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"Oi. Not funny. Seriously, you pull another fast one and I'll whack you from here to next Tuesday." The girl glared at the brunette sat across from her, the girl with a smug smile plastered across her pale face and bruises on her knuckles. Tania had had enough of this girl beating the crap out of her on the field in front of everybody every day, what'd she done to deserve that punishment?
Silly little bimbo, thought the brunette as she looked at the dirt underneath her fingernails with disdain, ignoring Tania's previous comment, as well as the counsellor's attempts at reconciliation. The shrimp blonde deserved everything she got coming to her; that skirt (Ugh, a skirt?) was much too short, her make-up looked like something out of a burlesque house, and that skirt was just not PG.
"Ah… I should be going. I've a life, you know." Declared the girl, excusing herself whilst sending a dirty at Tania and left; she put a beanie over her head and put her iPod earphones in her ears.
"Karen! Karen Parrish! Get back her right now, or you'll have an after school detention!" But of course Karen couldn't hear the counsellor's threats, or she just ignored them like everyone generally did.

Karen stormed down through the park, punk music blaring, placing herself on an old decaying bench, and closed her eyes. Just another regular day of shit, blonde bimbos and increasingly painful thoughts…nothing a couple of aspirin wouldn't cure… God, she wished everything would just go away sometimes, that she could stop, not think and be in total peace. No weight on her shoulders, absolutely free. Man, would that be bliss. Shaking her head to get rid of those thoughts of glory, she noticed a mysterious man running at crazy speeds, clutching something shaped like a gun. Cool. A gun. Cool. He was about 6"3, brown-haired, wore a brown jackets and a pair of dark jeans. Karen looked closer and saw that he was muttering to himself, there was no one else around, except for a couple of old folk across the path. She took her hat off, and removed her iPod earplugs; she was greeted by a wave of pain and a nagging feeling of anxiety.
Run, she heard from somewhere, run towards him now. The teenager forced herself to do as she heard, sprinting over the grass towards the man. He was worried, she could feel the panic radiating off him like getting closer to a fire; the nearer you get, the more the heat sears. By the time she was 10 metres from him, Karen was blinded by the angst; jeez, had this guy killed someone? Ignorant of what was actually going on; she stumbled the final distance to stand in front of him and crumpled to the tarmac. The ground wasn't at all forgiving, but the unconsciousness that swallowed her was.

Matt knelt beside the girl who'd collapsed in a heap before him, checking her pulse, beating excitedly, her breathing, deep and strong, and her eyes, dilated as though she were in the dark. Something wasn't right about it. Judging by how she looked, the girl was barely 16, slightly malnourished, and had assaulted someone, the bruises across her knuckles told all. He didn't know how that knowing she was sleep deprived would help them, but every little helps.
"Becker, I've a young girl here who's not doing well, might've been nipped by the creature, I'm getting her to the ARC." Matt kept one hand on the girl's pulse, his other pressing his earpiece closer to his ear.
"Roger that. The creature's back through, the anomaly is stable, we're heading back too."
"Cheers mate." The girl was light as Matt picked her up, his EMD automatically sliding over his shoulder onto his back. Who was she? Why did she run to him?

A scream ripped through the Medical Bay of the ARC, it was a horrible scream, a scream that you'd only hear if someone was being killed, it was fear and panic and curiosity and a sad sort of anger. 5 people sprinted through the double doors, and the young doctor who was dancing (Dancing? Yes…) fell over, before scrambling to her feet and running to her bedside. The doctor expertly checked the girl's vital signs, the IV attacked to the back of her hand, her temperature, her capillary refill time.
Matt approached the girl, and sat down on the end of her bed, his green eyes mesmerising her blue eyes; obviously concerned and slightly intrigued.
"Nurse, she's awake." Laughed a tall man with long black hair and a cheeky grin tattooed to his face, the short blonde next to him elbowed him, but it was clear she was amused at his quip.
The girl was shaking violently, her eyes flitting to the faces of the people…who seemed oddly familiar. There was a warm feeling emanating off them, like she knew them all extremely well.
"What's your name?" Matt's Irish accent was welcoming and friendly, comforting and homely, she'd heard it before. But where? The girl thought about this question long and hard, before her bottom lip began to tremble and her eyes filled with tears.
"I…I d-don't know."
"That's fine. Do you know how old you are?" A scared tear fell down the girl's cheek and plopped onto the hospital bed.
"I don't remember." Her face crumpled into dismay and panic. Matt tried another tactic.
"What colour is my shirt?"
"That's right. Okay, so it's just your memory…probably; temporary amnesia, probably from falling." He smiled reassuringly and stood to leave; the girl would probably be identified by her physical appearance and taken home.
"It…It's not my memory." She whispered, "I can remember things. Matt, please don't invalid me." The five adults froze (The doctor had left long since), and Matt looked back at the girl alarmed, a what-the-bloody-hell expression staining his face.
"How'd you know my name?" Suddenly, his comforting tone had turned to one of steely interrogation, and he sat back down on the end of the bed.
"I don't know. I just don't know. But…I know this, I don't know how… - Matt Anderson, 32, ARC Team Leader; Abigail – no, Abby – Maitland, 25, ARC Zoologist; Connor Temple, 28, ARC Tech; Emily Merchant, 28, ARC…Employee…And Captain Hilary Becker, 26, ARC Military Captain." The girl pointed to each of the people standing before her in turn, looking as horrified as they did, as if her mouth was talking of its own accord. Matt looked astonished, not happy astonished though, and turned to talk quietly with Connor.
"Inform PR, there's been a security breach. As for you," Matt turned to the girl, plastering a fake smile on his face, "We'll get you a nice head scan and ma-"
"No! This is really weird but I know, I'm sure," she scrunched his eyes up and wiped her face, "Positive that I didn't know this until I saw you all. It's like when I see you, I can like…download all this information." The girl was scared as hell and Matt was confused, he shot an exasperated glance at the other four, who shrugged in return, obviously just as confused.
"Prove it." Matt wouldn't take no for an answer, and the girl bit her lip, shooting an apologetic glance at Becker.
"Soldier Boy is sleeping with Jess Parker, 19, ARC Field Co-Ordinator." The girl started laughing, nervously at first, but at getting a look at Becker's shocked and embarrassed face, she was giggling like nothing could stop her.
"Hilary!" Abby shot an entertained look at him, and he blushed even more.
"Er…I have patrol." Becker excused himself and slipped out of the doors, which launched the rest of the team into hysterics.
"I think you're gonna be with us a while. Migh' wan' to pick a name." chortled Connor merrily. Matt nodded in agreement.
"Really? Anything at all? Lexi. Definitely Lexi…Lexi Sorrel. I like it."