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"Lilium" is, quiet possibly, the last instalment of the "A Talbain Tail." "Talbain, Jonathan Talbain" is this stories predecessor so feel free to go read that story first as it does explain a lot of who the charecters are.

Chapter 1: The Girl Next Door

"Dude, I'm serious, she's a Dee!" I told Leon, my friend, as I placed a burrito into a tray then slid it over to a customer.

Leon was leaning on the counter as he listened to me ramble. He was a an average guy; shoulder length black hair, average face, muscular but not to the point that it was excessive. He must have stood about 5'10 but I never got around to asking.

"There is no way she's a Dee, dude." He replied as he opened a salsa packet and ate it the contents inside.

"Yeah she is. I saw her and her brother last night."

The female customer stared at me strangely, as she walked away.

My name is "Zeke" Manuel Itule and a Dee is a term Leon and I, as well as a few of my other friends, use to describe a Darkstalker. A Darkstalker is a person with powers, although most Darkstalkers are half animal. The Darkstalker race has been in hiding for years but an event that took place a decade and a half ago made their existence public, although most of them still hid their identities. A Darkstalker was seen as a race these days, which meant that racist people found a new thing to hate.

I myself am a Darkstalker but I am not an animal; instead I am psychic, not the "I can read your mind" kind but more of the "hey, look at the floating book" kind. My parents died in a house fire when I was six so the Simmons adopted me. My real father was a normal man named Jeremy Itule, while my mother was a Darkstalker named Melissah.

"Itule, your order." The cook said as I turned then took both burritos he had placed in the metallic slide and tossed one to Leon.

"I'm on break!" I announced to no one in particular and placed the second burrito on a plate.

"She's a dog, dude." I said as we sat outside.

"You mean that she's a bitch..." He replied with a mouth full of food.

"No she's a nice girl- oh fuck you..." I said after I understood the reference.

It was a cloudy day, the news called for rain but that never happened. Even if it was to rain, it would stop a few minutes after it started, so nobody got excited when water fell from the sky. A car honked and we both turned to look at a girl who was crossing the street as a car couldn't stop fast enough and slammed into her. The car passed through the girl as she stood in shock as the vehicle screeched to a stop in front of her unscratched body. The driver walked out of the car and talked to the undamaged girl. She was in my class, her name was Mary Manenburg: she too was a Darkstalker.

"I didn't know she was a Dee..." Said Leon as two black hands extended from his back and opened several packets of hot sauce then poured them into the burrito.

Leon F. Emiliano has been my friend since my second year of high school. He too was a Darkstalker. His powers were interesting enough to be weird. He had long black wings that could shift into other forms and even become transparent. He liked changing them into hands which he used frequently to touch girls at a distance.

"Mary? Yeah she's a big time Dee..." I said as people gathered to see what had happened.

"Hmm..." He started and bit into the burrito. "So, tell me why you think your neighbor is a Dee."

"I don't 'think' so, I know she is. I saw her through her brother's window last night." I continued stubbornly.

"Pervert." Said a new voice. I looked around but I didn't see anyone.

"Luna, how long have you been here?" I said as my burrito floated in the air.

Luna A. Simmons was the niece of the family that adopted me. Her parents didn't want a child and the only real reason they didn't have an abortion is because the Simmons agreed to take her from them as Mrs. Simmons was unable to have children.

"Long enough." The voice replied after a bite mark appeared on my burrito. It was placed back in front of me as a hand appeared and took some of my soda. The rest of my cousins body now sat on the table, looking poise and elegant. "Why are you looking though the Talbain's window?"

"Because they're Dee's... Look last night I looked through the window, no I wasn't expecting to see anything so don't look at me like that. I looked through it because I heard howling."


The fool moon illuminated the dark night as I crept closer towards the neighbors house. I looked up at the second story window that was across my house.

"What are you guys doing?" A woman said but nobody answered.

I looked at the garden hose as it shook for a second then unwrapped itself. I took hold of it which made it droop for a second before straightening and lifting me off the ground. I looked through the window and into the dark room that belonged to the son.

It took a few seconds for my vision to adjust to the dimly lit room. The room was a typical teenage boy's room; random clothing tossed carelessly into the ground, bed was undone victoria secret calendar on the back of the door so the mother wouldn't see it.

I looked towards the room's second window and saw the teenage neighbors sitting on the dresser while looking out of the window towards the moon. It took me a few seconds to notice that something was off: both the male and female neighbors sat on all fours. The guy was on the left as he wore some camo shorts and a muscle shirt. He was 17, two years younger than me. We talked once in a while but he mostly kept to himself. Brown fur slowly emerged to cover his entire body. A long and furry muzzle extended from his face as his eyes shifted to have more of a canine appearance.

His sister sat in the same position to his right; she wore a sleeping shirt and some stripped panties with one sock on. But what really caught my attention was the brown wolf tails coming out of their lower backs and the matching wolf ears coming out of their heads. Their hands and feet were covered in brown fur with paws that replaced the regular human limbs.

"Michael, Helena! Oh shit not again, guys snap out of it!" Their mother said as she clapped her hands then shook them but neither responded as they simply stared at the moon.

