A/N: Actions have consequences, people make choices, and in the end, when they come around, they have to accept what they've become.

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"You don't have to do this," Nick told her, his voice low, his eyes narrow. He looked at her, leaning against her desk.

She ignored him, and she packed the rest of her photos and personal belongings off of the metal surface.

"He's right." Fin's voice was almost sad, almost angry. "You don't have to..."

She slammed the box in her hands down on the desk. "Yes," she spat, "I do." She shook her head. "This isn't just about Elliot, either, okay? He didn't make me quit."

"Right," Nick scoffed, his hand falling to the cold top of her desk.

She looked at him, acknowledging him for the first time in days. "I'm leaving because there are things that I want more than this job," she kept her jaw tight as she said it. "I didn't...I just wanted a new..." she swallowed. "I was given a choice, and I chose." She shrugged.

"So what are you gonna do now?" Munch asked, his thin arms folding over his aching chest. "You've got too much love for this in your soul to just walk away."

Olivia smiled at him, an honest smile. "I'm actually gonna work with this non-profit organization that works with victims of abuse and assault." She grabbed the last picture off of her desk. "It works to give them what was taken from them. It's what I've always tried to do here, but...on a more personal level."

"That sounds nice," Munch said, nodding once. "You'll be brilliant. You always did have a way with the vics."

She grinned. "Elliot...uh, he's helping," she said with a small chuckle. "Though, honestly, I think he's just excited about all the free trips to Hawaii." She grabbed her box and looked around, then her eyes landed on Cragen, standing in the doorway of his office.

"Olivia," the man said softly, "Can we talk about this?"

She shook her head and stepped toward the door. "You already said enough," she said, hurt in her eyes and her voice. "You want it, Cap, you got it."

"I was angry," Cragen said a bit louder. "You don't have to..."

"I already lost everything I had," she interrupted. "I got it back, and I wanna keep it. You've actually given me a way to do it. So thank you."

Fin walked over to her and pulled her into a hug, not caring if he crushed the box in her arms. "I'll miss you Baby-Girl," he whispered to her.

"I'm not leaving the city," she said to him. "I'm not dying. You can always call. Or come over." She turned her head. "You, too, Munch. You're always welcome." She smiled. "Friendship doesn't end because someone leaves a job, guys. We've been through too much together to throw it all away because I'm leaving the unit."

Munch moved slowly, then hugged her. It was awkward at first, since he wasn't a warm man, but she dropped her head to his shoulder and he sniffled. Almost crying, he said, "Visit once in a while."

She nodded and lifted her head. "I will," she said. Then, again, she looked at Cragen. "You let Elliot go without trying to stop him, without saying goodbye. You gonna do the same to me?"

"I tried to stop you," Cragen said sadly.

She put the box down on her desk and took the four steps between herself and him. She raised an eyebrow, and she waited. She blinked and said, "You're the closest thing I ever had to a father." And she hugged him.

He shattered, then, and held her tight. "Please, if you need to take a few days to think..."

"I'm done thinking," she told him firmly. She looked into his eyes. "He's cutting back his hours, too. We're...doing this the right way. And maybe...soon...we'll have a..."

"Family," Cragen whispered. "He's always been your family."

She gave him a tight smile and tried not to cry. She nodded. "I'll...I'll see you, Cap," she whispered, her words shaky. She grabbed her box and took one last, long look around the squad room. She smiled, remembering the day she walked in, the moment she first laid eyes on Elliot. A tear rolled down her cheek as memory after memory flashed in her mind, the people that had walked in and out of her life because of this job, this place. She took a slow, shivering breath, blinked, turned, and was gone without a single word, and without looking back.

"You sure you're okay?" Elliot whispered into her ear, holding her body against his in their bed.

She hummed as she watched their fingers entwine. "Yeah," she whispered back. "It just…didn't feel right anymore." She turned a bit to look at him. "This," she said, brushing her nose against his, "This feels right."

He smiled as he kissed her, and he said, "I just want you to be happy. I don't want you to regret this in…"

"El, I'm happy," she assured him. "With you, with the kids, with this new job, I feel like everything I've put on the back burner…everything I have ever wanted but thought I'd never have…it's all finally falling into place." She pressed her head against his. "I'm happy now, I'm gonna wake up happy."

"Every day," he said with a soft kiss, "For the rest of your life." He skimmed a hand down her naked body, running his fingertips over her smooth skin under their sheets, a rattling sound escaping as he touched her.

She moaned softly, her eyes slid shut, and she rocked her hips into him.

He was about to plunge into her depths, but a tentative knock on their bedroom door made them pause. He chuckled and pulled away from her, then shoved the covers off. He got out of the bed, stepped into his long forgotten sweatpants, and tossed Olivia a long tee shirt.

She rolled her eyes as she pulled it over her head, and sighed as Elliot opened the door. Her eyes softened, though, when she looked at the boy on the other side.

"Eli?" Elliot questioned, lifting his son into his arms. "How'd you get out of bed?"

"He's probably taught himself how to climb," Olivia said with a chuckled.

Eli made a sad face and clutched tighter to his father's neck, and he let out a tiny cough.

"Oh, honey," Elliot breathed, bringing the small child toward the bed, "I don't think he feels too good."

Olivia scooted over and patted the mattress next to her. "Lay him down," she said, "I think the children's cold medicine is in the…"

"I know where it is," Elliot laughed, resting his son down on the soft bed. He watched as Eli curled into Olivia, wrapping around her, and closed his eyes. His heart swelled and he felt himself near tears. "He really loves you," he said.

"I really love him," she said, staring down at Eli. "I remember the day he was…"

"You saved his life," Elliot interrupted. "You were the first one to hold him. Oliver is his middle name, Liv, he's named after you." He put his hand over his heart and patted it twice, shaking his head. Emotional, he couldn't speak anymore, and he left the room to get his child's medicine.

Olivia smiled, remembering the day in the ambulance, after an accident that almost killed the four year old and his mother, and the night at the hospital, after things had calmed down, when Elliot pulled her into the tightest hug she'd ever been given. She fell in love with him, for what seemed like the hundredth time, and reveled in the feel of his arms around her, certain it would never happen again. "I love you, little one," she said, brushing his hair back. "I love your daddy, too."

"Boy, am I glad to hear that," Elliot said, coming back into the room. "I'll just leave this over here," he said, dropping the bottle of grape cough syrup onto the nightstand. "If he wakes up, I'll give it to him." He climbed back into the bed and scooted close to his son and Olivia. He draped one arm over both of them, and he sighed, content.

"Are you happy?" Olivia asked. "You asked me assuming I would tell you I'm not, but are you…"

"Like you said," he mumbled, on his way to a peaceful sleep, "Everything's falling into place, baby." He pulled her closer and made her laugh, sandwiching his son between them. "I'm happy." He opened his eyes and looked at her over the top of Eli's head. "It took a long time," he whispered. "Too long."

"What did?" she whispered back, her fingers running up and down his arm. "You being happy? You weren't happy before?"

"Not this happy," he said, honest. "And…us. We took way too long. It took too damn long for us to get past the bull…" he eyed Eli. "Crap," he decided. "But we finally…I dunno…" He shook his head. "We came around, in the end, and I think we're gonna be epic together."

She smiled at him and closed her eyes, cuddling close to both him and Eli. "El," she said, "We already are."

A/N: When things fall into place, you're bound to get your happy ending.