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So, I saw Alpha and Omega for the first time this week. And instantly fell in love with the Love on a Train scene.

For those of you who have seen the deleted scene where Kate gets the chills from Humphry's (notably awesome) howl, this will make more since to you. If you have not seen it, look up Alpha and Omega deleted scene just about anywhere and you'll find it. This fic is based partly off that moment.

"Humphrey, what are you doing?"

There was a part of her that hoped he would not have heard the desperation in her voice when the question was asked. More than that, she hoped he wouldn't realize that she had asked the question just to make him stop. She needed to stop him, because the unexpected howl had come as just as much of a thrilling surprise as it had the first time she had really heard him howl. Loosing control of her better judgment would have been all too easy under the spell of that beautiful, masculine voice.

Then, in the moonlight of home, she almost had. The quicksilver thrill had sent such a shiver through her that her fur had stood on end. She had almost expected to turn and find her adorable Omega transformed into a dashing young Alpha. The moment had been lost then, in affectionate amusement at his antics as he played his part as Omega all too well. The overplayed attempt at showing off, which had led him to a sudden if harmless fall, had sent those chills back where they belonged.

But now they had come back just as quickly, just as powerfully and with such a simple display of how much he must have meant to her.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he said, without looking the least bit sorry for his actions. "The moon, the moment... I just thought..." Frustration seemed to filter through his seemingly unbreakable cheer for a moment as he tossed his head towards the moon. "Oh come on Kate! Howl at the moon with me."

He had always been like this. Always stretching the limits of what it was to be an Omega where she was concerned, and it certainly wasn't the first time that he had made it clear that his interest in her went beyond the friendship that they already shared. Her father had told her that with maturity would come change, and his infatuation with her would become a more companionable friendship of a future pack leader with her Omega. But he was... Howling again. And there was nothing playful in his manor now, no silly attempt at teasing her. Nothing but the low, haunting sound of his voice sending ripples through every part of her being as he raised his head to the sky and howled in a way that she was sure could have seduced the moon itself if that had been his target. Handsome in the moonlight, she realized as she watched him in silent awe. He had always been handsome, in an... Omega way. But now in the light of the moon, she couldn't help but wonder if he had been born into the wrong cast.

Dangerous thoughts, she knew. Dangerous and stupid given the fact that she had to marry Garth when they reached Jasper, but it was simply unavoidable. High pointed ear perked and tipped forward to catch every moment of his song, her body drawn into a relaxed state that was as pleasant and unexpected as the chills that had first taken her. He... Father and Mother forgive her, he called to her. Reached deeper than she had ever wanted to allow him, and with a short laugh at her own insanity she padded towards him. Before she was even sure of exactly what she was doing, she sat beside him and raised her voice to join his for the first time.

He didn't expect her to join him. He could hope, but he never had expected. The latest Moonlight Howl was only further proof of the fact that he had been chasing a dream that would never belong to him. At the first sight of Garth the Super Alpha, she had all but drooled on herself before dismissing him as a nobody. As her friend he knew that she had only said that to get back at him for interrupting her first meeting with the Eastern wolf, but it had rubbed at a raw spot that he had kept hidden behind jokes and smart remarks. The fact that her father had made it all too clear that Alpha and Omega could never mate had not deterred him, but even now he could see his chances slipping away with every mile they came closer to home. For all they had been through, it hadn't made a difference.

That wasn't fair, and he knew it. They were closer now than they ever had been, and she had shown that she was capable of having fun every now and then. It was progress.

But here, even where no one could see them or would ever know, she was still unable to break this one rule with him. It didn't stop him from giving his all to the howl. If she wouldn't join him even once, he would howl for her until he was sure the need to share his voice at least was appeased. Because he knew it was for her, even if she refused to accept it. Drawing another breath, he raised his voice in a series of notes that came from parts of him that she would never understand belonged to her.

His ear twitched upward. He was certain for a fraction of a second that he was imagining the sweet voice beside him, but it was enough to cause his own voice to pause at the end of a note. Reluctant to end what might have been a moon light day dream, he opened his eyes to look beside him. Seeing here there, seeing the golden fur of her slender muzzle raised to the moon as she poured out a howl more beautiful than any he had ever heard before sent a jolt right through his chest. The smile was impossible to stop as he watched his dream come true beside him. Drinking in the sight of her, savoring the way her voice seemed to caress every inch of his being before carrying out into the night. His eyes soft as he watched her with all of the love he never expected to have returned. He didn't know what had caused her to change her mind, to break with tradition and raise her voice with his. But as she drew in another breath and continued her melody he refused to loose the chance with further silence.

His voice joined with hers in seamless harmony as they both sang to the moon, and to each other. Keeping her eyes closed, she was unable to bring any image to her mind other than the Omega beside her. The one who, despite everyone constantly telling him otherwise, had never given up on the Alpha beside him. She was unaware that his eyes had opened to watch their reflection in the water below even as they howled, an image that he planned to carry with him for the rest of his life.

And when his eyes closed as he poured his heart into his song for her, he never noticed that her eyes opened. No reflection. Just an image of a charming, funny, handsome male beside her washing away everything that she had been raised to believe with the sound of his voice and the fact that he was unwilling to accept fate. She had never felt quite as alive, quite as free as she did in that moment on the train with him.

As their song continued, neither could have known that they had already sealed their fates. Even in heartbreak, he wouldn't be able to leave her. And even in defiance of duty, she would never be able to ignore the fact that she had fallen in love with an Omega. But the moon remained high and unconcerned, as if silently watching the two as the train carried them closer to their destiny. Knowing already what they couldn't even begin to imagine.

Knowing that this would not be the last time their voices would come together in the night. Or in love.

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