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It's raining again.

Flaky stared at the downpour outside her window on the second floor. She wanted to hang out with Petunia, Giggles, Cuddles and Splendid. She sighed, "I wonder what they're doing now..." she murmured to herself.

She heard someone knocked on the door. Being the paranoid and cowardly teen she is, she turned around and stared and the door unblinking, not answering it.

After a long silence, the person knocked her door again. She stood rooted to her place. The person sighed and said with a familiar voice, "Honey, it's me," Her mom said, "C-can I come in?"


The door's opened and standing in the entrance to Flaky's room is her mom, her red hair tied neatly into a ponytail and a young boy about her age, probably around 15, with green hair and eyes. The boy shifted his foot uneasily, always keeping his eyes on the floor. Her mother walked into her room and the boy followed.

"Honey, this is Flippy. He's the son of our new neighbor, Mr. Fields." She smiled encouragingly at Flippy and he muttered a "hello". Then she turned to Flippy, "Flippy, this is my daughter, Flaky. She's a bit over-cautious about everything, but she's a kind and sweet girl." She pulled Flaky's hand and make them shake hands. Flaky noticed that Flippy's hand are cold. "Get along, okay kids?" They nodded and her mother left them alone in Flaky's bedroom.

Flippy still has his eyes on the ground, and Flaky is looking at everything except him. "Um..." Flippy opened his mouth to say something, then he stopped. He eyed the window for a second, then turned his eyes back to the ground. "Nice to meet you, Flaky." Flaky slowly turned her gaze to Flippy. He was staring right back at her with a sweet smile.

"N-nice to meet you," She felt her face burning. She shook herself mentally and managed a smile. "I-if it's okay w-with you, I-I'm going back t-to the window," Flippy shrugged nonchalantly and Flaky sat on her bed again and stared out the window. Her room is facing a small park with a public pool, and since it's raining, no one's in either one of them. But she like it that way. It looks like they're only for her. She felt Flippy sitting down on her bed.

"What are you looking at?" He tried to look at the park over her shoulders, but he kept a distance. When Flaky didn't answer him, Flippy sat nearer to the window (and her) to get a better look. "A park?" Flaky could feel his breath over her neck, indicating that he's too close. She turned her head to face him and got shocked because at the same time, Flippy turned to look at her as well. She stared at his eyes for a second when a hint of yellow appeared and disappeared, and she tumbled onto her bed. "Sorry! Am I too close?" Flippy shuffled back a bit when Flaky nodded, tears forming in her eyes. She wiped them away when her sleeves shakily.

"C-can you sit on the chair t-there?" She pointed at the chair near her study table and noticed her hand trembling so bad that it looks like she's pointing at the chair and the table at the same time. She placed her other hand over her hand to try and stop it from trembling.

"Okay," Flippy's voice sounded disappointed, but he got off her bed and sat down on the chair. He just stared at Flaky when Flaky recovered her place in front of the window. The rain's dying down. The corner of her lips started to turn up.

They sat there like that for a long time. Flippy played with the dog tags he had on, making a soft metal-clicking sound. Flaky finds the sound soothing. She listened to the clicking mixing with the rain dripping over the ceiling, as her eyelids slowly started to close. Suddenly, the clicking stopped and was replaced with a low snarl. She opened her eyelids and turned to Flippy's direction. His hands are covering his face, and his breathing has became more heavy.

"No..." He whispered desperately, "Not now..." Flaky could see his eyes glowing yellow, staring in front of him with rage. Then he quieted down. He slowly removed his hands and Flaky saw both his eyes glowing yellow. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" He chuckled as he stood up from the chair and walked towards Flaky. His voice sounded eerie.

"F-Flippy?" She moved away from the window. She started to get up from her bed, but Flippy reached her before she could do so. He grabbed her wrists and pin her down onto her bed.

"What's your name again? Flaky?" He grinned evilly, "Nice meeting you, I'm Flippy," His voice gotten a shit lot scarier.

"I-I know," Flaky struggle to be free, but her struggle only makes Flippy's grip on her tighter. He leaned away from Flaky with a smile on his face.

"Ah, the Flippy you knew was not me." He lifted one of her wrist. "That Flippy-" He laughed hysterically, "is a coward," and smacked her wrist into the wall. She yelped in agony. Flippy squeezed her wrist and she felt a jolt of pain travel down her arm. She knew he broke it. She bit down on her lip while tears flown down her face.

"Please... stop, F-Flippy..." she begged softly.

"Stop?" He laughed again, "Okay. But if you want me to stop, then you'll have to give me something." He thought for a while, all the while not letting go of Flaky's broken wrist. Then he laughed again and squeezed her wrist even tighter. He stared at her bone-like fingers, "You'll give me your fingernails,"

Flaky's eyes widened and she screamed at the top of her voice when Flippy started to bend her fingernails and pull them out.

"Scream all you want, nobody's coming to save you." Flippy place a bloody finger over her mouth. "Your parents are out and my dad is still in his new bitchin' study room." He turned his attention back to her last finger, the only finger that still has its nail intact. He reached for the last fingernail when the yellowish glow in his eyes fade and he shook his head a few times before looking back at her hand. His eyes widened in shock. He let go of her wrist and stumbled off her bed. She looked at her fingers in horror. Her wrist is bent in a crooked way and her fingers are all covered in blood.

"D-did I do that?" Flippy's voice shook. Flaky nodded her head without looking at him. "I-I'm sorry!" He reached out to help her.

"Don't come near me!" she shrieked. Flippy froze there for a second. After he unfroze, he ran out of her room. Flaky picked up her phone and punch in Petunia's number. She answered at the second ring.

"Oh, Flaky! What's up?" Her voice got a little static due to the rain.

"P-Petunia, c-can you come to my h-house n-n-now?" She's trembling so hard it became hard for her to talk.

There was a long silence and Petunia said, "I'm coming right now. Giggles' coming along too, okay?" Flaky nodded but then remembered she's talking to Petunia on the phone. She mumbled 'okay' through her tears.

After Petunia hung up, she climbed underneath her blanket and hid there, shivering. She tried to bend back her wrist but the pain was too much so she gave up. So she just lay there, silently crying. A soft thud on her window startled her. She turn her gaze to the window, but all she see is the dark gray sky. A small, gray-ish object hit the window and she heard another soft thud. She sat up slowly, careful not to hurt her broken wrist. She looked out from the window and saw Flippy outside. His military jacket is soaked and his hair has dropped around his face, making him kind of cute. His eyes are green and isn't glowing yellow. The rain is still heavy and doesn't look like it will stop any time now. Nonetheless, Flaky opened her window.

"W-what do you want?" She tried to sound a bit threatening, but failed.

"I'm sorry for what I did." He shouted. "I know it seemed impossible for you to follow me, but I have to get you to a hospital."

"..." Flaky stared at him unblinking. "I-it's really i-impossible," and closed her window. She climbed beneath her blanket.

"Why isn't Petunia here yet..." She muttered. Her eyelids started to get heavy again. Soon she slipped into a dreamless sleep.

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