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Flaky squeezed the box in her hand. When they reached Flippy's house, he burst in and place her gently on the large sofa in the living room. He said that he's going to get his father, and that his father is a private surgeon. She sighed. It's been quite some time he's been in his father's office. She wondered has anything happened. Flaky looked around the living room. The large fireplace in the middle is covered with layers of dust. There's tiny shattered glasses all over the floor, and a few destroyed photo frames on tables. She reached out for a photo lying near her on the coffee table, but she couldn't reach it. If she wants to get it, she'll have to sit up. But Flippy ordered her to lay down and don't move, so her leg's condition won't get worse.

"If I just don't use my leg, it won't get worse, will it?" She told herself and decided that it won't. She sat up carefully and reach for the photo again. "Almost there... got it!" She pulled back her hand and stared at the photo. It's a wedding photo. The man has dark green hair, darker than Flippy's, but his eyes are the exact same green Flippy has. The man is wearing a tuxedo and his smile indicates that no one could be happier than him. Flaky shifted her gaze to the woman next to him. She's down-to-earth beautiful. She has on a white strapless gown with green beads sew into it. A tiara sat crooked on her long and silk-like green hair. Her smile is glowing as well. Then Flaky noticed it. The eerie yellow glow in her left eye. The yellow glow she saw in Flippy's eyes. But the woman's is just a faint one, unlike Flippy's.

"Is this..." She traced the photo, "Flippy's parents?" She took out one of the photos of him from the box and held them next to each other. His wide grin in the photo makes him looks just like his mother. "They are..." Flaky stared at the photos.

"...Flippy's parents."

"Fucking retard." He muttered. The crushed note his father left for him in his hand felt cold even to him. He narrowed his eyes at the spot where his father would stand when he felt disturbed, the spot in front of the large portrait of his mother. He could literately see the dark stains of his father. "At times like this, how could that bastard go seduce women?" He grumbled to his mother. He loosened his fist and stared at the crushed note.

"Going out to see Claire. Not coming back until 3 in the morning or so."

His father usually sticks with a woman for only 10 days or so. But this Claire, his father stuck with her for about a month. Flippy clenched his fist and crush the paper again. Maybe she really could be it. He turned his gaze back to his mother's portrait.

"It feels like I'm betraying her, thinking like this." He smoothed his black T-shirt he has on now that his jacket was given to Flaky. It was the last gift his mother showered him with before she died. He always keep it clean and avoid washing it with any detergent or softener, because it may wash away his mother's sweet scent or the precious memories clinging on it.

An evil laughter echoed through his head. This is called moving on, idiot. You should let go of the past. Fliqpy chuckled playfully. All Flippy could do is just shake his head. Whenever he thought of his mother, he would always blame himself.

"I am the one who caused her her death. I can't just let go of that!" He cried.

Don't stain my works with your cowardly tears. You didn't help in killing her.

"Shut up!" He roared. "Why did you kill her? She didn't offend you in anyway! Why did you do it?" He slammed his fist into the portrait, smashing into his mother's face. "Why..." She's just an obstacle for you to get over with. Since you didn't, I helped you. He felt a tear leaving his eyes. He wiped it away and breathed in deep. "Do me a fucking favor and kill yourself." He then stood up and went to his father's table to get some supplies to help Flaky's ankle. Yeah. His father keeps all his medical stuff in his office. But he keeps his equipments in his bedroom, and that's why Flippy is forbidden to enter his father's bedroom. Flippy observed his father when he's treating a patient. For some reasons, he always loved to learn about the human body. Maybe it's from his father? His father also treated an amount of patients with twisted ankles just like Flaky. If he remembered correctly, he could do without his father.

He grabbed some ACE bandages and a few Tylenol pills. Then he headed to the kitchen and filled a clear plastic bag with the few ice in their refrigerator. He came back to the living room to find Flaky silently sleeping.

"Am I really gone that long?" He silently asked, without expecting any answers. He pulled up a small white stool and sat near Flaky. He placed everything on the ground. He stared at Flaky's sleeping face. It seemed...cute. He rested his chin on his left palm and continued staring. He could feel himself smiling, but this smile isn't from Flipqy, it's from him himself. He haven't smile like this for a long time. He forgot how pleasant it felt.

"Cake..." Flaky muttered and smiled. Flippy jumped and sat back down when he realized she's just sleep-talking. He took the bag of ice and carefully place it on her ankle. He positioned the bag so that it won't drop when he let go. Just then, Flaky rubbed her eyes as she tried to sit up.

"Stay down," Flippy placed his hand on Flaky's forehead and gently pushed her down. He felt another smile surfaced when a few flakes of dandruff fell from her hair when he pushed her down. He immediately pull back his hand when he saw tears building up in her eyes. "S-sorry!" He put his hand up in surrender.

