Well, here it is. I tried leaving it at the last chapter, but I still had more to write. Prepare for fluff, fellow readers. Thanks so much for your support over this story, I'd never written fan fiction before and I'm so glad I decided to start. xx


The sun bled through the thin curtains, illuminating the small room and the two men dozing side by side in the bed. Their hands were folded together limply and Blaine was tucked into Kurt's chest, his head resting in the indent between his shoulder and his neck. It had been a precisely a year since Kurt received the news that Blaine was in a car accident and seven months since Blaine had started to remember his life. His memories came back in flashes and jolts at first, before evening out to a steady flow. It was hard on both of them, there's no denying that, the months of emotional pain took its toll on Kurt and even with Blaine back, he sunk into a depression. Life was so dark for what seemed like forever for Kurt, that even when there was light again, he couldn't hold onto it.

They tried therapy and dabbled in various medications until finally, finally after months of Blaine's amnesia and Kurt's depression, they could finally be together again. The road was long and hard for them and there was days they had to fight to stay together but, against the odds, they made it through, stronger and more resilient than ever.

Kurt woke, blinking against the light and moved to extract himself from Blaine, his muscles ached from staying still all night and he longed to stretch but Blaine let out a small whimper of protest and nuzzled further into his neck. Kurt smiled, reaching up to stroke his hair out of his closed eyes. After all these months he was still so relieved that Blaine's memories had come back, he had lost all hope and right when he had condemned himself to forever loving a man who couldn't even remember his name half the time, Blaine surprised him. They don't know what the trigger was, if there was any. It could have been the photograph of them dancing that made sense of the jumbled neurons in Blaine's brain, or simply time that allowed his mind to unlock. It didn't matter to Kurt; he was just so amazingly, unbelievably grateful and pleased that they did. He could remember the moment, the exact moment when Blaine entered the room, his own self clearly reflected in his eye.

Blaine stood at the edge of the couch as Kurt sat up, drawing in his knees so Blaine could sit down. "K-Kurt?"

Kurt couldn't have just been imagining this, something was different. Something was finally right; in his expression, in his eyes. His hand was caressing his jaw for god's sake but it couldn't be... No. Not after all this time, after all they've been through... He opened his mouth to say something but the words tripped over his tongue, he cleared his throat and tried again. "Blaine? Are you- are you okay?" Blaine smiled a small knowing smile and stroked Kurt's jaw with his thumb. His heartbeat thudded against his ribcage, pounding in his ears as Blaine spoke again.

"I know you" his grin was bigger now, stronger. It filled his face and lit up his eyes. Kurt's eyes widened and he gasped, placing his hand over Blaine's and squeezing.

"Yeah? You remember? - Really?" Blaine just nodded, tears spilling over as he let out a small chuckle. There would be time for talking, for explanation, whispered I love you's and happiness later. But right now there were tears falling and breaths hitching in throats as they pulled each other in for a desperate kiss.

Kurt grinned at the memory, feeling the happiness of that night radiate over them as he shifted so he was at eye level with Blaine. "Mmhmph?" He muttered with his eyes still firmly closed and Kurt held back a chuckle.

"Shh, I'm here, go back to sleep," and as he said this he felt sleep try and claim him one more time, and with Blaine safe and curled up against him, he relented. After all, they had all the time they needed and there was no where Kurt would rather be.