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Rose was surprised at how easy it was to get into the shipyard. She slipped into the crowd of people dragging themselves into the busses and trucks that had pulled up in the lamp-lit streets. Everyone was to exhausted and downtrodden to notice an extra person amongst them, so she didn't have to make much of an effort to stay undiscovered. The drive to the shipyard didn't take long, and when they arrived everyone piled off the bus to join the queue of people making their way inside the high barbed wire fences.

The area was lit brightly with many floodlights which made it difficult for her to see, so Rose stayed in the middle of the crowd and went with the general flow of traffic until she ended up in a large warehouse building that had been converted into a factory. In front of her was a conveyor belt for an assembly line, at which people started taking up positions. Presently, the conveyor started to move and she stood close to take a look at the items that were now progressing along it.

The technology wasn't familiar to her, but she knew enough to recognise that it was considerably advanced for the current era. 'They probably brought it with them. Where is the Identification of Alien Artefacts Department when you need them?' she thought idly.

Having learnt as much as she could there, Rose exited the warehouse. There were still plenty people outside moving between the buildings, rockets pads and the docks so she able to blend in as she walked down the brightly lit main road of the facility. She hadn't gone far when she spotted a sign that read 'Administration' with an arrow pointing left.

She ducked out of the way as a truck rumbled past and jogged down the path toward the three storey building. There was a narrow walkway around the building so she took another left and crept around the corner. When she came to the first window she took a quick peek inside – the room was dark and empty. Rose gave the glass a small tug and was surprised when it slid smoothly open. Taking one last look around her, she climbed in and shut the window behind her.

Not willing to risk turning on a light, Rose had to wait for her eyes to adjust to the darkness before she could see anything. It didn't take long until she was able to make out basic shapes, and she could see that the room she was in was a storage room, filled with shelves of extra stationary and what appeared to be unopened boxes holding new computers stacked in one corner.

Deciding not to waste any more time in the room, Rose crept to the door, digging her hand into her pocket as she did so. After digging around for a while she pulled out a small makeup compact and opened it to show the mirror inside. She opened the door slowly, just enough for her to poke the mirror out. There was no one outside.

After a quick look around she discovered that the lower level was just basic administration offices, so she moved quickly down the hallway and went up a flight of stairs. Directly in front of her was a room marked 'Control Room'. She slipped silently inside.

"Who are you?" a nervous voice demanded.

Cursing silently, Rose turned slowly around. Standing before her was a young man, barely out of his teens in military uniform and holding a large gun that was pointing directly at her.

"I, I said w-who are you?" he stuttered, waving the gun. "W-What are you doing here?"

Rose held her hands out to the side in a non-threatening manner. "I'm sorry, I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere; I don't know where I am," she said, pretending to be lost and confused.

"I-I don't b-believe you," the young soldier said, the stress evident in his voice. Still pointing his gun at Rose, he pulled a radio from his belt. "I'm calling for backup."

"Wait!" Rose cried, taking a step forward. The soldier raised his gun. "Just give me a minute to explain. If you still want to call for backup after that then I won't stop you," she begged.

He lowered his gun slightly. "Okay, you have one minute."

"My name is Rose," she began. "What's yours?"

"Tommy," he replied uncertainly.

"Nice to meet you Tommy. Have you heard of Martha Jones?"

He nodded his head.

"Well I'm like her," Rose continued. "I want to stop the Master and the Toclafane. But to do that I need to know what is going on inside these rocket factories so we can work out a way to fight back. So I need you to not call for backup, but to tell me everything you know, and let me leave here afterwards. Okay Tommy?"

"I-I can't," Tommy stuttered. "The Master promised us that our families would be safe if we did what we were told and my girlfriend, we just had a baby."

"No one will be safe if we don't stop him Tommy," Rose countered. "We will all get killed eventually. Be honest with yourself; do you really think any of you will be left alive once we have fulfilled your purpose?"

There was a pause before Tommy took a deep breath and slung his gun over his arm. "Over here," he said, walking over to a large table in the middle of the room. "Here's the plans for the missiles. They plan on sending them out into space, to other planets. Aliens! If you'd told me that a while back I never would have believed you."

"There's more species out there than you could ever imagine," Rose said idly as she stared at the missile blueprints. She didn't understand most of it, but she figured that they could be useful at some point so she folded up a copy and shoved them into her pants pocket.

Suddenly the sound of voices could be heard from outside the door and they were getting closer. "Quick! Get in there!" said Tommy panicking, as he pushed her through the nearest door and slammed it shut. It was dark inside, but from the small size Rose guessed she was in a storage cupboard. As she listened, the door to the control room was opened what she guessed was two or three people came inside.

"Look what we have here boys!" exclaimed a man's voice rudely. "It's little Timmy Foster."

"It-it's Tommy Sir," Tommy stuttered.

"I don't give a shit what your name is Timmy," the name replied cruelly, stepping closer to the cupboard Rose was hiding in. "Who were you talking to just now?"

Rose held her breath.

"No-no one Sir. Just myself," said Tommy in an almost whisper.

"You're pathetic Foster," the man said and the men with him sniggered. ""Now go get me a coffee then get back to your post, pronto!"

