Diamonds of my heart


Bella stroked Elizabeth's cheek; her precious daughter was still asleep in her pink one suit Alice had bought for her. Elizabeth would be turning one soon, it was hard to believe her and Edward's life had turned to fast. Within two years they had met, fought, cried, hurt and loved. Her daughter stirred slightly but didn't wake up.

She has Edward's hair and eyes but Bella's pale complexion, two years Edward and Bella would have been married for now and everything so far was perfect, Edward's business had developed with the help of Don, her biological father and also a mafia don. When Bella was a child she was kidnapped from her true family by Renee, her bitch of a supposedly mother. She had not heard from Renee since that day she had spared her life from joining Johnny Maranzano 1400 feet underwater.

Bella, Edward and his crew ad her friends had moved back to Chicago after a couple of months in Italy, missing the sounds of beeping cars and the atmosphere they had grew up in. Bella had given her old apartment to a nice couple who were newly weds, even though it was difficult for her to let go of her home, she knew her dad would want it. Charlie Swan was the man she had grown up loving and the man she had called dad.

Today was Bella's birthday, 23 years old. Age was just a number as far as she was concerned she felt arms being wrapped around her waist and the soft lips of her husband on her neck

"What are you doing awake?"

She shook her head "I couldn't sleep, so I came in here"

They both stood in silence watching Elizabeth breath steadily in her sleep; they had not yet determined if she was a mummy's girl or a daddy's girl Edward had joked he was Elizabeth's centre of attention which Bella quickly agreed on because he was certainly the centre of Bella's attention.

"Happy birthday doll"

She smiled and turned to look at him, "Thank you" she kissed him lightly on the lips with a smile on her face.