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Author's Note: This here is yet another story by me. I know. I need to study for finals, but the plot bunnies won't leave. Any ideas on how to get rid of them other than writing what they tell me? Anyway, I'm not happy with this, so after finals it will be either edited or erased completely.

***Written in 2007***

Here she was.

In love with a bleach blonde man who was quite a bit older than her.

Buffy would never let her live it down.

For that matter, neither would anyone else.

They would say she was trying to find someone like Spike.

But the two were completely different.

Spike was eloquent and could spout poetry like water from a fountain.

But she couldn't love him. He was like an older brother!

This guy…

No matter how much she tried, she could barely understand a word he said.

But she loved him anyway.

Now she was on her way to meet his neighbors. Apparently, they were closer than family.

Oh. He was talking to her again.

"Dang-ol, dang-ol man. This here's dangum Hank Hill. He's dangol dangum best pard and all. Dangum dangol."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hill."

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Summers. You look just like Boomhauer said you would. This is my wife Peggy and our son Bobby."

The End!

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