A dog howled in the distance which made the pair lift their heads in unison and respond in a similar manner. The mother covered her ears as the pairs howl was defining.

A cloud started covering the moon and the pair slowly looked around.

"Mom... What's going- whoa!" Started the girl as she fell backwards into her brother's bed.

Her brother snickered as he turned away from the window and stretched while he stood on all fours.

"You guys need to bloody stop doing that!" Complained their mother with relief in her face.

"'Bloody'?" Asked the boy as he moved to the side of the bed and sat down quickly as his sister tried rolling out of the way but was stopped when he sat on her back.

"Hey!" She protested as she tried to wiggle herself free.

"You're father says it, I guess it rubbed off on me..." The mother replied as she sat on the bed. She pulled on the boy's wolf ear which made him flinch then stand up slightly so his sister could get away, "Living with dogs is making me age horribly..." She continued.

"Sorry mom..." started the girl as she sat up and moved closer to the mother then hugged her. "We couldn't help it this time."

"You guys scare me when you do that." Said the mother as she kissed her daughter on the forehead. "Why do you stare at the moon like that?"

"It's a wolf thing..." Continued the daughter as her wolf ears perked up and her tail started wagging playfully. "Dad's home!" She yelled and jumped off the bed and ran out of the room on all fours.

A car drove by slowly and parked in the house's driveway. A man walked out then looked at the moon as blue, black and white fur quickly covered his body. He untucked his shirt with a werewolf claw then sniffed and smiled with his muzzled face.

I let the garden hose fall as the father didn't make it near the door when the daughter jumped out of a second story window and into her father's arms. He looked at her strangely then kissed her forehead but didn't say anything. He then tucked her under his arm and unlocked the door then walked inside.

I made my way back into my house.


"Liar!" Exclaimed Leon as he finished his burrito.

"Helena and Michael are not dogs!" Said my cousin.

"I don't know their names, but yes they are!"

"How do you not know their names? You've lived next to them for 13 years..."

"I don't know...I know them as 'the girl with the really nice booty' and 'that one guy'." I replied then got a fist pound from Leon and a slap upside the head from Luna.

The clock hit four o'clock and my I smiled as my shift was officially over. We all walked home as we always did. We walked through the mall as Luna had to pass by paying her phone bill at one of the kiosks.

"Hi, do you want to try one of our samples?" A girl said as she held a tray with small plastic cups that contained half a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it.

The girl was nicely built and stood about two inches shorter than me. The uncountable freckles on her face and her painted black hair with copper/red roots on her head exposed her for the ginger that she was. Her name tag read Kassie but I was too busy checking out the rest of her to remember the name.

"Sure" I replied and took one. Leon stepped forward and took one for himself.

"You should take one for your girlfriend." The ginger girl said and nodded over to Luna.

"Oh...she's not my girlfriend." I said and took a second sample.

"Too bad... You two looked cute together." The ginger said and walked off.

"I think that you just got hit on." Leon said as the girl walked away.

"No he didn't." The ginger girl said and turned her head slightly to smile at us.

"How did she..." I asked and stared at Leon who shrugged.

It was now around five in the afternoon so it was still day out when we left the mall. Leon lived down the street so he took off first; Luna decided to nag me the rest of the way.

She told me the names of our neighbors again. I made sure to pay attention this time, of only to shut her up.

The father was named Jonathan. The mother was Christine. The daughter was Helena and the son was Michael.

We passed the neighbor's house. Christine and Helena were planting some flowers under their kitchen window as Jonathan and Michael were preoccupied under the hood of one of their cars.

"Hi, Mrs. Talbain! Hi, Helena!" Yelled my cousin and waved.

I stared at Helena as I walked past. Tried my best to not stare at her but I couldn't help it. I was looking for anything that looked like it might belong to a wolf. She looked at me a few times out of the corner of her eye but she never met my gaze so I finally gave up and turned around right before I hit a tree then sighed and walked inside of my house.

Luna coughed loudly when she noticed me peek through the window at Luna so I walked over and sat on the couch to watch some TV.


Someone knocked on the door about an hour later. I stood up from the couch, walked over and looked through the curtain. It was the neighbor chick, Helena. I passed my hand through my hair, adjusted my shirt and buckled my pants as she knocked again before I opened the door.

"Hey, um..." She started.

"Zeke..." I informed her.

"Hi!" She continued as she bounced a little and I tried my best not to look down at her chest. "I...um...mom wanted to know if you guys wanted to come to our cook out this weekend."

"Only if you're going to be there..." I replied with a simple, non forward, flirt.

"Well it is my house." She replied and chuckled.

"Yeah, cool." I said.

"See you there!" She replied then waved goodbye as she started walking off.

"Hey...can I ask you something?" I started and she turned back around.

"Sure!" She replied hopefully.

"Are you a...I mean...have you heard of...do you um...uh...nice weather, huh?" I mumbled as I looked like an idiot.

She looked back at me and raised an eyebrow. "Y-yeah...beautiful." She said and walked away.

I made a mental note to kick my own ass later as she turned and walked away.