"N-no, it's n-not that..." Flaky twines her fingers together. "My leg f-feels cold..." She stuttered. Flippy could see that she's trying not to look at him at all cost. He suppressed a sigh.

"I'm supposed to put an ice pack on your sprained ankle to reduce swelling and also decrease bleeding and pain." He explained.

Flaky played with her fingers uncomfortably, "But I st-still feel the pain a-a-and it's still stinging." She trembled. Flippy nodded knowingly and handed her the Tylenol pills. "These are...?" She took them cautiously.

"Tylenol pills. Or anti-inflammatory." Flaky looked at him blindly. He sighed and said, "So that your leg will heal." and Flaky nodded and "oh"-ed loudly before covering her mouth with her hand and turning red. Flippy gave her some pillows to rest her head on and she swallowed the pills awkwardly. "The ice pack have to remain on your ankle for about 20 to 30 minutes, so I don't want you to move your leg, okay?" He repositioned the bag again.

"Why are you doing this?" Flaky's voice sounded cold. So cold that Flippy froze. "I-I mean, you're the one who did this t-to me." She stuttered. They said nothing for a long time. The atmosphere got more awkward as each second passed.

Flippy can't sit there. He could feel Fliqpy pushing his way to get out. He got up quickly and went to the back room to get a broom to clean up the mess he and Fliqpy left. His father don't bother about it anyway, unless Claire coming over. So if he don't do it, no one will. He grabbed a large plastic bag from the kitchen and started cleaning the living room. He swept all the glass into the plastic bag and picked up all the photos. Then he tied the plastic bag before taking out the trash. He arranged the photos neatly and placed them on the coffee table, all the while well aware of Flaky's cold stare behind his back. After he cleaned up the living room, he put the broom back where it's from and sat heavily on the couch next to Flaky. Flaky continued staring at him. Flippy returns her stare with the warmest smile he could manage and laughed when Flaky's face turned red again.

"H-how long has it been?" Flaky asked.

Flippy took a glance at the clock on the wall. "About 15 minutes." Then his gaze settled on the brown box. "What's in there?" and reached out to take the box. He took back his hand when Flaky uses her good leg to give him a good kick in the thigh. "Ouch!"

"S-sorry! I didn't mean to kick that hard!" She apologized, "But, I-I would appreciate it i-if you don't look into t-the box."

"Oh, it's full of secrets?" Flippy said.

"A-actually-" Flaky's hand-phone rang. She struggled to get it out of her pocket but her trembling fingers kept failing her. Flippy stood up and helped her grab her phone. He handed it to Flaky and she told him thanks before hitting the Answer button, "Hello?"


"S-sorry. I accidentally sl-slipped and sprained my l-leg."


"I'm in..." Flaky's bottom lip trembled. "Fl-Fl-Flippy's house."


"No, no! Really! I'm fine!"


She shut her phone. Her eyes became watery again. Flippy didn't have to ask her who called and what did they said. He knew it immediately. He took a glance at the clock again. It's already 20 minutes. He took away the half melted ice pack and started to bandage her leg. She tried her best not to move her leg.

"Your friends are coming." He stated. Flaky nodded silently and played with her fingers uneasily. He lifted his head to face Flaky but didn't stop bandaging her ankle. He smiled again, "I'll finish the bandaging in a while. You can go back with them when they come." Flaky opened her mouth but Flippy interrupted her. "I understand." He sighed, "You can go back. Well, it's not like I'm holding you prisoner or anything. You could leave anytime you want to." He paused, carefully choosing his words so they won't sound so hateful. "I know why everyone is afraid of me. I broke your wrist." He eyed her healing hand, "And your leg as well." He tied the bandage carefully, "But if I tell the truth, no one would believe me. I mean, would you believe me if I tell you I have PTSD and I have a split personality because of that?"

"And that split personality of yours did these to me." Flaky said. Flippy silently roll back the extra bandages into the way it was. "If... I say I b-believe you?" Flaky tried to stand but her leg still hurts, so she collapsed back onto the couch. She stared at Flippy who's standing in front of her, motionless. She reached out and grabbed his free hand slowly, making him looked at her with a shocked expression, which she finds cute, "I-I believe you." Flippy squeezed her hand gently.


"Yes. You're... a good guy. I'm sure of it." Flaky feels her face burning again. She stared at Flippy's blank expression. Then she registered the look. It's the look he always had on before his split personality took over. In an instant, the yellow glow glowed glaringly in his eyes as he leaned forward and brushed her lips with his.

"What makes you so sure?"

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