"Yes S-sir," Tommy squeaked as he rushed out of the room. The men laughed and Rose could hear the sound of chairs scrapping along the ground as they were pulled out from the table. As they got comfortable, Rose relaxed slightly and prepared herself for what could potentially be a long wait.

- DW -

Rose wasn't willing to risk herself being discovered by pressing the illuminate button on her watch, so she didn't know how many hours had passed before the men finally left the room and she was able to escape. What she did know is that she was in desperate need of a toilet, but that would have to wait a while longer. When she clambered back out the window on the ground floor of the building she could see that it was still dark out, but it was now the early hours of the morning. She quickly decided to try and get a look at one of the rockets that were being built nearby.

Sicking to the shadows, Rose headed in the direction of the fields of launch pads. It didn't take her long before she reached the edge of the open space, and she quickly moved to the nearest rocket. There was little light and no movement in the area she was in, so she guessed that these ones had already been completed.

The rocket sat on a raised platform about a meter off the ground, and Rose crawled underneath. She pulled a small silver device, slightly longer than a regular pocket knife out of her jeans and pressed a button on the side. The end of the device lit up brightly like a torch, but she covered it with her hand so that only a small amount of light escaped. Bathed in the dim light she could see that the centre of the platform was cut out and she could look up into the base of the rocket. Above her head, three massive engines formed a triangle and between them was a hatch that, by some miracle, had been left open.

Rose stood and pulled herself up through and hatch and into the belly of the rocket. It was cramped inside and she wasn't able to move much. There was a ladder that led up the side of one of the engines into a higher compartment, so she held her torch in her mouth and continued upwards. The next section was small and she could only just stand up inside it. The circular walls were covered in technological devices; computers, circuit boards and plenty of other things that Rose didn't recognise. Quickly, she pulled out her mobile phone and began snapping pictures of the equipment. Once she was satisfied she had documented everything she put the phone back in her pocket and continued up the ladder to the next level.

The hatch was closed when she reached it but it slid open easily. She poked her head through it and discovered, to her surprise, that the rest of the rocket was empty. A vast space rose above her head, stretching at least twenty meters high. She was confused until she saw a large hatch half way up the wall. 'Oh,' she thought. 'This must be where the Toclafane go.'

Deciding that she had seen enough Rose backed down the ladder and landed back on the ground underneath the rocket platform. She crept to the edge and poked her head out. It was still dark and there was no one about. Staying low to the ground, she made a dash back in the direction she had come towards the nearest building.

"Hey! Stop or I'll shoot!"

"Shit," Rose cursed as she froze and put her hands in the air.

"Turn around," the voice commanded. Rose turned slowly and squinted as the light from the soldier's torch shone directly in her eyes. The man waved his rifle at her. "Get in front of me and don't try anything or I will kill you."

Rose stepped forward slowly. "Where are you taking me?" she asked.

"To the Commander," the soldier replied with a cruel grin. "Any workers found out of their area are taken to him to be punished."

As he spoke, Rose walked toward the soldier. As she was about to pass him she leapt into action, swinging around and shoving the gun upwards into its owner's face. The man cried out as he staggered backwards, but the sound was masked by the piercing booms of the rifle as it fired uncontrollably.

Rose ran. She raced out of the field of rockets and between the buildings, taking cover in the darkness they provided. She kept running, stopping only to peer about the corner of each building before continuing through the maze of concrete and corrugated iron. After a while she stopped in an intersection and turned slowly around. She was lost.

"Shit," she cursed again quietly.

Suddenly, the silently was broken by the roaring of bullets slamming into the wall nearest her. She took off at a sprint. She skidded in the loose gravel as she raced around a corner, almost falling over but somehow managing to keep upright. She kept running, changing directions at every opportunity until slowly, the gap between her and the soldiers was getting wider. She was starting to feel confident that she had gotten away when out of the darkness loomed the fence that surrounded the compound. It was meters tall and on top, vicious circles of barbed wire prevented anyone from going over it.

Not pausing, she whipped out the silver device that she had used earlier. Like a regular pocket knife, it had tools that could be pulled out of the handle; however the one that Rose chose was anything but regular. She held the device up to the fence and there was a small hissing noise as a laser beam slices through the mesh like warm butter.

Grinning, Rose slowly moved the device across the wire, making an opening big enough for her to fit through. She was almost finished when the sound of crunching gravel reached her ears and the soldiers rounded the corner behind her.

"Fire!" a man screamed. There was a roar as bullets filled the air, all headed in the one direction. But none of them reached their target; it was as if they ricocheted off an invisible barrier surrounding her. Rose Tyler seemed to have a slightly ethereal quality to her as she softly radiated golden light. The soldiers stopped firing in awe, and watched as the mysterious being walked calmly through the hole in the fence and disappeared into the night.

- DW -

Rose wasn't sure how long it was until she became aware of herself again, but the sun was beginning to rise and she was standing in a field in the middle of nowhere.

"Done it again. I wish I could remember what happened," she grumbled. She looked around and sighed. "It's going to be a long walk back to Cardiff."

Her musings were interrupted by the shrill ring of her mobile. Frowning, she pulled it out of her pocket and answered. "Hello?"

"Mickey Smith, reporting for duty Captain! Now where are you and what the hell is going on here?"

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