I started this story ages ago, but only just got back to it recently. it doesnt have a name because D couldnt think of anything, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! This is just a small teaser to get started; I will post the first proper chapter soon.


The afternoon sky over southern London darkened rapidly and there was a loud, howling roar as the heavens seemingly split apart. From the dark crevasse, a young woman fell, hit the ground with a dull thump and lay still. Immediately after her crash landing, the hole in space and time receded in on itself and finally closed with a loud boom. The sky was calm once more.

After nearly an hour of lying motionless, the woman took a deep gasp of air and began to stir. Moaning softly, she lifted her head and, squinting, took in her surroundings. She had landed in a paddock of some sort she guessed, judging by the waist high grass that surrounded her.

The woman struggled stiffly to her feet and brushed herself off before standing straight. She was of what would be considered average appearance. She was not overtly tall or short, and she didn't have any remarkable features that would distinguish her from a crowd. Her light, sandy-blonde hair was pulled into a rough pony tail which reached the middle of her back and she wore no makeup.

Her attire was simple and practical – black stretch fabric jeans, dark grey tee shirt, a lightweight black waterproof hooded jacket and comfortable black boots. Whilst in relatively good condition, her outfit was well worn and slightly dirty from her rough landing. Strapped to her waist was a holster carrying a glock pistol and some spare ammunition cartridges.

The only jewellery the young woman wore was a thin silver chain around her neck that was mostly obscured by her clothes, and a simple silver band – a gift from her mother – on her right ring finger.

On closer inspection, it could be seen that her brown eyes were sprinkled with the most unusual gold flecks that seemed to shift and change continually.

After a minute, the woman turned in a semi-circle and spotted the buildings of what she guessed to be Cardiff in the distance. Her eyes, which lit up with hope and joy seemed to radiate golden light.

"One step closer to home," whispered Rose Tyler happily.

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