed at the thought of her best friend. "We need to talk about what we're gonna take to Hogwarts."

"I'm sure he will love but that's two years off, why don't you give it a rest?" Hannah replied. "Frankie, eat your peas, please."

"I don't like them!" Frankie wailed. Neville scooped up a spoonful and ate them with a gratifying hum.

"How can you not Franko? They're like little green puffapods!" he cheered as Frankie dug into his peas. Hannah beamed at him, amused.

"Relate everything to plants, I swear, why did I marry you?" she teased.

Neville leaned over and kiss her soundly. The electrical jolts were still there after all these years. "Seemed like a good idea at the time."

"Still does." She admitted, deepening the kiss. They were interrupted by the chorus of 'ew' they received from their kids and backed away with a silent promise of 'later'.

"Mummy?" Alice asked, smelling another victory. "How did you meet Daddy?"

Hannah smiled, fondly. "Well, your father has terrible eyesight dear. He didn't notice me until out Seventh Year, during the battle Uncle Harry and Daddy fought in."

"Was it bad?" Frankie asked, wonderingly as he kicked his legs under the table.

"It was very bad." Hannah confirmed. "I know because I was a Healer for the people who got hurt. That's how I met your father."

"So it was at Hogwarts!" Alice yelled.

"But it wasn't at school!" Frankie argued.

They both turned to their father who shrugged and looked at his wife, who was still beautiful and kind and sweet as she had been when his Gran had first snapped at her, bringing her to his attention.

"Your mother and I met at Hogwarts, though it wasn't at school," he began diplomatically before he smiled and took her hand under the table. "She stitched me up."